Ch. 2

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The following days were bizarre for me. The realizations that I loved watching my stunning teenage girlfriend being falled by a much older guy swirled around my head…and my cock. What should have been disgusting me was slowly growing into an obsession. For some falled up reason, I wanted to, had to, see it again. I wanted to see his cock stuffed down her throat, making her gag. I wanted to witness her dad’s best friend shoving his rod into her cunt. I wanted to watch Steve stuffing his fat dick up Leigh’s sweet teeny bum. It was becoming a problem. Here I was, this good looking 25 year old guy, in the prime of his sixual life, getting off on a man way past his prime ramming his cock into my very own girlfriend.

Things were getting serious when I start to pretend I was Steve as I falled Leigh. I had started getting a little rougher with her, but she complained, saying she didn’t like that kind of stuff. Bullshit! Steve had practically raped her, hammering his fat cock into her eager cunt as he pulled roughly at her hair. It seemed Leigh only liked it when she was being taken advantage of; when a much older man was taking her, molesting her and reveling in her gorgeous body. In a way, it must have been like a power trip for her, seeing this grown man slathering over her like some rabid dog as she reluctantly let him fulfill his forbidden fantasies (as she fulfilled hers). Jesus! I wanted to fall her like Steve had. To piston my cock in and out of her tight little cunt and yank on her hair and hear her little girl whimpers and squeals as I took her willing pussy! Well, if I couldn’t have it, I would have to make it so I could watch it.

I was at Leigh’s house for our regular Friday night piss up. But Steve had not visited since that night, perhaps he was hit with the guilt. I mean, he had just seduced and falled the shit out of his best friend’s teenage daughter in the garage! Maybe he was regretting the whole thing, or more likely, fearing consequences. Perhaps he woke up the next day with a huge hangover and was struck with the fear that Leigh had (in forced tears), told me about the whole sordid event. Or worse…told her father! In a sick sort of way, I was worried that my fantasy would never come true again. How falled up is that for a boyfriend to be thinking? Jesus…I needed help.

It was just in the midst of my sick little worry over Steve’s absence when the phone rang. Greg answered to announce that it was Steve, who at Greg’s warm greeting must have been breathing a sigh of relief that he had not been betrayed by Leigh. He was on his way with a bottle of tequila. Greg and I whooped for joy at Steve’s news, but for different reasons; I knew what was on his mind.

Ten minutes later, Leigh, who was showering after her school day emerged from the hall to take my breath way. My teen goddess was a sight to behold; I even saw her dad take a second glance then quickly turn away as she walked toward us smiling. Leigh, in all her eighteen year old glory, was dressed in a white cutoff T that showed an ample portion of her flat, smooth brown stomach and ample breast, that jutted out teasingly, like ripe apples sitting high on her chest, aching to be squeezed.

Speechless, my eyes followed her stomach down to her flaring denim micro mini skirt, the hem of which orbited her tanned, rounded thighs. Her divine, unblemished face shone with teenage youthfulness. She applied her make up just right to accentuate her big innocent brown eyes, eyes you could lose yourself in.Her long honey blonde hair was set in a pony tail that sat high on the back of her head so that it swished in a very girly manner as she moved.

There was a knock at the door and a simultaneous ‘whoop’ from Greg and I as Steve burst in the door, tequila bottle held aloft like a trophy. He greeted us all with a bow and walked in, his expression not changing an instant as he greeted Leigh. I shot her a glance just as she turned away, but she had failed in hiding her reaction to seeing Steve for the first time since he plunged his cock into her.

Steve smacked the bottle down on the table, proudly grinning at Greg and I. “Right, where are the shotties?” he inquired.

Greg directed Steve to the cupboard and he retrieved three shot glasses from within, then he moved to the fridge, opened it and exclaimed with disappointment that there were no beers. Greg said that there were some out in the back fridge (in the laundry at the rear of the house), and directed Leigh to go out and get them. She turned her pretty frame and again I saw Steve take the opportunity to give her sweet full ass the once over. I knew why he was here…he wanted that ass in his hands again, and he was hoping that the tequila was the means to achieving that.

