Ch. 4

A perverted tale by Starman

© 2008

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I couldn’t believe it… I had fallen asleep…

…and awoken to the sound of the neighbourhood birds chirping loudly in a tree above me. It was just before dawn, and as I gathered my thoughts it struck me where I was. Luckily it was dawn that woke me… not Steve, John or Leigh. I silently thanked her.

My cramped, reluctant limbs were like led as I ordered them to move as quickly and quietly as possible to see what, if anything, was going on inside. Slowly peering up over the lower ledge of the window I realized I had missed the second half of the show; the curtain had come down.

Leigh was nowhere to be seen and the tired, disheveled looking Steve and John were in the final stages of dressing, laughing to each other as they made lecherous comments about the night’s proceedings. Realizing that the world would soon be lit up, I quickly swiped away the smashed jellyfish looking globs of cum I had left on the wall and slunk away, disappointed I had missed the lurid finale.

I was simply knackered and had to get home to grab some kip before returning for the bloody camping trip I had promised Leigh I would go on… I didn’t know how I’d fare. The simple act of walking to my car was near enough to break me. I popped the door, slumped into the driver’s seat and turned the key; the engine roared to life. Cars never get tired, so I could rely on it to get me home. All I’d have to do was sit and turn the wheel at the appropriate times.

An hour into my much needed and very deep sleep I was awoken to the sound of my cell ringing. As expected, it was Leigh, the little cock slut who had just spent the night at the sixual whim of two men whose combined ages break a century. To maintain my innocence I asked why she sounded so tired. Her answer was a lame one… she just couldn’t sleep. I suppose it IS hard to sleep with two cocks pounding into your fallholes. She asked if I could be around as soon as possible. Reluctantly I hauled my heavy limbs from the bed and proceeded to pack. It was well over an hour when I arrived back at Leigh’s house on an unseasonably warm day.

Greg, her father, had returned that morning. Looking fresh and chipper, he shook my hand and then promptly thrust a suitcase into it – the first of many I was to load into the mini van he had hired. The van itself it was already near full, with the middle seats piled high as they were the easiest to throw things onto. The very back seat was the only one free (even the front passenger seat was concealed under a mountain of fishing gear).

Then she walked out, possibly even more sixy when tired. Her lovely hair was disheveled (would there still be traces of cum in it?), her make up free face sooky and cute and her dress instantly cock hardening. All my delicious little Leigh had on was a loose fitting, flaring, short floral summer dress that accentuated her girlish charms, namely her jutting tits, pert round ass and lithe tanned legs. She chose to wear no shoes, but her olive skin made her feet look so lickable. Instantly my cock stirred. Even knowing what a slut she was, she still managed to look so innocent and vulnerable. Shame I couldn’t get a quick load off into her receptive pussy, but she was certainly in for it when we arrived at the camping spot.

Then emerged from the house a thin, weedy man, aged in his mid forties and dressed in a style that his mother would approve of (beige slacks and a sensible shirt). He had no chin to speak of, his eyes were weighed down by large bags, and his thinning hair was swiped across his scalp in a poor attempt to hide his baldness. His gait seemed a constant apology to all other men for never having done a day’s exercise or hard work. “What a skinny little cunt,” I snickered to myself as I watched this straw of a man make his way toward me, the edge of his mouth flickering in a nervous smile, his shaking, skeletal hand extended forth, just asking to be crushed by my youthful strength. I reserved my judgment however, and returned his grip with equal firmness. I’m not an asshole and he may just turn out to be a decent guy, maybe an hilarious guy, maybe the guy who saves my life were the van to crash…

And then he spoke. My bones jarred at the girlish tones emitted. “H hello there. I’m Terry. I’m new at Greg’s work and to catch up on my responsibilities, I suggested to the boss that I spend the weekend together. The boss was pleased with my suggestion…not so sure Greg was though.” Nice intro, dick.

Instantly, despite what the future may have held for us, I hated him. Rather I would die a painful death than live under the banner of being saved by Skeletor. I felt for poor falling Greg having being lumped with this suck who had now ruined his weekend by having to work most of it away.

