Ch. 3

A(nother) perverted tale by Starman

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By now I was sure I had a problem.

Not only was my already high six drive even higher due to the perversion that had entered my life, a perversion that has happily resulted in me falling Leigh even more than unusual, but alone, I also found myself jerking off frequently over what I had recently witnessed.

My obsession was seriously becoming a worry for me. One evening while alone, the realization struck me… this can only get worse. Worse for me, worse for my relationship with Leigh, and worse for Leigh herself, who was turning into a perverted six loving little whore. The only person it could get better for was Steve. It had to stop! Right now! I grabbed my car keys and shot out of the door…

As I tore through the darkening streets towards Leigh’s place, my resolve strengthened. I felt good, like a darkness had been lifted from me. We didn’t have plans to hook up tonight (I was having a boy’s night), but girls love a surprise visit, especially when done at the cost of seeing the boys. Sure, this sordid little fall fest was great while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. And with something this falled up, the sooner the better, before it became too destructive – and addictive.

Pulling onto Leigh’s street, I felt a renewed rush of love for her. She wouldn’t know why I would be all gushed up tonight (obviously I couldn’t tell her), but a girl doesn’t need a reason when her boyfriend is pouring all over them with love and romance.

Then I spotted Steve’s car.

That wouldn’t be so unusual on a Friday night, except for that fact that I knew Greg, Leigh’s father, was away this weekend!

My heart raced. As hard as it was too admit, my new resolution instantly crumbled before the thrill of imagining Steve pushing his old fat cock up my girlfriend’s young, tight cunt. This thought of his cock thrusting into her made my own cock hard.

Slowly I pulled away from Leigh’s house and parked a few streets away to remove the risk of my car being spotted. My adrenaline kept surging through me as I envisioned what may be happening back at the house. I rounded her corner and quickened my pace until I was but two houses away. The whole time my mind raced and my mouth was full with that tinny taste of adrenaline.

Thanking the darkness for my concealment, I was able to move hidden across the length of the front lawn via the surrounding fence to arrive at the sidewall of the house. I was close to the window that peers into the lounge where just last week Steve falled my girlfriend in the ass while I feigned sleep on the couch beside them.

Slowing my steps as I closed on the window, I made sure to stay well below it. Upon reaching the wall under the window’s lowest edge I waited for a few seconds, then, not hearing anything, I cautiously lifted my head.

Peering in, I saw a balding head. It was Steve sitting on the couch closest to me. Excellent! This was a good angle, giving me a clear view of the entire lounge. Steve was having a beer, and had that conspiring look in his eye. I knew that look by now. Then I was struck by a thought, ‘Was this whole falling thing planned?’ Come to think of it, Leigh was unusually acquiescent to my news that I was having a boy’s night, and the fact that Greg was away made the notion of coincidence not even worth considering.

Then Leigh entered the room.

I don’t know if it was by Steve’s request or if she just hadn’t changed, but she was still in her school uniform. She had removed her saddle shoes, and one of the knee high socks that accentuate her olive skinned legs had fallen to bunch loosely about her ankle. Her plaid skirt, verging on too short, flared about her smooth thighs. Her white blouse, jutting at the chest, was untucked and three buttons shy of being done up to deliberately put on display a tantalizing preview of the flawless skin of her tits. falling little tease!

She was wearing her chestnut hair out, its full, rich lengths cascading either side of her lithe shoulders, and she had applied just enough makeup to both bring her already beautiful skin alive and to darken her eyelashes to lend her a smoky, sultry look. It would be hard not to knock at the door right now, concocting some excuse that the boy’s night was canceled so as to stop all this so I, me, her boyfriend, could fall her… but again my sickness came to the fore, making me take the choice of having me watch someone else fall my girlfriend instead of me!

Leigh moved across the room; Steve watched her the whole time with unconcealed lust in his eyes. But she didn’t approach him. Instead, she plunked herself on the carpet before the opposite couch and cocked her head at Steve, who was trying to peek up her skirt.

“You didn’t get yourself another beer? Were four cans and that joint enough, huh…?” Steve probed.

‘How long had they been here? Had I missed it?’ I thought lamentably. But then, noting that Leigh and Steve were both dressed, I dismissed the thought.

Leigh nervously bit her lip, looked about, and then returned her gaze to Steve. “I… Steve… the other times were fine. I was really drunk, it was stupid, but now… this thing you have planned. I, I just don’t think I can do it…”

“But all through the week on the phone… we talked of this, remember? Several times you said that you would, and tonight I have arranged it,” he reasoned.

They had been speaking on the falling phone!

“I, I was stoned, and had gotten into Dad’s bar. I, I… well, y’know…” she said in a sweet soft voice while looking down at the carpet. Everything she did was delicious.