The luscious Leigh, having recovered herself, soon returned with a dozen cold beers, flashing her sixy smile around as made she her way to the table around which Steve, Greg and I sat. But her smile faded into a playful sulking face as she noted that there were only three shot glasses. She had been excluded.

“Hey!”, she pouted. “Where’s my glass?”

Greg was stony faced as he replied. “Uh uh. No way little lady. This stuff is potent.”

I quickly shot Steve another glance. He looked like his dog had just died. Sad thing is, I was as disappointed as he was. Quickly he masked his disappointment, and jumped to Leigh’s defense. “Oh, that’s hardly fair. You aren’t going to make her watch us drink are ya, Greg? She might have spat her shot out last week, by the way did you bathe the cat, but I’m sure she’ll be all right this week.” Leigh flashed her smile at Steve, grateful for the support, then returned her pouting expression to her still stone faced father.

“Go on, Greg. Better her getting to know tequila here than some party and getting wiped out,” I said amazed that I was aiding in getting my girlfriend pissed so I could watch her father’s best friend fall her. Sick puppy.

Greg seemed to soften, then he half smiled and told Leigh to grab herself a shot glass. From the corner of my eye, I watched Steve’s near imperceptible sigh of relief; mine followed his.

The gorgeous Leigh in her little skirt bounced over to the cupboard and back to place her glass down just as ours where filled by Steve. She took a seat by me and kissed my cheek, her soft lips and perfume playing tricks with my cock. The thought of that mouth around Steve’s cock set my balls to churning.

An excited, anticipatory silence descended as we placed out hands on our glasses, shot each other smirks…and downed them! Grimaces were shared, but no one spat up. Leigh struggled to swallow but made a good show of it. As we recovered from our shots, Steve produced a pack of cards from his back pocket. “Drinking card games!” he announced. Jesus, he really wanted to get her smashed.

Greg looked a little wary, but Steve paid no heed as he plunked the pack down on the middle of the table. “Ahh…I don’t think…”, attempted Greg, but he was steamrolled by Steve, his best friend who was determined to get into his unwitting friend’s daughter’s pants.

“The game’s a simple one” explained Steve. “We each cut the deck. Lowest card sculls!”

Wary glances passed around, then four hands nigh on collided as we each reached for the deck. Expectant faces reigned as we each turned over our cards.

“Shit!” exclaimed Greg. A shot was poured for him.

The game went badly for Greg, four shots in a row, and in no time he was well on his way to being shit faced. But then Leigh’s fortune turned bad, and she strained and struggled and coughed to keep her third shot down. I escaped any ill luck for a while, but then copped three myself. But Steve, the tin assed bastard, lost only one game.

Suddenly Greg swept the cards off the table, declaring the game over and then struggled to stand to take himself off for a piss. We all watched with great amusement as Greg made his toward the hall. He was probably thankful for the invention of walls, or he would have been on his face before his third step.

The now drunken conversation rolled on for a while, and then it happened. Steve announced that he was going for a smoke, and casually invited Leigh out.

“Ummmmm,” she hesitated, blinking three times slowly to betray just how drunk she was. “Oh, ok,” she managed, using her hands on the table to steady her way to her feet.

This was it! Steve stood, measurably more sober than the rest of us, and followed the luscious Leigh out toward the back door. Adrenaline surged through me. On the way Leigh announced that she had better check on her dad as he had been gone a while, and headed down the hall. Steve shot me a quick glance, covered by an unctuous smile and a shrug and followed her.

A few seconds later I heard Leigh exclaim, laughing, that her dad had passed out on the toilet floor. Luckily he was dressed. I called out asking if they needed any assistance, but Steve quickly replied that they were fine.

I decided to sneak down anyway. Quickly slipping off my boots and as quietly as I could, I slipped down the hall toward the bathroom. Inching closer to the corner of the hall around which was the bathroom, I cautiously leaned my head around. Directly in my line of sight I could see the entire bathroom. The door was open and Greg was on the floor passed out. But it looked as though his plight was no longer the focus of attention for Leigh and Steve were standing in the bathroom door frame facing one another, talking in a whisper.

