Spying on My Girlfriend Being Seduced By Her Father’s Friend Ch. 01

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Even at twenty five, I can still turn the heads of teenage girls. Not only am I what most girls would consider gorgeous, I am also an intelligent and cunning guy. I admit that I use this to my advantage, telling those sweet dumb things what they want to hear, and one way or another getting into their pants, then stuffing my cock in their tight little pussies. There’s nothing like the whimper of a teen girl as your cock slides in and out of her cunt.

I spotted her at the local supermarket. Stereotypical I know, but for some reason those places are a magnet for any up and coming hottie that may live local. As I stood at the rear of the line I could feast my eyes on her form without fear of her catching me… she was too distracted by her work. I noticed that her male customers (of all ages) were distracted themselves… by her lovely olive skinned soft face, big brown eyes, long honey blonde hair, jutting tits and svelte frame. Her arse, like most teenage girls, was a perfect bubble. Standing there, I imaged it naked; naked, soft, warm, round and firm. My cock surged at the mental vision of her on all fours with that sweet bum in the air, the gorgeous little bitch with her jeans and panties around her knees while she offered her cunt up to me. Softly I moaned, imagining the pleasure that would surge through me as I pistoned my cock in and out of her…

The very girl I was daydreaming about broke my daydream. Her reaction to me was typical as I sauntered up before her. Apart from firing an aloof ‘hello’ in response to her sweet voiced greeting, I paid her no attention. Hot girls hate that; they are used to males lucky enough to encounter them having to wipe off the drool; they are used to writing guys off in two seconds, and they love the power and ego trip of doing that. When you don’t give them that, you would think that you called them a whore in public from the insulted looks they get on their faces.

Anyway, I could feel her eyes on me, wanting my attention, but also checking me out. Damn, these chicks are so predictable. Is there not a single hot chick out there who can’t give her ego a rest when she encounters a guy, whether she wants them or visa versa? Then, as all the tallying up had been done, I made my move, “Seems I spend more money on my cat than me.” A crap joke, but she laughed a sweet little giggle, letting me to know she liked me. So, I grabbed my packed grocery bags from the far end of the register, prompting her turn her back on the waiting customers (one of whom took the opportunity to check out her ass) to hand me my change. It was then I locked eyes with her.

I whispered, “You’re a gorgeous little thing. What time do you finish? I’ll pick you up and we can go out driving.”

She stalled for a second, more taken aback my boldness than hesitation, “I I…um…I finish at 5.00,” she stuttered.

BANG! She was mine.

That was five months ago. Even though I have falled a few other chicks behind her back, I have stayed with Leigh… she is an amazing piece of eighteen-year-old ass. An absolute showstopper! Anywhere we went, whether she was in her senior year private school uniform or all dressed up to ensure (illegal) entry into a club or bar, she garnered all the attention a girl could ever want. And Christ, what a fall she turned out to be! But when I say that, I don’t mean she jumped around like some porn star screaming out how much she loved cock, I mean she was willing to try new things, totally reveling in the sixual experience. Whether it was my cock wrapped in her heavenly oh so tight pussy, stuffed up her exquisite bum or thrusting in and out of her mouth, she was into it, into it, into it! Yep. She had become a right little cock lover.

I had my own pad, but the fact she was eighteen meant that her (long time single) father wanted her home most nights. But he was a nice guy, didn’t mind the age difference, and was cool with me being over three to four nights a week as long as it was after she had completed her studies. Most night he let me stay also, in a separate room of course, and I respected him enough not to play midnight visits to my sweet girlie who slept but two doors down the hall.

Her father, Greg, belonged to a few different clubs, but he seemed to go out very little. Most nights his best friend, Steve, would also be over. We would all share a beer and a laugh together, many times late into the night. Neither Greg nor Steve are rich or handsome, but they are good guys.