“Leigh, your Dad’s away… and your boyfriend is out for the night. Like you said to me, he’s probably out to pick up…”

“I didn’t mean that! I was just drunk and shitty with him for wanting a boy’s night instead of spending the night with me,” she replied, wrinkling her brow with a cute little frown.

“You were shitty until I suggested tonight. Then you got all sixy on the phone… remember? Remember me talking to you, talking until you came hard into the receiver? Hmmm?”

She couldn’t repress a wicked smile at that. Then Steve smiled, probably more relieved that things had taken an upswing, and that the plans he had made, whatever they may have been, were in less jeopardy.

Standing, Steve made his way over to where she sat on the carpet, reached down and picked her up gently by the elbows. They were standing really close now, her form small and lithe next to his large, heavy frame. She stumbled slightly as Steve let go of her and they both chuckled intimately – the beer and joint had taken their effect.

Steve smiled knowingly. Then his eyes went flat. The close proximity to her fine teen form had an instant effect upon him. Christ, Leigh had an effect on men from a hundred feet.

She arched her back away from him and turned her head to the side, but this only opened up her neck to him. He sped his mouth to the nape of her neck while taking both of her lithe wrists behind her back in one hand as he ran the other slowly up the softness of her thigh. He wasn’t falling around tonight! Her eyes remained open as he eagerly mouthed and tongued the soft skin of her neck. She gave a little resistance, but not nearly enough to break free…then her eyes closed and she visibly relaxed.

This went on for some long moments before Steve, taken by the animal aroused within him, spun her quickly about so her back was to him, wrapped one arm about her to clasp her arms tight into her sides and placed the other hand under her neck to roughly turn her face to the side. He then thrust his eager tongue into her mouth while dry humping her young bum, which, I’m sure, was his favourite part of her. She looked like a rag doll being toyed with by a bear.

Her skirt was scrunching up around her hips revealing glimpses of her white cotton panties as, knees slightly bent for leverage, he pumped repetitively up into her soft ass. His eyes were flat, and had the look of a madman as he ravaged her.

Steve released her chin and her head sagged slowly forward. With his now free hand he reached around her chest to thrust his hand down her into her blouse and take hold of and roughly grope one of her soft, firm breasts. I watched in awe as his fingers moved within her top, squeezing then pinching a nipple then swapping to the other.

Steve was talking to her but I couldn’t make out what he was saying due the approach of a car. I started to reach for my fly to free my rock hard cock as I waited for the car to pass so I could hear Steve’s lecherous words, but it didn’t pass… it slowed… then pulled into the driveway!

I craned my neck back and spotted a white standard family sedan having its lights cut. The driver wasn’t visible within the darkened cabin, but the door popped and then swung open. A man lifted himself with grunt from his vehicle. The best I could make of him was that he was about Steve’s age, with a little more paunch and a lot more hair, though greying and worn to the side. He was wearing denim jeans and a sandy coloured dress shirt rolled at the sleeves.

Pausing momentarily, he looked up at the house, exhaled, adjusted his crotch, placed his keys in his pocket and started his way toward the front door. He struck me as the office type, someone who had grown fat behind a desk.

The ‘arrangement’ Steve had made was thus revealed. The old bastard had invited a friend (surely a very grateful friend) over so they could both hammer away at a gorgeous, nubile eighteen year old girl!

My heart was beating so fast I was sure it would be heard, and my cock leaked its first dribble of pre cum into my pants. I knew then I had been fooling myself about stopping this. I knew that when I had been thinking of stopping it, I was secretly hoping something would prevent me from doing so! The fact I was so relieved that I would get to see it happen again thrilled me more than it worried me; surely it was meant to be the reverse!

I returned my attention to the living room as the doorbell rang. Leigh’s head snapped toward the door, a decidedly unsure look now upon her gorgeous face. Steve smiled sardonically, and reluctantly pulled himself free of Leigh, sucking his lips as he did so. She looked nervous as Steve made his way towards the door of the living room. He stopped short, probably half to make sure Leigh didn’t run from the room, and shouted toward the front door, “Come on in, John!”

I shot a glance at Leigh. She was running her hands slowly down her cheeks as she swapped her worried glances between the living room doorway and the floor.

Smiling, Steve turned to her. “You want that drink now, gorgeous?… Aw, c’mon. You’re going to love this. You know you will.” Then he added, “You even said you will… remember?”

I heard the heavy footsteps of this ‘John’ coming down the tiled hallway that led to the living room. Steve looked back at Leigh, then back at the approaching man, smiled and nodded. He then moved back into the living room as John’s shadow grew in the doorway.

As John came into the doorway, Steve turned towards him. The man’s deep set, somewhat beady eyes were instantly drawn to my gorgeous girlfriend’s standing form. Steve smirked at John, who was drinking in Leigh’s fine form. He swallowed and his mouth fell slowly open. The newcomer to this twisted little affair then exhaled audibly, looking her up and down with the eyes that most men involuntarily adopt when they catch sight of Leigh.