I couldn’t hear their words, but from their body language, I could see that Steve, who was leaning in close to Leigh, had evil on his mind. As I hoped for something to happen my cock started to get hard. I saw him make quick little determined nods as Leigh bit her lip, then he put one hand hesitantly to her mouth. I was nearly sprung as she looked nervously up the hall, but then she turned her attention back to Steve and gave a short little nod. Steve smiled evilly as he reached out to take Leigh by the shoulders and slowly turned her so her back was to him. I saw his jaw slowly drop in appreciation as his eyes scanned down her hair, then her back, then stopped on her bubble of a bum that was jutting out at him. Definitely an ass man, ol’ Stevey boy.

Lowering himself into a squatting position so that his face was level with her bum, Steve reached forward and took the hem of her short skirt between his fat fingers. Licking his lips, he paused for a moment of anticipation, snapped a quick glance at the very unconscious Greg, then returned his attention to Leigh’s beautiful waiting ass. As if silently bidden, Leigh placed her hands against the doorframe, faced forward and arched her back to push her bum out near Steve’s face…as he slowly began to lift her skirt. I watched his mouth fall fully open as her sweet teen ass started to be revealed. Nigh on touching Steve’s face, inch by inch of Leigh’s pink cotton panties were slowly exposed, stretched to full by her jutting round cheeks.

Steve swallowed and then shifted slightly. He must have had a hard on as he marveled at the incredible sight before him. He licked his lips as her skirt finished up crumpled above her waist. Leigh turned her head back and down to look at Steve admiring her thrust out bottom, then slowly slid her hands a little further down the door frame to arched her back more, and in doing so, squash her bum against Steve’s face! Half of Steve’s head was buried in the cleft of Leigh’s thrust out ass. His head began moving slowly side to side as he attempted to bury his face as far as he could into the crack of her panty covered ass.

Leigh closed her eyes and her mouth opened slightly as Steve started mouthing her asshole and pussy through the taut material of her pink knickers. Lost in his lust, Steve suddenly reached up and yanked her panties down to her thighs revealing the beauty of her olive skinned bum! Leigh snapped her attention down to Steve and tried to yank her panties back up but Steve quickly took my girlfriend by the hips and pushed his face back into the cleft of her now nude ass and pussy. Leigh tried to pull away, but his head followed and he almost lost balance. Leigh then twisted her bum away from him then and actually smacked Steve on the head.

He took the hint and reluctantly withdrew to lean back against the doorframe panting, his eyes still locked on the prize before him. Leigh leant down and pulled her knickers up and readjusted her short skirt. Recovering herself, she then turned to Steve said something with a serious face and they both returned their attention back to the comatose Greg, who had not moved a muscle. Taking a side each, they knelt and began to lift Greg as much as they could. I took the opportunity to slink back into the lounge where an idea, inspired by Greg’s inability to handle his piss, took me.

Hurrying back to one of two oppositely arranged couches in the living room, I flicked off the lamp to leave the room lit only by the hall light, flung myself onto my side and proceeded to act as if I too had passed out. Opening my eyes but a fraction, I soon saw Steve and Leigh hauling along the now barely conscious Greg with some difficulty. His head lolled about as he spoke gibberish to Leigh and Steve. Leigh seemed to be struggling herself, the full effect of the tequila had obviously struck her also.

Upon Steve seeing me, his eyes lit up and he laughingly remarked to Leigh that both her father and boyfriend were featherweight drinkers. Leigh, looking near exhausted, let go of her father and staggered over to me, leaving Steve to stumble under the extra load. Steve struggled on, passing the living room door and out of sight in the direction of his Greg’s bedroom.

The fat in my pants had subsided, so I made a convincing show of being passed out (two more tequilas and no show would have been necessary). Leigh tried to shake me out of it, but somehow I maintained my act and she soon gave up, convinced I was completely out of it. Sighing, Leigh climbed up next to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and cuddled into my front.