I nodded a quick greeting and returned to arranging the van, climbing in to secure the suitcases. Leigh approached and leaned in the side door in to hold up some gear while I moved some other stuff from under it. Though I was now in the rear seat of the van, through a gap I saw Terry catching a good eyeful of Leigh as she bent over, straining to push a few falling bags back in. “Christ, here we go again,” I thought to myself as Terry scampered up beside Leigh like little puppy and giggled as he helped her. I saw her half smile, half grimace; she was thinking the same thing I was: “dweeb”.

As Leigh pushed, I saw Terry stealing glances down her top, his ulterior motive thus revealed. I continued to stay as hidden as I could so geek boy could get aroused, because, of course, it aroused me. Leigh had now stepped up into the vehicle, while Terry had moved out of the van to be behind her. I saw him shoot a quick look in my direction, but couldn’t see me looking at him through the pile of crap between us. He then looked back up toward Greg, who was turned the other way and intent on unwrapping some tangled fishing line. Feeling safe, Terry turned his attention back to Leigh well, her jutted out, barely concealed bum. With the speed of a rabbit, Terry bent forward and looked straight up Leigh’s skirt! Instantly I saw his expression change to one of lust as his eyes went flat and mouth opened involuntarily. Having scored a good look at my girlfriend’s ass, he reluctantly tore his view away to stand erect, in more ways than one; his perving had also given me the beginnings of a hard on.

I emerged from the back of the van and helped with the rest of the packing, watching Terry trying his heart out to catch glances up Leigh’s skirt and down her rather loose top. However, I did note that as soon as a cheerful as could be expected Greg emerged from the house, Terry’s clandestine efforts instantly desisted; being caught by your new workmate perving at his daughter would not be an ideal start to your working relationship, not make you real popular around the office. Greg announced that the van was packed and ready to go, though he also noted that his view from the rear view mirror was blocked. Dismissing it, he ordered everyone into the van.

With the very back seat the only option left, Terry slid in first (stating that he needed a window seat), then, like the gentlemen that Terry wasn’t, I ushered Leigh in next (though she did throw me a dirty look for having forced her to sit next to dweeb boy), and finally I clamoured in. The back seat, though small, sat the three of us in relative comfort, but our view through the front was completely obscured by the pile of camping crap. Greg apologized for not having the foresight to hire a larger van, and then muted our mock complaints by kicking over the engine and revving the shit out of the buzzbox we all laughed. Terry’s girly giggle made me want to break his jaw, but I figured that might put a dampener on things. Why did I hate him so much, so quickly?

The first hour of the trek past quickly, with all manner of driving games, songs, jokes, etc., easing the discomfort that was beginning to set in. I could see that Terry had conveniently placed his hand on his leg closest to Leigh and then had moved it around his leg bit by bit, allowing himself inconspicuous contact with her soft lower thigh. I let him have his cheap thrill. I could hardly get upset over that after the last three episodes of having guys fall my teeny princess while I furiously pulled myself.

By well into the second hour everyone had grown quiet. The trip was now a chore and we all just wanted it to end. Leigh then placed her head on my shoulder and snuggled into me in preparation to drift off. I took the opportunity to sniff her hair: it had been washed. The droning of the wheels on the road, the rocking of the car and the surrounding countryside that seemed to loop like a cartoon backdrop soon made my eyes heavy; I too was succumbing to the lack of sleep. Soon my head lolled, came to rest softly against the window and I drifted off…

…I don’t know what woke me, but that didn’t matter so much as what I had awoken to. With my eyes having only half opened I could see Terry had angled his head and was trying to look down the top of Leigh’s dress! Feeling a tingle in my balls, I pretended to sleep as I watched Terry lick his lips and swallow. A vein was throbbing in his temple and he moved his non existent jaw slightly as he ground his teeth. All this he did unconsciously, as he reveled in his secret little perv. I wondered how long this had been going on for. I noted that he would sporadically glance up at either Leigh or I, but the great majority of the time was spent drinking in my gorgeous girlfriend’s sleeping, vulnerable form. He was looking her up and down slowly, taking in every single details of her beautiful teenage body. Then I saw the hand that was on his leg move… slowly he shifted the hand up, while hooking his little finger around the hem of Leigh’s soft skirt…

Taking a deep, slightly shuddering breath, he checked both of us then returned his attention to Leigh’s lower thigh. He swallowed, ran his tongue quickly over his thin lips… and then he began to slide her skirt up, bit by bit, torturously slowly, achieving in revealing just a little more of her round, tanned thigh with every shift of his hand. As I felt my erection begin to push against my jeans, Terry stopped to gather himself, took a few deep breaths and then continued. Leigh’s skirt began to crumple as Terry pushed it up toward the swelling of the top of her leg. He blinked slowly a few times, took another deep breath and ever so gently, ever so slowly, took the hem of her skirt more fully in his hand and moved it back… just enough to reveal the frilled legband of her flowery pink cotton panties.