Steve, looking very pleased with himself, rubbed his chin as he shared John’s view of Leigh. “Is she not everything I told you?”

John could only respond with a slow, disbelieving nod. Maybe he was convinced he was only dreaming this, and if not, he was certainly dreaming of what was about to happen.

“Leigh, honey, why don’t you say hello to John.”

Leigh looked like a stunned deer, standing there shifting on her white socked feet as she was ogled by the two fat men who were here to stuff their cocks into her every fallhole.

Leigh didn’t respond as requested. Instead she moved a step backward from the men. John, suddenly anxious, looked to Steve, who seeing his concern, took the initiative by walking toward her, his eyes locked with hers while speaking to John. “Don’t worry, John, I just had my hand on her tits and my cock pressed into her sweet little ass. She loves this little reluctant act, but… she loves stiff cock a whole lot more. Isn’t that right, Leigh?”

At that, a reassured John rubbed the front of his pants, his eyes still locked on the fine teenage form before him as he swallowed again. How long it must have been since he had such a hot young thing… if ever.

Steve came to stand before the apprehensive looking Leigh. I wasn’t sure if it really was an act; she looked genuinely concerned about the situation, but not enough to send her screaming from the room. She just stood there and let her arm be taken by Steve and then half dragged across the room toward the waiting John, who took a deep breath as she neared him.

“I, I don’t think…” she stammered.

“You shouldn’t be thinking,” quickly interrupted Steve as he pulled her to be standing before the much larger John, whose eyes had gone flat. I don’t think John even realized that he licked his lips and swallowed, but I’m sure that she was taken aback by the primal look in his eyes.

She was standing between the two men, nervously fidgeting, until Steve moved slowly around behind her. “Leigh, this is going to happen,” he stated as a matter of fact. “You are simply going to let us do all the things we want to do to you… You know you want us to. Otherwise… why would you have agreed to tonight? And… why aren’t you trying to get away?”

Sardonically John smiled as Steve took Leigh by the elbows, pulling her arms back and in doing so, caused her tits to thrust out at John, stretching to the limit the white cotton of her school blouse. John’s attention was instantly snared by her now evident erect nipples which were poking out at him.

Steve continued, “Why? Because you want our old cocks pushed into you… Don’t you, honey? Yes, you do,” he insisted, more to take control of the situation than to elicit any type of answer form my sweet little schoolgirl. “You love being the helpless little girl getting molested by the lecherous dirty old men.”

Leigh had her face turned to the side as Steve said, “Go ahead, John. Feel them. Feel her young tits. Go on…”

John didn’t need any more encouragement than that. He licked his lips again as his arms raised, his hands slightly clawed, and his eyes trance like upon his target. Leigh’s wide eyes followed the path of his hands as they neared her waiting, jutting boobs, her breathing becoming quicker. With an audible gasp, her head jerked back as John clamped his big hands heavily around her pert schoolgirl tits. John’s eyes went flat and a disturbing smile came slowly to his parted lips as he dug his fingers into the soft flesh of Leigh’s pliable boobs. But instead of fighting, she closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

“You see, John… I told you.”

John nodded slowly, then removed one hand to reach down and readjust his crotch again. His cock must have been raging from having these beautiful teen tits at his whim; raging at the certain knowledge that this sixy teen girl, seemingly willing, perhaps even eager, would allow two older guys to have their way with her soft, warm, young body. What an unbelievable situation it must have been for him.

A dark look came to John’s eyes as he moved his free hand up stroke Leigh’s face, then under her hair to travel around to the back of her neck as he took a step toward her. He half smiled and shook his head as he looked her up and down. Then he leant in and eagerly thrust his tongue into her full lipped mouth! I could see the sweat on this stranger’s shifting brow as his jaw opened and closed as he roughly kissed my girlfriend with such eagerness that her in place as her head was being pushed back. Steve had one arm looped through her elbows to hold her in place while his other hand had found its way up the back of her skirt and was groping her bum. I saw the outline of John’s large tongue appear in one of her cheeks, then slip out of her mouth only to be quickly pushed back in to stretch it open again to continue kissing her. He was now pressing himself into her with both hands now groping her tits as his tongue enjoyed the softness of her lips and young tongue.

My cock had found its way into my hand and was already pumping out its precum, making the experience of pulling it a delight. I yanked my dick hard, overawed by watching these lecherous old sobs having their way with my eighteen year old girlfriend in her school uniform.

Steve then spoke with a big fat grin on his face as Leigh’s head jerked slightly under John’s hard kissing. “John is usually such a boisterous, loud fellow. One, who, in drunken conversations between ourselves, talks about women just like just most other men do. But his tastes lean toward teenies… You should see his collection of ‘Barely Legal’ and ‘Seventeen’ mags and vids. The guy’s fanatical, so you can imagine what a gift this is to him. That’s why I chose to let him in on this!”