Leigh’s father had had a few flings here and there, but with two broken marriages under his belt, he wasn’t keen to lose any more heart, or money. Steve, at 55, was a little older, balder and far paunchier than Greg. He had a very quick wit, a nice way about him, but never seemed to talk much about women. Maybe his past was dotted with bad experiences also. However, I did take great amusement at catching Steve drinking in Leigh’s form whenever he thought he could catch a secret glimpse. He never knew I saw him, but I didn’t mind, she was a hottie, and it’s a simple biological fact that a fine female form will attract male attention. A man’s age does not change that. No matter, it was just a harmless perve… let him have his thrill.

Of the four of us, Steve and Leigh were the only ones who smoked, a habit her father did not condone, but knew he could not stop. She wasn’t allowed, however, to smoke in the house, so he had decked out the garage for her, and had it heated so she could smoke in comfort. Two or three times a night Leigh and Steve would duck out to the garage for a puffer. Sometimes I would go out to join for some (un)fresh air, but most times I would stay in the far more comfortable house, drinking and chatting with Leigh’s father.

One Friday night I had picked Leigh up from school and arrived at her home to find Greg and Steve in the midst of a serious drinking session. Now, normally Greg won’t allow Leigh to drink, but he was half taken by alcohol, and it decided that he would make an exception. “Just this time.” he said with as much seriousness as he could muster.

The night rolled on. Beers were the poison of choice, but we also had a shot each, watching with great amusement as Leigh, still in her school uniform, spat hers all over the cat. The four of us were well on the way to being quite pissed when Steve said he was off for a smoke. He turned to Leigh and asked if she was keen to join him. Staggering to her feet, she grabbed her packet and they swayed out of the room toward the back door that led to the stand alone garage. I watched my girlfriend’s gorgeous little bum in her short tartan skirt… do men ever get over schoolgirls? I wondered if Steve was thinking the same thing as he followed her.

A few minutes later Greg asked me to join him for a walk to the local to stock up on our dwindling beer supply. After Greg ducked out to the garage to inform Leigh and Steve that we would be gone for while, I stood to make for the front door, but nearly collapsed, laughing while stating the obvious that I was a little too pissed and would hang back and guard the fort. Greg gave a drunken chortle and headed out the door.

Now I was alone in the house, no fun when you’re drunk and feeling merry, so I decided to stand, regain my sense of balance and sneak out to scare the crap out of Leigh and Steve. The concrete drive absorbed any sound my steps may have made as I gained on the well lit garage, which was windowed on each side and fitted with a remote controlled roll a door; the only access to inside.

If I was to make good my scare, I would have to learn where the two were situated. Lowering myself into a crawl (which felt far more stable anyway) I made my way toward the around the darkened back of the garage, planning to scare the crap out of them by bashing the tin garage wall closest to them. Reaching the point below the window, I slowly lifted myself to standing, until my eyes came into line with the bottom of the window. I was close enough now to stuff up a good scare.

As I peeped cautiously into the window, I was relieved to find Leigh and Steve facing away from me, lying on their stomachs, diagonally away from me, with Leigh the closer to me. They were side by side, but not too close. In their drunken state, they were overcompensating for the distance by talking louder than need be. I was momentarily distracted by my girlfriend’s smooth, rounded thighs that disappeared under her skirt to give rise to her bubble of a bum.

Snapping back to the present, the conversation was slurred as they puffed away, but I could make it out clearly. Steve seemed to be answering a question, while my gorgeous, slow blinking, obviously quite inebriated Leigh, was trying her hardest to concentrate upon his reply.

“Well,” he said, “I haven’t been with a woman for a while now.” He hesitated. “To be honest… ahh… I nearly said it, but I would be the alcohol making me say it.”

As with all girls, Leigh was eager for the inside story, the nitty gritty, so she pressed him for the answer. After a little cajoling, he acquiesced.

Slowly he started, “Well, to be honest, Leigh, women my age… well… I just can’t find them attractive. Sure, they’re good company and all, but they just don’t… well…”

Yes, go on…” urged Leigh.