Soon I heard Steve’s approach, and as he appeared in the doorway to the living room he stopped and stood silently looking at our embraced forms, probably very worried that his encounters with Leigh had come to an end. But then, to my amazement, he entered the room, heading toward us. This guy was unbelievable!

“Hmph! Is he as gone as your dad, Leigh?” he asked.

Leigh roused groggily, obviously close to passing out herself. She turned her head slightly and answered Steve, who had now advanced to stop but a foot away. He was looking down at Leigh with lust in his eyes.” Yeah, if not worse,” she answered in a mumble. “You… um…you can crash in the spare room. The bed’s made up.” she added, almost nervously.

Steve bit his lip in disappointment, then he leant in closer to Leigh. “Why don’t you come with me…?” he whispered. The gall of this cunt!

“Ahh…no…I want to stay here. I’m so drunk. Please, Steve. We shouldn’t do that anymore,” she whispered in her sweet teen voice.

But that wasn’t good enough for Steve. He’d just had his face buried in her sweet round bum; he wasn’t going to stop now. He squatted slowly down, exhaling with the effort as he did so. Now he was kneeling behind Leigh, who was still cuddling me. Here I was, right here on the couch as Steve was trying to get my teenage girlfriend to go and fall him. The worst of it was that I was pretending to be unconscious so it could happen! Then I saw Steve’s hand appear. He had started to stroke her hair as she lay there. He didn’t say anything; he didn’t have to, his eyes said it all.

“Steve! No! Not here! Jesus, what if someone wakes up!” Leigh warned.

But he didn’t stop. His hand trailed down her side and over her hip. Then I lost sight of it as it ducked down toward her bum that was facing toward him in the mini skirt. I saw Leigh’s eyes snap back toward Steve, though she couldn’t quite crane her neck around far enough to meet his eyes.

“No Steve! No! I mean it!” she insisted.

“It’s ok. They are both dead to the world. Come to bed with me. We’ll be quick.”

Leigh’s eyes then snapped open. “S Steve…ah…get your hand out of there!”

The bastard had his hand up her skirt! Leigh squirmed as Steve was doing all he could to get his hand into her panties. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed my hard on! Then I felt something slide down the front of my thighs. It was her panties.

Leigh again tried to warn Steve to stop molesting her, but some of the conviction had gone from her voice, “What…w what are doing?…oohh…no…ah…shit…” Then her body began to rock against me slightly, “Ohh…fall…Ouch! Shit! Not all your fingers at once! Oww!…ah…be gentle…ahh…ohhhh…” she moaned. Leigh then buried her head into my chest as she began to whimper, “Mmmm…mmn…ohh…mn…oh god…f f fu fall…”

Her body rocked softly against me, except that I lost contact with her lower half as she pushed her bum back out onto Steve’s working fingers. I could see his lust filled eyes swapping between the back of her head and his molesting of her cunt. His smile was of a man possessed as he again had his way with my teenage girlfriend, only this time she was in my falling arms! But it takes two to tango; gorgeous little Leigh was indeed again reveling in letting a fat, balding, fifty five year old man take advantage of her again. Panting like a dog, she was obviously also getting off on letting it happen right in front of me.

I saw Steve raise himself up on his knees, while continuing to finger Leigh, whose face was pushed in my chest, moaning all the time. Then I heard it… Steve’s zipper being slowly pulled down. I could see him look down as he fiddled around with his pants, giving one last jerk as presumably, he’d freed his fat cock. My balls now ached. Still fingering the oblivious Leigh, he leaned in close to her, swallowed and whispered, “Turn around.”

She didn’t respond. She was too lost in the pleasure coming from her cunt. “Leigh…turn around…turn around, sweetie,” he insisted.

She took a second to respond, then complied, slowly, twisting her body awkwardly to slump lazily back down on her side to end facing Steve. Her soft, naked bum pushed against my hard on, but she was too lost in her lust and alcohol to notice it. Leigh shouldered herself into the couch; I could now only see Steve between the crook of Leigh’s head and lithe shoulder.

“Oh god…I shouldn’t…w what…what if dad…?”