“Sure, he looked a little taken aback upon entry, but that’s only because he thought I was joking about this whole thing. He thought there was no way something like this, like you, could be true. But… he believes me now! Ha!”

Leigh pulled her head back, but John’s tongue eagerly chased her mouth until he found it again and she let him resume kissing her.

“Hmmm! Mmmm!” groaned John into my girlfriend’s sweet mouth. His apprehension had gone and hands were enjoying the fullness of her pert tits. He then pulled his head back and stared Leigh in the eyes, never letting go of her thrust out boobs.

Catching his breath, he peered over Leigh’s shoulder and said to Steve, “She is falling delicious!” Then, with a furrowed brow, he met Leigh’s eyes and squeezing her tits said, “You are y’know… falling delicious.”

His expression darkened as he stared her in the eyes, “I see you lovely little teenage things in the malls and at the beach wiggling your peachy asses or showing off your young fine tits in bikinis, and, I have to tell you, it drives me falling wild… and… and…I just want to fall every single one of them!”

Returning his gaze to Steve, he continued as he fondled my whimpering girlfriend through her school blouse. “Remember what we talked about last night when I still thought this whole thing was a big practical joke on your part? You know how I want to start this… what I want to do to her, don’t you, Steve?”

“I remember,” acknowledged Steve with a nod of his head.

“How will I ever repay you for this?”

“You can repay me by completely enjoying yourself… and by doing exactly what you said you wanted to do to one of these teen sluts. I’d like to see it, actually,” replied Steve with a smirk.

Tightening his grip and pulling her elbows back until they were touching, Steve hissed, “Do you see what you bring out in men? Do you see the animals we become? Sure, we’re nice enough in the outside world, but… anytime when we encounter someone who looks like you, all we are imagining is how sweet your tight little bum would feel embracing our cocks.”

These words prompted John to reluctantly release Leigh’s tits, take her by the upper arm and march her toward the couch furthest from me. Her eyes darted about, unsure what was going to happen, when John promptly sat himself on the couch and looked up at Leigh through hard eyes.

“Lay across my lap, Leigh. I’m going to spank that sweet little ass of yours. I’ll tell you now, it’s going to hurt. You are going to take it and I am going to falling love it!” he explained, reveling in the authoritarian role he now felt confident enough to now adopt.

Christ! Not even I had done that! I had no idea how she would take it, and obviously neither did she as she just stood there, that same unsure look on her face.

“Uhhh… I don’t… hey!” she exclaimed as John grabbed her by the hand and roughly pulled her down toward him. She put up a bit of a fight, but I did catch the hint of her smile she was trying to conceal, and John, despite his size, was actually having a hard time getting her into position. But I think he was enjoying the contact with her as much as Leigh was enjoying making him fight for the prize of her bare bum.

But then Steve was there. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them out in front of her, and then it was just a matter of John pulling her lithe form across his lap and she was in position. Her crotch was now directly over John’s crotch, leaving the full roundness of her young bottomm thrust up at him. He was staring at that lovely ass concealed only be the material of her short school skirt and hidden panties. I think he was in a little in disbelief that he had a gorgeous eighteen year old’s bum right there before him, but mere inches from his face, and that he was about to have his way with it.

She was still struggling, but the maliciously smiling Steve was kneeling beside the couch with her arms held out straight and tight and John had laid a firm hand on the small of her back to ensure she couldn’t escape.

“No! I don’t want to do this! I don’t want to be spanked!” she pleaded.

Looking up and down her fine form, John paid no heed to her plea. Lust smoldered in his eyes as he stroked the backs of her calves, slowly moving up to her rounded thighs. His hand was destined for the rise of her round bum.

John inhaled sharply and some drool actually escaped his mouth as his hand slipped under her skirt to find the soft warmth of her offered up, helpless teeny bottom. With alarm written across her pretty face, she looked innocently back over her shoulder as John fondled her firm buns, reveling in the moment like it was his last on Earth. Frankly, I don’t think he’d mind if it was.

“Ohhh, Jesus! Her ass feels as good as I imagined… Oh Christ… this is fantastic,” said John exhaled to himself, I believe.

“Is her bum not exquisite?” leered Steve. “You should try having your cock up it, John. There really is nothing like it. Trust me,” breathed Steve heavily. “Hmmm… That just may have to happen again. You’d like that, huh, baby?”

Leigh was straining to look back over her shoulders at John. Steve transferred one of her thin wrists so that he was now holding both in one hand. Twisting her wrists so that her upper torso twisted towards him, it allowed her to watch with relative ease as John had his way with her bottom. But giving her a better view wasn’t Steve’s real objective. Roughly he shoved his now free hand down the top of her blouse. However, Leigh’s attention remained on John, watching her skirt being slowly pushed up over the rise of her bum, inch by inch.