“They just don’t turn me on. Like, all men, I like younger women. It’s just the way I am. But I’m in my fifties now… Damn, I’m older than I can bear. The young women I want… just aren’t interested. It’s torture.”

“How young do you mean?” inquired Leigh.

“Honestly?” he asked, a little wary.

“Honestly.” She assured him.

“I don’t know, Leigh. I shouldn’t be talking about this stuff to you. I’m drunk and more honest than I should be as a result of it.”

“Oh fall it! We’re just talking! Go on, I’m interested.” She pressed.

“Yeah. fall it!” Suddenly he seemed to grow bolder. “fall it. I’m just going to let rip… You want the truth? I’ll tell you, Leigh!”

His eyes narrowed and he leaned a little closer to Leigh, who now looked a little taken aback by his shift in manner, unsure what she had gotten herself into.

Steve drew slowly on his cigarette, sucked his teeth, and begun, a low growl in his voice. “How young? Like most men, sweetie, from your age upwards.”

Leigh was visibly shocked, but mesmerized as well. She seemed both disgusted and intrigued by Steve’s revelation. When sober she would have backed off and changed the subject, but the high level alcohol more was keeping her there.

“Just most men won’t admit that. But why the fall not? Eighteen is legal. To be honest Leigh, when I look at you… I wish… I wish I was nineteen again. Those were the days.”

“Oh… I… that’s…,” she stammered.

“Leigh. Come on. Let’s cut the crap.” Steve was in control now. My heart was thumping, but something kept me watching when I should have been walking in there to stop this. “Let’s not bullshit each other. Honestly, tell me you don’t notice older guys checking you out.” He took another drag on his cigarette as he reveled in his question, having now turned the tables on her.

Leigh looked around unsure, blinked innocently a few times then replied, “Well. I…well…”

Steve cut in, “You mean yes. Don’t you?”

“Um…y yes…” she stammered, “maybe we should go inside.”

“Ok. Yeah we should,” he agreed. I breathed a sigh of relief, but then he continued, “But first, I want to ask you something, Leigh.”

She looked like a cornered rabbit, “Oh…um…ok. But then we have to go inside.”

“Fine with me.” He paused for second, locking eyes with her. “Can I kiss you?”

Leigh was stunned. Simply stunned. “I…ahh…I don’t know…I shouldn’t.”

I could not believe she hadn’t outright refused him! An ‘I shouldn’t’ was as good as agreeing to it for a guy. I should have been marching in there, I should have been kicking the shit out this guy. And I would have, if I wasn’t inexplicably transfixed… and, ashamedly, aroused!

Steve shifted on his fat gut toward Leigh as he spoke “You are so delicious, Leigh. I see you in your school skirt and it drives me falling nuts,” he admitted, all the time inching closer to her. “I watch you in those tight jeans and micro mini’s you wear and I can barely hide my lust.”

As unsure as she looked, she wasn’t moving away! “S Steve…what if my dad found out, or my boyfriend?”

“Well, I’m not going to tell…and I’m sure you’re not. C’mon, I can’t pass this up. There I’ve said it now! Do you know how long it’s been since I kissed a teenager? God, I miss the feel of teenage girls. C’mon…it would mean so much to me…and it won’t be so bad. I’ve had plenty of experience.”

There was silence from Leigh. But her beautiful big brown eyes were darting around, and her toes were curling and straightening in her dirty soled white knee socks. Steve did not let up. Why would he? And why did I have a raging fat in my pants? He shifted closer; now closer again, close enough to have their sides touching. She didn’t budge! Their faces were but inches apart, and to aid in securing his conquest of my gorgeous teenage girlfriend, he continued his sleazy spiel, a spiel she seemed to falling for.

“That’s it…you’re not such a good girl…but you are gorgeous…so very gorgeous…oh Jesus…look at your face…all the time I have fantasized about this…that’s it…good girl…just let me..”