“Shh…,” was all Steve replied. Then his hand appeared right in front of my face as he took her by the back of the head.

“S Steve…maybe…”

“Shh…just put your mouth on it,” he half insisted, while pulling her head forward. “C’mon…C’mon…just a little further…”, he encouraged. “….now open your mouth…open…open…”. Then I watched as Steve’s eyes roll back in his head…she had taken his dick into her full lipped mouth.

“F…f fuuuck…J Jesus…ohhh….,” was all he could manage as Leigh’s head started moving slowly up and down over his length while her body rocked against me. I could hear Leigh’s muffled little whimpers and efforts , the noises she makes on the end of ‘my’ cock. Steve’s eyes moved from closed to half open as he looked down on this teenage beauty with her warm mouth embracing his dick. Almost absently he took the hand he had from behind her head and I watched it float toward her to be thrust down her top to latch onto one of her large warm breasts; she whimpered and increased her pace. Then Steve started humping his hips a little firmer.

“…Oh!…Oh!…J Jesus falling Christ…your mouth is amazing…you really kn know how to do that…”

Steve began to lose himself in the overwhelming pleasure shooting through him, and could only manage to half open his eyes to look down at the beautiful teen face he had stuffed full with his dick. I could see his body was trembling, the fat of his neck wobbling like jelly. His breathing became laboured and his thrusts a little firmer. I could feel Leigh’s body warming up with both the effort and the fact that she was getting turned on. Steve had now leaned forward and put his other hand on the sofa to support his jerking frame – he was so close I see the sweat on his face.

Suddenly his body jerked sharply as he strained, “F-f-fall…I’m going to c-come…I’m going to-Ohhhhhhhh!”. His hips jerked forward and his face scrunched up as his breathing intensified and a sharp growl escaped his throat. Again and again his body shook, his dick thrusting, wanting more and more of this delicious sensation, never wanting it to end…

…the pleasure was amazing…overwhelming…

…the feel of this young girl’s mouth as he shot his come into it…incredible…nothing else in life is this good…

…then it slowly subside…

…his movement and breathing gradually slowed, but he still kept pumping his wet cock into my girlfriend’s now slackened, lazy mouth. Then he stopped entirely and breathed deeply, shaking all the time…

Then Greg’s bedroom light flicked on!

Leigh quickly pulled her mouth back from Steve cock with a ‘pop’. “Shit!” she exclaimed in a harsh whisper as she quickly reached down to pull her panties up and skirt down into place. I had never imagined Steve could move so quickly! It was a good thing Greg was drunk, or there is no way Steve could have leapt onto the opposite couch and pretended he was asleep before Greg stumbled past the living room doorway. But he didn’t even spare a glance as he made his way to the bathroom. I could hear Steve breathing erratically, the fear that he’d almost been caught with his cock in the mouth of his best friend’s eighteen year old daughter was surging through him. Leigh was breathing heavy herself, both with fear and excitement I imagined.

The toilet flushed and Greg did his best impression of a zombie as he staggered past the living room doorway. After a little audible fumbling, the light flicked off and his form could be heard hitting his bed heavily.

I had nearly fallen asleep, but had willed myself to not miss out on anything that may yet happen. Some time passed, maybe ten minutes before there was movement from the other couch. Slowly I opened my eyes just so I could see Steve slowly slipping off the couch, his eyes locked on Leigh. To my surprise, however, he stood and left the room, turning toward Greg’s room.

From the smirk he had when he reappeared in the doorway, he was pleased with is findings.

Lowering himself into a crawl, Steve made his way slowly toward Leigh and I. He stopped very close to us and dropped into a kneeling position to then lean forward, close to Leigh’s ear.

“Leigh…Leigh…sweetie…I’m back…I can’t sleep…having you so close…Leigh…Liehg…?,” he whispered.

No response.

Steve then placed a hand on her bare arm and shook her, “Leigh. Oh come on… Aw shit!”

Nothing. She had passed out.