Her panty clad, up thrust buns were then revealed for the first time to John. Their delightful olive skinned roundness was swelling her white cotton panties to full; panties that had ridden up the cleft, probably from the wrestling with John. He was panting now, wearing a disturbing smile as he stared in wide eyed awe at the fullness of Leigh’s teen ass, his to do with what he wished. He laid a hand on one of her sweet swelling cheeks. Involuntarily he shook his head slowly as he firmly kneaded my girlfriend’s bum cheek in his large, strong hand.

Meanwhile, Steve was having his own fun. Still holding her wrists, his other hand had reached down to the rear hem of her blouse to pull it up so it was crumpled around her shoulder, but still covering her tits. As much as Leigh was all nervous and apprehensive about letting two men in their fifties have their way with her, I was now convinced it was all an act. My belief was secured by how easily she let Steve yank her crumpled blouse over her head. Her big schoolgirl boobs were revealed and Steve was quick to return his hand to them.

Her beautiful, smooth tummy, with its olive, silk like skin now rested against John’s thighs and he was stroking her smooth back with one hand while his other continued taking big handfuls of her bum. Then he promptly lifted one hand and brought it down with a loud crack onto her panty covered cheeks. Her head flew back, her tussled hair flying from her face to reveal her shocked, grimacing expression.

“Ow! fall!” she grunted. John smiled mockingly; he was enjoying inflicting pain onto her now reddening cheek.

Biting his lower lip, John raised his hand again, but Leigh stopped him by quickly moving her hands back to protect herself. But Steve was there again, taking her by the forearms and, with little effort, pulling her hands away to again reveal John’s beautiful target.

“You little bitch! I said you would take it, didn’t I?” John growled meancingly. He then reached out to take a handful of her thick hair and pulled her head back until her neck was straining and smacked his free hand hard down onto her panties with a resounding SLAP!

This time she grunted, and her hips jerked forward, thrusting her crotch into John’s own as she twisted, held in Steve’s grip. Steve was busy with her tits, one hand squeezing and groping while the other held her wrists firmly. I have to say that it excited me to watch her get spanked like the naughty slut she was being.

SMACK! The lounge echoed again with the sound of Leigh’s punishment. “OH! AHHH! STOP IT!” she screamed, kicking her white socked feet. She was grimacing, both from the sting in her ass and from having her hair pulled so roughly, but she wasn’t putting up any real fight.

Taking a pause from spanking her to greedily grope her bum, John looked to Steve with a serious expression, “We need to quiet her down… and I know just the thing,” he explained with a gleam in his eye.

With one hand firmly on her back and the tip of his tongue slightly parting his lips, John slowly peeled Leigh’s cotton panties down over her now flaming crimson cheeks. He exhaled, as her exquisite full bum was made bare before him. He even moved his head to the side to peek between her thighs, trying to catch a first glimpse of her cunt and asshole as he pulled her panties down over her thighs, along her calves and then off her white socked feet. With them now scrunched in his hand, he put them to his face and inhaled deeply.

“Mmmmm! The sweet smell of teen cunt! It’s been so falling long,” he said, relishing in the gusset of her knickers. He pulled them away from his face. “Look,” he said, holding them up for Steve’s viewing “they’re falling wet!”

He pulled back on Leigh’s hair, causing her to grunt, “Steve was right… you do love this! You love being molested and treated like shit. Don’t you?” She looked away, as much as she could with her head pulled back so far. “Time to quiet you down, girly,” grumbled John.

Steve watched with dark fascination as John reached forward with her panties in hand and began stuffing them into her mouth! Her initial surprise quickly passed as she grimaced and fought and tried to spit them out, but John persisted, jamming them in. Due to her head being pulled back, she couldn’t quite close her mouth, and soon her cheeks were stuffed full with her own knickers, save one small section of waistband that dangled obscenely from her mouth. “Do not spit them out! Do you hear me?!” barked John.

The look of gorgeous Leigh with her mouth stuffed full of her schoolgirl knickers combined with watching her struggle while two older men had their way with her boobs and bum was too much for me, and as much as I tried to hold back, I came, hard, to be lost in waves of indescribable pleasure. For some long moments I was lost in the dizzying heights of an amazing orgasm, leaving my mark all over the sidewall of the house.

When my vision returned, I looked through the window to see John’s hand zipping down again. As it slapped hard onto my girlfriend’s firm bare cheeks, she threw her head back, sending her long hair flying and her eyes went wide, barely cognizant of the sharp repetitive sounds drifting through the window, sounds of the cruel ass blistering she was receiving.