I glanced at Terry’s face… it was priceless. The falling perv, taking advantage of my sleeping girlfriend, now gazed in a trance, disbelieving that he was feasting his eyes on her knickers and the flawless skin of her hips. Dweeb boy was gutsy… or desperate; her boyfriend was (supposedly) asleep next to her and her falling father was driving the car! Not content with what he had achieved, the quietly panting geek went for a little more. To be honest, I couldn’t blame him…and, truly, what mortal man could stop himself in his position? I felt my balls churn as, following a quick glance to ensure we remained asleep, Terry slowly began to lift the hem that covered her crotch.

Quickly he sucked back a line of drool that threatened to escape his mouth and then bit his lip. Pulling back his breath, he laid his eyes upon Leigh’s panty covered cunt. I swear he looked set to falling cry with joy as he looked down upon the clearly discernable lips that were pressed tight against the straining cotton of her girly panties.

I’m sure he was in disbelief at what he was seeing, this delicious teenage girl’s cunt, right there, but a short distance from his reddening face! Somehow I figured it a fair guess that he’d not seen a cunt he hadn’t paid to see in an age, and now here was a free viewing of the finest pussy he was ever lucky enough to cast an eye upon. I noticed his eyes were bulging and his brow had begun to sweat profusely. And then I noticed something else, his other hand moved… towards his cock. Slowly he began to rub the front of his pants.

Soon he was really getting into it, pulling strange falling faces that accentuated his ugliness as he quickly stimulated his rock hard cock while staring my sleeping Leigh’s camel toe. Bolstered by either courage or lust (probably the latter), Terry, now (amazingly) unsatisfied with how far he had gotten, folded Leigh’s skirt back on itself and removed his hand. The skirt stayed where it was. Then slowly, ever so slowly and gently, he moved his hand down toward the top of her panties!

Again he stopped to steady himself. Taking few deep breaths and squinting to push the sweat out of his eyes, his shaking hand moved that last half inch…to delicately take the top of her panties between his thumb and forefinger.

Still rubbing himself, Terry swallowed nervously, took another short respite to calm himself, and peering with the eyes of a hawk on his target, slowly, very, very slowly, pulled the top of Leigh’s cotton panties forward. The geeky bastard then leaned slightly to the side to peer down the top. His eyes widened. He was looking at her cunt!

He swallowed, then swallowed again, and I’m sure he stopped breathing as his disbelieving eyes absorbed every detail of Leigh’s pussy. This falling geek must have had the hard-on of a lifetime! Here he was with a stunning teenage girl whose skirt he had pulled up and panties he had pulled out to be now peeking with great delight at her beautiful little pussy.

I’m sure it was minutes that passed as Terry continued with eyes agog to appreciate the sight before him. As he peered down the top of Leigh’s panties, he continued to rub himself and his face twitched with both pleasure and the internal battle of whether to allow himself to cum in his pants or not.

Seeing that she had not stirred even in the slightest, Terry’s confidence that she would (very hopefully) not wake seemed to grow. How did I know this? Because of the fact that the fingers he was not using to hold Leigh’s panties out had begun to softly stroke the downy wisps of her pussy hair.

His teeth clenched and unclenched and his lips quivered as he had his first contact with the soft, warm, yielding flesh of my girlfriend’s cunt. He rubbed himself with great vigour, seeming to not care how he would have to deal with the cum in his pants once we alighted the vehicle. But honestly, would any man care? Loving nothing more than to blow a load myself, I returned my attention to Terry’s eager but cautious fingers. They had stopped the stroking of her fine hair… and now rested against the soft skin above her lips. Obviously unable to restrain himself, despite the consequences, he took his thumb and forefinger from the top of her panties. Slowly, shakily, he pushed his hand down!

Then he did something else. Slowly twisting his body and legs away from us as much as possible, I saw him stop rubbing the outside of his pants only to push his hand down inside them! Blinking slowly, his mouth involuntarily opened as his hand found his cock. As I watched, the material of his pants began to rise and fall.