I saw Steve’s eyes flicker, and then an evil grin came over his face as the realization dawned on him that he could do what he wanted to her. He drew his hands down his face and exhaled a deep breath as he steadied himself, then slowly began to slide his hands under Leigh’s unconscious form. Then, with utmost care, he began to both lift and drag her away from me. Her legs, arms and head flopped as he succeeded in removing her from the couch. A couple of times he checked my state, but he was too far gone now – she was all his.

Lowering her onto her back on the carpeted space of floor between the couches, he positioned himself, kneeling beside her. He licked his lips and took a second to appreciate his prize: a gorgeous, passed out eighteen year old girl lay before him…the beautiful face led down to her lithe neck…then the swell of her big tits straining against her top…then her flat tummy, rising and dropping slowly as she breathed…then her short denim skirt riding high around her hips, just concealing her now wet panties…then her long, tanned thighs. She was an angel for the taking, Steve’s taking.

A few seconds of this and he could no longer stand not touching her. His eyes moved to her ample tits that were straining against her tight t shirt. Steve reached both his hands out and clamped them down on those boobs, but she did not flinch. He then shook his head slowly as he began to massage her lovely apples, squashing them and squeezing them. Then, without further hesitation, he slid her top up, struggling to get it over her braless tits. Then he just stopped and stared, dumfounded at the sight that lay before him.

He checked her state once again, shaking her by the shoulders, but no response. Snapping his attention back to her full, round boobs, Steve lowered his face and started lapping away at her lovely soft skin. This had an effect on her, she began to moan in her sleep, but Steve did not relent. He kissed and licked her all her all over the tits, neck and stomach. Slowly her eyes opened and, even more slowly, she took in where she was and what was happening.

“S…Steve…wha wha…?”

Steve paused to look up over her jutting tits to her face, but his hands kept working away at her.

“Leigh, just lay there.”

“No…no…this is too obvious. If someone comes…” But she wasn’t pulling her top down. She wasn’t moving away.

Steve must have noted this too as I saw his hand reach down for her skirt as his mouth moved to hers to fill it with his tongue. Her eyes closed.

Steve moved it up a gear, he wasn’t planning on having this interrupted again. He moved down her body and pulled up her skirt, revealing her panties, one side of them twisted due to her rush to get them on. Leigh pulled her mouth away.

“Shit…Steve…I really…”

“I’m going to fall you Leigh,” he flatly stated. “I’m going to fall you right now. I going to push my fat cock right up your sweet little cunt, because you want me to fall you…you want me to fall you right in front of your boyfriend,” he insisted with a tone of authority. My cock surged and a felt I trickle of pre cum seep out.

“No…ohhh,” Leigh moaned as Steve fingers plunged into her wet cunt. He worked away at her pussy for some long moments to ensure that she wanted it. She was breathing erratically now, moving her head slowly side to side. Then he was sliding her panties down, and now lifting her legs to allow them to be slipped off her feet…

Steve half sat up and put one hand to his zip, yanking it down and fumbling for a second before his turgid cock sprang out again. Leigh turned her head and just stared at his twitching dick. Not wasting anytime he reached down and cupped his free hand under her calves and promptly lifted both of her legs up and over her head so that her knees were within inches of her face.

“Mnf!” she exclaimed as she was folded in half.

I could see that her cunt and ass were jutting up, and the back muscles of her legs were straining.

“S Steve…,” her voice was barely audible.

But Steve wasn’t listening. Instead, with his hard dick in one hand and Leigh’s calves in the other, he was moving. I could hear her breathing, but she wasn’t trying to wrestle free out of her position. Her knees were now pushed to be touching her nose, and her eyes flicked around, her expression a little unsure. She even shot me a few nervous glances.

I could see the fat bastard before her, his hungry eyes moving quickly up and down her folded form as his breath quickened into a pant. Leigh twisted her head to look around her knees. He was in position now, raised slightly on his knees, his swollen cock thrusting out from underneath his fat gut, its glistening head but a few inches from my girlfriend’s upturned cunt. Steve still had one hand holding Leigh’s knees to her face, and as he shifted forward his weight pushed her knees past her head, splaying her thighs further.