SMACK! Writhing under the assault she hollered through her panties, “MMMFF!” as tears streaked down her flushed cheeks. Her hands were now clenched into fists and the cords of her neck stood out. Her bare chest was heaving and she went to catch her breath, but exhaled sharply as John spanked her again.

“MHM! MMFF!” Giving another hip lunging reaction accompanied by a throaty grunt, Leigh bucked helplessly as the harsh spanking continued. Three more hard slaps and she was a sobbing uncontrollably. John paused, looking down over her gorgeous, submissive form with a satisfied smile while stroking her flaming red bum cheeks.

“Shhh… It’s all over now,” he said soothingly while smiling sardonically.

John looked to Steve who was flushed from watching her gorgeous little face twisted up in pain as her incredible ass was turned crimson. “Christ, that was a falling turn on to watch,” remarked Steve breathlessly. “Why do pretty girls look even sixier when in a little pain?” he asked rhetorically.

“That was falling incredible. My cock is aching, Steve!” announced John as he continued to run his hands over the recovering Leigh, whose hair had been released allowing her face to lower slowly into the softness of the sofa. “fall! I need relief,” said John. “But first… first I have to see how much she enjoyed that.” I watched his hand disappear between down between her ripe hemispheres toward her concealed schoolgirl cunt.

Leigh locked her thighs together, resulting in John have to push to get to his prize. “Leigh! Mph!” he grunted, “What are you hiding? Hmmm? Don’t want to show us…mmph! …that…mmph… you loved being spanked, huh?” he growled as he struggled to get his hand down there.

“Give me a hand, Steve! I need to feel that pussy of hers.”

Steve complied and quickly shuffled down to kneel before the couch near Leigh’s legs. He was blocking my view slightly, but only of her calves. He placed a hand on each knee and, with a little grimace, started to pry her soft teeny thighs apart. John’s expression changed as I saw his hand dip further down.

“Ohh… Ohhh fall yeah… that’s it… I’ve got my hand on her cunt!” Smiling he snidely added, “Steve, it’s falling wet like you wouldn’t believe!”

With tears still streaking her face, Leigh was looking over her shoulder at the two men now focused on her engorged pussy. Then, under John’s continued ministrations, she turned her face forward and her eyelids drooped and her jaw shuddered. She was loving it!

Steve fumbled with the back of Leigh’s plaid skirt that was still gathered up around her waist. With a yank, he pulled it up her body and over her head. But for her white socks, she was now stripped completely nude.

John leaned in close to Leigh’s ear and, now finger falling her, growled, “That’s a tight little cunt you have. Isn’t it, girlie? Your boyfriend’s a lucky man.” Indeed I was.

I watched Steve pull her closest leg down off the couch so that her legs were now spread and reach forward to rub her still reddened ass. The room was silent aside from Leigh panting through her knickers and the groans and grunts of the two men who had subjugated my girlfriend. The two old fat men were now seemingly able to do anything they wanted to her young body.

John was leaning to his side to get as close a look as possible as he slid his finger in and out of my girlfriend’s cunt. Meanwhile Steve’s hand slid over her bum and down into the crack of her ass.

I saw her taking laboured breaths through her panties as John’s fat fingers molested her cunt. Then her eyes sprung open. With a jerk, she looked over her shoulder back towards her bum… Steve was pushing his middle finger into her asshole.

She grimaced and grunted through her panties as he jammed the full length of his finger into her bum. But all she did was lay there and let it happen, lay there and let two fifty odd year old men do what they wished with her young pussy and ass. Lay there and be both dominated and worshipped simultaneously. Lay there without the knowledge that her boyfriend was just outside the window watching the whole obscene event… for the third time.

“I gonna cum in my falling pants if I don’t get up her soon!” John was turning out to be a real charmer. “C’mon, slut,” he said to Leigh, pulling his wet fingers from her cunt as his other arm slid under her lithe tummy to lift her backward off his lap.

But Steve kept, what I could see now, were three fingers up her bum. His hand prevented her from sitting fully back on her haunches so she was forced to assume a half doggy position with her round ass sticking out, perfect for Steve’s working hand.

She looked back at Steve, panties still stuffed in her mouth, and then stuck her ass out even more in a very tantalizing fashion. This had an obvious affect on him. Licking his lips, he returned his gaze to watch his three fingers piston away at her pink bum hole. She returned her attention to John, placing her hands on her knees for balance and gave up her bum for Steve to what he wanted with it.

John was sitting back on the couch, smelling and tasting his fingers, taking a few seconds to drink in the incredible situation he found himself in. His hard cock was obvious in his pants, and he’d leaked so much precum that it had actually wet through to the denim of his jeans.

Locking eyes with Leigh, John brusquely ordered, “Take my cock out and suck it!” Reaching forward, he shoved his fingers into Leigh’s mouth and slowly extracted her saliva covered panties. “C’mon…get those beautiful lips around my dick.”