His breathing became shallow, sounding like a distant machine gun as it shuddered in then out. His whole frame shook slightly as he got away with this amazing stunt. I looked back down to see the hand that was invading my girlfriend’s panties to begin to push slowly, gently down again. His jaw shuddered and his eyes blinked erratically. I looked down to find out why: his hand had disappeared so far down Leigh’s knickers that his fingers would be touching her sweet pussy lips!

With his body twisted away, the ugly cunt looked back down at his invading hand with pure lust across his face. He must have been just amazed at what he was doing! I saw the material of her knickers moving up and down slightly. He was playing with her clit!

The astounding gall of this prick, I thought, as I felt my balls set to explode! I saw his body jerk slightly and his chest shuddered as he wanked what would be a rock hard dick. This 45 year old geek was sweating and licking his lips, blinking and shaking, his breath laboured, as he played with my girl’s delightful teen pussy.

Then, amazingly, I heard her breathing change slightly and the muscles of her back shift against me. She was getting turned on, which means Terry’s fingers were getting wet. Slowly, with careful, measured strokes, Terry fingered his new workmate’s sleeping daughter’s cunt. Her breathing changed again and she let out a short, quiet moan, and then shouldered into me as she moved slightly to shift her hips forward.

Stunned by this, Terry closed his eyes to regain some semblance of control and opened them to recommence his molesting of the eighteen year old girl beside him.

“How’s things back there?” broke in Greg.

I’m sure that was the closest Terry had ever been to a heart attack! Finding his voice he shakily answered “Oh…oh…w were fine. The kids are asleep, and I’m not far off myself.”

Yeah, right, “Not far off cumming in his pants as he fingers your sleeping daughter’s cunt”, I felt like adding.

Terry’s face turned slowly back toward us. His face went white. Leigh had awoken to catch him with his hand inside her panties!

Instantly I could see his mind being assaulted by images of his shattered life; of Leigh yelling out to her Dad; of me and Greg punching the shit out of him; of him losing his job; of his life being destroyed. He was set frozen, mouth wide open, eyes pleading; so paralyzed he hadn’t even removed the trespassing hand. Leigh just looked at him, but as she was facing away from me her expression was hidden. Terry looked set to burst into tears as he slowly mouthed the words, “I’m sorry. Please. Please don’t say anything. Pleeeeaaassse.”

The shamed, terrified Terry then slowly began to withdraw his hand from her between her thighs. He was just about out of her panties when his finger must have touched something that caused her to shiver and let slip an involuntary moan. They both stopped, the frozen, expressionless Terry unsure what to do. He looked at Leigh without expression…and still unsure, still silently questioning her, he slowly pushed his hand back down.

Leigh quickly shook her head, commanding him silently to stop, but her body had betrayed her. She quivered again and her back arched so very slightly. That was all this ugly little prick needed. A dark look came to his eyes and a slight smirk appeared on his lips.

But she wasn’t giving up the pretension of not wanting this yet. With both hands she grasped Terry’s thin, black haired wrist and attempted to pull his hand out her knickers. He resisted, and as a little show of effort crept into his lust filled expression, he pushed back down and I watched his fingers recommence working away inside her panties.

If she really wanted this to stop, she only had to yell out. Instead, her grip slackened on his wrist and now she just held onto his arm like a brace.

Terry was in falling heaven, stunned that this little teen hottie was letting him feel her cunt. His eyes shifted between watching her gorgeous face scrunch up (as I knew it to do) and his hand between her soft teenage thighs. Leigh shifted slightly to move her hips forward in order to push her cunt his against his hand, and then laid her head back against me, totally giving herself up to Terry.

His face was pure bliss, he looked both drunk and wired and I knew he now didn’t want this journey to end. With Leigh’s capitulation, Terry’s confidence quickly grew. He took his hand from within his pants and slowly undid his fly! I figured that he was bursting to cum, but this was just insane.

Leigh saw this and seemed to wake from her cloud of lust to stiffen. She too knew this was madness. Shaking her head vigorously, she waved her hands to signal “No!” But, how could a man such as Terry, presented with this situation, possibly acquiesce? The rational man had left Terry; the animal had taken over.