Obviously uncomfortable, she grunted, but the possessed Steve didn’t care. “S Steve…”, she struggled. “I…” She was cut off as Steve thrust forward, plunging his cock into her offered up soft cunt. “Ah!” Leigh exclaimed as Steve’s wide dick invaded her pussy.

Leigh continued to grunt as Steve lowered his large frame onto her, pushing her legs back even further, her feet dangling in the air. His face was animalistic as one hand moved down to cup her bum while the other took one of her small wrists, then the other, and pinned them tightly together above her head. Then he began thrusting, grunting and moaning as he banged into her.

Leigh did not seem to object to being held down and obviously uncomfortable. To an outsider it could have passed for rape. Watching this large man roughly fall his cock in and out of the comparatively small girl was too much for me. I slid my hand down my pants to feel the liquid warmth of pre cum all over my aching cock and began to stroke it inside my trunks. It felt falling great, but not as great as the grunting Steve was feeling as his cock slid in and out of my girlfriend’s tight, willing cunt.

Steve leaned in even further, to place his head between her knees and began to kiss her roughly. I was amazed she could breathe under his large, jerking frame.

As he kissed her he would grunt lewd words into her mouth. “Oh! You delicious little cunt…do you know how good you falling feel, you cheating little slut?! Look at your boyfriend…mmf…on the couch, and here you are on the floor with my cock up you…mff!”

Then he picked up the pace. He was really getting into her now, kissing her hard and squashing her knees into the sides of her head as her feet jerked around in the air. I watched this fat fifty five year old man falling my girlfriend for long moments, calling her a dirty cunt and telling her what a cheating little whore she was, and she loved it. Why wouldn’t the little bitch she give me the rough stuff?!

“Oh! Yeah!” he exclaimed. “Your cunt is falling heaven, you know that? Huh?…huh?…ohh…ch christ!”

Bang, bang, bang he rammed into her, both of them grunting and moaning all the while. I saw his hand tighten around her wrists, and then his other hand dig into her ass…then shift further down…

“Ohhh!” she moaned as eyes then flew open.

“Like that, hmm? You like a finger in your bum, huh? Dirty little bitch!” he grunted at her through gritted teeth.

She whimpered.

“I said, do you like my finger in your bum?!”

She whimpered again, then, “Uh huh,” she confessed.

He falled into her with slower but harder thrusts as he fingered her asshole more vigorously. Christ, that guy was having the time of his life! They were so lost in their lust that I jerked off without worrying about being seen. I was struggling not to cum, and I very nearly lost it when Steve half commanded as he thrust away, “Turn over.”

“Mmmnf…why?…ahh…ohhh…,” she asked, barely audible between her knees.

“Just do it. I’m going to fall your up that beatutifl,” he growled while reluctantly withdrawing his cock from her cunt.

She hesitated, “No. I don’t really like it that mu-…”

“I said, do it!” he spat.

She paused for a while, an unsure look on her face. Amazed, I watched her lower her legs and slowly roll over onto her tummy. Her sweet ass rolled into view. Propped up on her elbows, she looked innocently back over her shoulder at Steve. His eyes were hungrily taking in the sweet swell of her full bum cheeks. This guy was about to fall my girlfriend in the ass! She rarely let me do it to her. She must have secretly loved the idea of this fifty year old guy dick in her young, round bum.

“B be gentle…please…please…”

The drooling Steve placed his hands on either side of the supine Leigh who was looking very unsure. Moving his body forward so that his fat gut was over her lithe, curving back until his cock was looming over the round cheeks of her teenage bum. I could hear Leigh’s nervous panting increase as Steve licked his lips, shook his head smiling and began to lower his dick. When his cock came in contact with her soft, warm cheeks, Steve moaned loudly. Then the head disappeared; it would be against her asshole now.

The bastard smiled again, and with his hand he took hold of her ponytail to pull her head back, while the other went under her to tightly grab and squash one of her jutting tits. She looked so defenseless as he began licking her back. Then he shifted his hips down…

Leigh’s eyes went wide and she grunted through gritted teeth. He was pushing his cock into her ass!

“Oh! Ow!” she grimaced.