Her initial act was over now, and she lowered her sultry brown eyes to John’s crotch. The mere sight of her doing this, having a teenage beauty like Leigh focus her attention on his crotch, and the delicious anticipation that accompanied it sent a visible thrill through John, who realized he was about to have his cock inside that hot young mouth.

Leigh’s hand reached forward, and John inhaled to lift his fat gut from his waistline to give her access. Her fingers worked away at his belt as I spotted Steve withdraw his fingers from Leigh’s bum and place both hands under her thighs to lift her ass higher into the air so that she was now in a full doggie position, allowing her very wet, pink pussy to peak out from between her slightly parted thighs.

Leigh succeeded in undoing John’s button and was about to start on his fly, when Steve craned his neck forward and pushed his face into Leigh’s out thrust cunt. She moaned audibly and her head dropped forward as Steve started lapping away at her willing pussy like a man possessed… which he was. Her frame jerked forward and back with each full hard lick that ran up her cleft. Though the cunt licking made it hard for her to concentrate, John’s fly had now come all the way down.

Again, I don’t think John realized that he let a stream of drool escape his lips as he watched Leigh, eager for his cock, push her hand down into the top of his underwear. He struggled to keep his eyes open as she took hold of his dick in his pants and pulled his underpants down with her other hand to watch his average sized dick spring free. John ran his hands down his face as he looked at his precum oozing dick wrapped in Leigh’s soft warm hand.

Leigh then started slowly masturbating him, sliding her hand up and down his engorged, glistening prick. He craned his head back, eyes closed, but then must have decided he wanted to watch this and moved his head forward again to watch this amazing thing… a beautiful teenage girl jerking him off. His grunts and groans were now audible amongst his heavy, gravelly breathing and Leigh smiled slyly… she was the one in control here.

After finishing one long lick that traveled up between the lips of Leigh’s pussy, up over her pink little anus to leave the top of her bum, Steve noticed that Leigh was pulling (the very appreciative) John’s cock. He stopped for a few seconds to watch John’s enjoyment, obviously heightening his own. It took but a mere few seconds before Steve was not able to restrain himself any longer. Sitting back, Steve put his hands to his burgeoning pants where he started on his fly.

Leigh was now jerking John’s dick with enthusiasm, smiling her sixy little smile at him. He struggled to reciprocate her smile, due to his face twitching in spasms of pleasure.

“Stop! Stop!” insisted John suddenly, “I can’t hold it any falling longer!” As he spoke the words his hand sped to stop Leigh’s. He succeeded in stopping before blowing his load and took a few deep breaths to recover. Leigh giggled and then looked back to see Steve’s fat dick just coming free of his pants. She smiled again and arched her back to offer her sweet round bum up to him.

Steve’s eyes once more locked on Leigh’s cunt and beautiful teen bum, knowing that he was once again about to experience the amazing pleasure found within. Leigh watched him shuffle up between her spread white socked feet on his knees and point his fat dick towards her waiting holes. But her head was suddenly turned by John’s hand; he must have regained himself and was ready for more. With an animalistic look in his eyes, I saw John’s big hand slide around the back of Leigh’s head, grab a fistful of her tussled brown hair and pull her head down toward his quivering dick. She didn’t resist and, as her face lowered, she opened her sweet full lips and I watched as John’s cock passed between them.

“Oohhhhh! F fall!” he exclaimed as he had his first experience of Leigh’s soft, wet mouth. “Oh hhh hhohhh! You sweet little cunt!” he moaned and he pushed her head down so that her mouth was now overfull with cock. She gagged a little, but he was so lost in the delicious feelings running through him from Leigh’s mouth and tongue that he seemed to have lost all regard for her.

“Mnh! Mnff! MFFF!!” she exclaimed as she choked and spluttered on John’s cock, which he now began falling up into her throat with determined thrusts.

“Ohh, fall! Fffuuuuck!” he cried.

Suddenly her body jerked, and she exclaimed loudly, well, as loud as she could with her mouth stuffed with a cock. I then saw why. Steve was pushing his cock into her bum! Confirming that he was indeed an ass man (and Leigh’s shapely ass is second to none), I watched as her anus yielded to Steve’s fat prick as he eagerly pushed forward, seeking the tightness and warmth within.

Leigh’s fingers dug into the lounge and her body trembled and jerked as her teeny bum once again struggled to take the full thick length of Steve’s driving cock. With John forcing her head to remain in one place as he brutally face falled her, and with Steve’s big dick forced all the way up her schoolgirl bum, I pulled on my cock like a man possessed. This was an amazing sight watching my eighteen year old dream girl being ravaged by her father’s best friend and a fifty year old stranger.