With jaw dropping amazement, I watched as his face bridged the remaining distance and his open mouth met hers. Her eyes remained open, but soon closed as I watched him thrust his eager tongue into her eighteen year old mouth, filling it.

“Mff!” she moaned. She kissed back, not as eager as him, but she was taking it. My god! She was cheating on me with a fifty year old man! It must have thrilled her to be doing something so perverse, and it certainly must have thrilled him to be scoring with a drop dead gorgeous fantasy girl, a girl any man would kill to get his stiff cock up.

They kissed and kissed. I could see he was lost in lust, his mouth and tongue working eagerly. She was letting out little whimpers, her head moving in little jerks as he consumed her. This was actually happening. Steve then lifted his hand and stroked her hair. Breaking the kiss, he began to nuzzle her neck, shifting his pelvis to ease the stiffness of his turgid prick pressing into the ground.

That both thrilled and disgusted me. Here was a fifty-five year old man seducing my gorgeous teen girlfriend, and his cock was like an iron rammer. No doubt his mind must have been racing with thoughts of getting that hard dick of his right up her sweet teen cunt.

Leigh had her eyes closed as she reveled in the sensations running through her. How many times I have seen that face? She was getting hot. Soon her schoolgirl panties would be wet.

I found myself doing something I could not believe… I was rubbing myself through my jeans, then undoing my zip, then freeing my already seeping, aching cock, then pulling it, pulling it hard.

Leigh’s eyes slowly opened, and she spoke slowly, drunk and horny as she was, “w we should stop now. Oh…god…oh…we really…ohh…that’s fantastic…”

Steve smiled a wicked little smile as he continued kissing her neck. His hand began to trail down her back, slowing its trail as he neared the swell of her sweet bum. Making a claw of his hand, he fully took hold of one of her cheeks through her tartan skirt. She flinched, but did not resist! Taking that as a sign it was ok to continue, Steve’s hand began kneading her firm bum cheek, probably in disbelief that she was letting him do it to her.

He had readjusted the angle of his head while kissing her ears (something she loved), smiling evilly as he watched his hand grope my girlfriend’s gorgeous ripe ass. Steve slowly turned on his side to face her. Now I could see that tent in his pants, pointing lewdly at my girlfriend’s hip, but she was too lost in her pleasure. His hand slipped further down now, to rub her silky skinned thighs. I saw him shake his head slightly, in awe of how far he had gotten.

While alternating kissing her cheek, neck and ear (with Leigh all the time just taking it and loving it), he spoke to her, in a half authoritarian voice, “That’s it…that’s it…you’re a naughty little girl…aren’t you hmm…hmmm…oh fall you’re delicious…” His hand slid up the back of her thigh, nearing the hem of her skirt as he continued, “yeah…that’s it…I bet you’re nice and wet…huh…hmmm…you delicious young thing.”

Then it happened. His hand slid slowly under her school skirt! Leigh turned her head to face him, an unsure look an on her sweet, gorgeous face.

“I think we should…should stop now…th they might be back anyti…”

Steve cut her off by shoving his tongue in her mouth, and she let him kiss her hard. With her eyes closed, she let out a low, throaty moan. His tongue would fill out one of her cheeks, then the other, then go deep into her throat as he started to kiss her roughly. All the time I could see his hand under skirt, his fingers moving as they groped her panty covered ass.

Softly breaking the kiss, he started again on her neck while shoving a fat finger of his other hand into her mouth, then two, then three as she sucked on them like she does my cock. This must have driven him wild.

The hand Steve had under her skirt pushed it up over her back as he again angled his head to now set his eyes upon the glory of her soft teen bum. Her ass rose up like two twin balloons, asking, begging to molested. His mouth dropped open as he looked upon her perfect olive skinned buns encased in tight white cotton panties.

I pulled my cock harder, close to coming, but holding back to enjoy the salacious spectacle, wondering how far it would go, hoping it would go farther.

Steve greedily groped her bum through her knickers for some long moments then boldly thrust his hand down into them to grab her bare ass. Her mouth was now full of his thumb and fingers, up to the top knuckle and she was alternating between sucking and gagging, but Christ, she loved it!