“Oh h h…m my f falling…oh h h…oh…” was all Steve could manage.

I knew what he was feeling, the same delicious sensations I experienced when falling Leigh’s vice like asshole. Steve pulled back hard on her hair, squeezed her tit, gritted his teeth and panted as he pushed again. I could see Leigh grimace as this fat man’s big dick filled up her sweet little bum.

“Aahh!…ah!…ohhh…please…Steve…be care… ahh!”

I think Steve took some pleasure from the fact he was hurting her a little, and the fact she also wasn’t stopping him. Slowly he started moving his hips up and down, all the time he moaned, gritted his teeth, panted, pulled hard on her hair, tightly gripped her tit, and licked his lips, lost in the ecstasy that Leigh’s bum was giving him. Up and down he moved, and then he lifted his big gut to look down and watch his cock withdrawing and then plunging back into Leigh’s asshole. Up and down, moaning and grunting, and then releasing her tit and moving his hand up to cover her mouth, anticipating that she would grunt too loudly as he picked up the pace. He was right.

“Mfff! Mfff!MMMMMMFFF!” she exclaimed into his hand as Steve pistoned his cock quickly in and out of her bum.

“Oh! fall! fall! fall me!…ohhh h h h…ohhhh! falliiiiing Christ! Fuuuuck,” he spat out, his cheeks quivering, his chest heaving as he falled her. His hand slipped from Leigh’s mouth.

She was lost in it too now. I could see her sweet face, twisting and scrunching, and she let loose with her obvious enjoyment, “Ohhh…yes…y yes…yes…ahh…ohhh…fall, fall, fall…ohhh, ohhhh…o h h h!”

Suddenly Steve threw his head back. His entire body shook and he let out a strangled moan as he came, his hips jerking wildly, his cock pounding again and again into my girlfriend’s bum as he emptied himself into her bowels. I swear he nearly cried with the intense pleasure flooding him. His orgasm went on and on as he grunted and shook and panted.

“OH!” voiced Leigh, a little too loudly, “Oh!…I’m going to…I’m to com-…oh…fall! fall! fall! I’m coooomiiin-“. Jesus! She was coming from Steve falling cock in the ass! She had never falling come with me like that! A shot of jealously ran through as I watched my girlfriend’s beautiful face scrunch up and her body buck and writhe and she experienced the delights of her anal orgasm.

The intensity having passed; they both slowly returned from the dizzy heights of his incredible rapture.

That was it for me. I let myself cum and was struck with waves of pleasure as I bit my lip to stifle any moan as I shot my load into my pants. Once again I had gotten off watching my girlfriend being falled by the fat, fifty five year old friend of her father’s, and I had reveled in every sordid second of it.

Leigh’s head slumped to the carpet as she tried to catch her breath, her chest heaving. Gradually Steve came to, and with much effort he lifted his fat frame from my girlfriend’s back, and then slowly withdrew his cock from her ravaged asshole. I saw it twitch as it left her bum, dripping the last of its load onto her cheeks. Steve moved slowly to the side off Leigh, who was still on her stomach, but now moving to pull her skirt down. Both were panting.

“That was falling fantastic, Leigh.”

“My bum’s killing me,” was her only reply.

Leigh finally sat up, groggy and disheveled and pulled her top back down over her beautiful tits. Reaching for her crumbled panties, she shook her head and slid her feet through the holes, then slid them up her thighs. I took this opportunity to slide my hand from my pants and resume my passed out façade.

Leigh and Steve were both silent as they redressed themselves, but there was no negative tension, just two drunk people who had experienced a great fall and were reveling in the aftermath of the event.

Steve rubbed his face and moved toward his couch. Leigh looked to me, then moved to slowly mount the couch to press her freshly falled body against me. My cock stirred as her sweet cheeks pressed into my groin. Steve laid himself down, and sighed happily. And, sickly, I was just as happy.

While Steve may have thought he achieved what he set out to do, it was in fact me that let this happen. I was the main facilitator of this dirty little affair. I was the one that let it happen. And…I wanted it to happen again…

To be continued…


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