Steve started thrusting, hard jerking thrusts that shook Leigh’s lithe body. Her tits swayed back and forth and her knees shifted as she struggled to maintain balance. “MFF! MFF! MMFF! MFF! MMMFF!” she repeated over and over as her face and ass were falled simultaneously.

The two men were grunting and swearing at her between ragged breaths. Steve and John were really getting into her, putting it to her, driving their cocks as far up into her as possible, drawing as much pleasure from her fallholes as possible. I even saw Steve look over at John and smile wickedly; John, a knowing glint in his half closed, beady eyes, nodded.

Leigh’s ass cheeks rippled as Steve, his mouth dropping open as he experienced the ecstasy that Leigh’s body was giving him, pumped into her, his brow glossy with sweat. John was holding Leigh’s head still with his large hands and jerking his cock up into her mouth, which was dribbling a mixture of saliva and precum down over her chin and onto his balls. His face was reddened and his body shook as the thrills shot from his cock right through him. His breathing and grunting picked up and his brow furrowed as he glared down at the back of Leigh’s head with the look of a wild animal. “MN! MNH! fall yes! You…little…teenage…cunt… HnnnmmnaaaaHHH!” he exclaimed as he roughly pulled Leigh’s head up.

Her mouth popped off his cock, which he grabbed just before he climaxed, bucking his hips as his cum shot up at her screwed up face.

“OHHHH! F F F FUUUUCK!” he hollered as the first jet hit her square in the eye, but he held her jolting head in place and another load went up her nose, all over her cheeks and stuck to her lips. The third lot doused her hair, instantly matting it. As he came his whole frame shook, his face trembled and saliva flew from between his gritted teeth.

With the subsiding of his orgasm, his grip of Leigh’s head loosened and she slowly, dizzily lifted her cum painted face. But there was no word of complaint and she licked and wiped John’s semen from her eyes and smooth cheeks while her body rocked from Steve’s continued falling of her ass. Steve had slowed while John came, but he now was picking up the pace again.

John, basking in his post cum haze, was lazily kissing Leigh now and fondling her tits while Steve, his breathing picking up, gave her long hard thrusts. It was his turn, his turn to cum.

Steve slapped Leigh’s already reddened ass once, then took her by the hips and I watched, again close to coming myself, as his dick slid in and out of her young bum. His eyes twitched and his body trembled slightly as his shortened breath grew faster.

John was kissing Leigh hard now, and his cock had started growing again already! I suppose that falling delicious forbidden fruit will have that affect on a man. He was heavily groping her tits as I heard a yell. I looked to Steve to see him enter the throes of his climax. His teeth gritted and cords stood out from his neck, the overwhelming pleasure that shot through him from Leigh’s tight asshole now rendering him speechless. It sounded like he was choking as he blew his cum into her bowels.

Leigh moaned muffled grunts into John’s mouth, who was squeezing her tits as her body rocked under Steve’s wilting thrusts. Spent, Steve’s head dropped forward to rest on Leigh’s sweating back, where he kissed and licked her smooth skin while slowly pulling back his hips to withdraw his long, fat dick from her ravaged asshole. It exited her bum with a pop and still half hard, it leaked the remains of his juice onto the couch cushion.

That was it, I let loose again, my second load of cum joining the first lot as my orgasm took hold of me, sending me into the dizzying heights of the greatest pleasure people can experience. Now that the event was over (but not yet finished, I think), I realized how much my falling knees were hurting and I shifted slowly to ease the pain. From my new position I looked through the window again.

Pulling back from kissing her, but still kneading her tits, John smiled slyly at Steve, who had lifted his head slightly, his red face sweating.

Steve, naked below the waist, then collapsed back into the couch and took to regaining his breath. My luscious Leigh, clad only in her white socks, lowered her head onto John’s legs, but not before she had tugged John’s pants down below his knees. Slowly, softly, she now lazily lapped away at his hairy balls and hardening cock while she stretched her legs out over Steve’s. Steve in turn, took to rubbing her legs and bum and for some minutes, the three of them just sat there in a daze, relishing all that had just happened.

A few more minutes passed, then Leigh, suddenly taking on a sullen and pouting expression, lifted herself up with her arms. With obviously feigned indignation she whined, “You bastards have both had your fun! Now if you’re finished, I…”

She was cut short as John roughly pushed her back down into the sofa. Simultaneously Steve’s hand shot between her thighs, thighs that willingly parted, to find her receptive pussy. Groping her cunt Steve said brusquely, “Finished? We’ve only just started with you, my delicious little Leigh.”

Under Steve’s renewed assault, she slowly ground her hips into the sofa as she slightly lifted her head from John’s lap. She was slack jawed as she turned her head so that the two men couldn’t see her face. A revealing smile then spread across my girlfriend’s pretty face, a sultry, sluttish smile that said it all.

fall the boy’s night! Looks like I was staying here outside a window to see all that was going to happen. There goes my self imposed therapy!


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