Ignoring my girlfriend’s pleas, Terry fumbled with his pants…and then it appeared, his throbbing, precum covered cock. It wasn’t big by any means, and it was thin, but to call it small would be lying. Terry looked to Leigh, who had withdrawn from him as much as possible, and then shot a glance down at his cock and quickly back up at her again, hinting for her to do something, anything. Leigh had pulled her hands up to her chest, but with his other hand still down her pants stimulating her, he knew he still had a chance.

Reaching across, Terry took hold of Leigh’s closest wrist, and firing a quick glance to me, began to pull her hand toward his quivering, glistening dick. I could feel her muscles flex as she resisted, but, bit by bit, he was winning the fight. Soon, though it was clenched into a fist, her hand, albeit the back of it, made its first contact with his cock! Immediately he shuddered, probably more overwhelmed by the fact that this gorgeous teen was touching his dick than any sixual sensation he was experiencing.

With a grimace of effort he began rubbing her hand up and down the shaft while working away inside her panties to keep her level of stimulation high as possible as a guard against her stopping this whole thing. I felt her begin to relax again, then move in slight jerks and quivers… his fingers were doing their work. Then something else happened… she opened her hand.

Terry’s jaw dropped and his eyes went flat as he watched her soft feminine hand slowly wrap around his turgid dick. He blinked, visibly shook, did all he could to repress a groan and then threw his head back as his workmate’s teenage daughter began to slowly wank him. I watched with utter amazement, my own cock so painful, begging for what Terry was getting. My pants were full of precum, my lust barely containable.

Terry’s head leaned forward again, his brow knitted tight, his jaw shaking, his eyes half closed as he reveled in the pleasure shooting through him from my girlfriend’s slow pumping of his straining cock. I could see that he wouldn’t last long, the build up to this moment having primed him till bursting point. But with his cock out of his pants, he would make a mess everywhere with no way of concealing what had happened. He must have been thinking the same thing, as I watched him lift a shaking arm. His hand moved toward Leigh and then took hold of the back of her head…

Leigh was beyond fighting now. Without the slightest resistance, she let her head be pulled down toward Terry’s crotch. As she peeled away from me, I saw Terry’s look of astonishment as he watched this unfold, watched this gorgeous teenage girl’s mouth make its way toward his cock. And then it happened… she opened her mouth and allowed this ugly 45 year old geek’s cock to slide in between her soft, full lips. I nearly blew my load.

If Terry had any unknown heart problems, they would have surfaced there and then. I had never known a man’s face could scrunch up so much, nor eyes roll so far back in a man’s head as he experienced the sublime pleasure of my girlfriend’s wet, willing mouth.

Poor Greg, the man was oblivious to the fact that in the back seat of the very car he was driving, his teenage daughter’s mouth was stuffed full with the cock of his new work associate. For some reason the thought gave me an incredible thrill. I think the thrill was increased by the fact that I hated this guy, that he was such a cretin, such a weak little cunt; but despite all that, he had coerced my gorgeous teen girlfriend into sucking him off.

Terry had now taken a handful of Leigh’s hair and was scrunching it hard as her head moved up and down over his crotch. His body trembled and he did all he could to stifle his groans, but they came, croaking out of his tightened throat. The prick still had his hand under the folded Leigh, still had his fingers doing whatever they were doing to her. But I think that action was more automatic than anything as he looked down at the back of Leigh’s bobbing head, overwhelmed by the incredible pleasure his cock was finding buried in her talented sucking mouth.

I was amazed he had lasted so long, but my amazement was short lived. He swallowed endlessly, trying to hold back the groans. He shook and shifted, he blinked and his eyes rolled. And then, suddenly, his whole body jerked and he clenched his teeth as he pushed Leigh’s head down, oblivious to her muffled protests. He was cumming, cumming hard, and I swear it was the toughest battle he’d ever known not to scream out in joy as he pumped his dick up into her teenage mouth and shot his geek cum down her throat. It must have been an age since he’d let such a load go as Leigh choked slightly and let out a little cough.

“Everything okay back there?” sounded Greg from the front.

This interruption to his ecstasy forced Terry to quickly come down from his mind blowing orgasm, but he was incapable of speech. Instead, he was saved by Leigh, who, while wiping her mouth, saved Terry with a sweet voice that belied her slutty ways, “Yes, Dad…I’m sure everyone’s fine back here. But I need to stop for a drink.”

Any wonder?


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