I watched Steve’s hand in my girlfriend’s panties, and then was stunned to see him stuff his hand down between her cheeks…onto her cunt! A wide smile came across his face as he pushed her panties down, enraptured in the actually seeing her incredible full schoolgirl bum before him! He continued to thrust his fingers in and out of her mouth as the fingers of his other hand slowly stoked up and down the hidden lips of her pussy.

“Mmmff…mmmff…mmmfff!” was all she could manage…as she slowly parted her thighs to give him more access.

“Oh…I never thought this would happen…my god, you are simply amazing…simply…amazing…” I heard him say, short of breath.

Leigh was whimpering, her mouth wreathed by her saliva, her school skirt up over her back, her panties down to reveal her incredible ass, her mouth full of Steve’s fat fingers…and as Steve started to pushed a finger into her cunt she lifted her sweet bum and arched her head back.

“MMFF!” she moaned into his fingers. Simply in awe, Steve shifted his weight again to push his clothed dick into her hip, just to have it make some contact with her, I gathered. In and out of her cunt his fingers went, now wet with her lovely nectar. She was humping her hips slightly, her thighs now spread further, stretching her lowered panties, as she enjoyed the finger fall from this fat fifty year old man.

“I wonder what your dad and boyfriend would think if they could see this…me having my way with their lovely Leigh. God you’re amazing…”

Then he withdrew his hand from her mouth, and before she could protest, sat up and straddled himself across her thighs so that his groin was pushing up into the lower fat of her bum. She looked a little stunned, as he basically had her pinned.

“Wha what are you doing, Steve. Please we should really stop.” She said to him over her shoulder.

He was quick to respond though, all the time with both his hands kneading her bum, “Christ your ass is just, just amazing…ohhh…”

“No…c’mon…we’ve done…enough…fall…if we get caught…” she pleaded, short of breath.

Realising this might end it, Steve quickly responded, “Don’t like it…huh?”

“No…no its just…” she whimpered softly.

“Shhh…they’ll be ages. They’re both drunk and the stores a fair drive, so it’s very long walk… especially when drunk,” he reasoned, unaware that I was watching the whole event while pulling my pre cum covered cock. “Shhh…just relax and enjoy…I’ve waited so long…shh…just let me…let me do this,” he said as he moved one hand around her and under hip to fiddle with her pussy.

I then saw her pull a familiar face; he had found her clit. She was lost.

Her jaw shuddered as she closed her eyes, his hand working at speed. I couldn’t quite see his fat fingers but they were doing what she liked, his wrists moving up and down in little movements. Again she pushed her soft bum up, this time against him.

Steve then removed his other hand from my whimpering girlfriend’s slightly shuddering bum moving it to his fly! With Leigh facing forward and lost in her pleasure, she had no idea that Steve was now sliding down his fly! My cock surged and still I wondered why this was driving me crazy with lust. Why is the perversion of a fat, balding fifty five year old man having his way with my girl turning me on so much?

Suddenly I saw it freed, his cock! Around eight inches long and very fat, it sprung from his pants, pre cum dribbling from its swollen purple end! I groaned loudly, so loudly that I feared I might give myself away. What a sight to see this fat man with his nasty old cock looming but an inch over the ass of my half stripped schoolgirl!

With his hand keeping her distracted, Steve licked his lips, smiled and began to lean forward, holding his dick in his other hand as it neared my girl’s waiting bum cheeks. Tentatively he placed it along the crack of her ass, his eyes closing as his cock came in contact with her silky skin. I nearly blew my load there and then. She must have realized what was going on because she lifted her neck and turned her face to see this fat man’s dick lodged in her ass cleft.

“No…no way Ste…”

But again he was quick to stop her protests. “Shh… I’m not going to fall you. I promise. I just want to rub it against your bum,” which he started to do as he spoke his words.

“But I…we ,” she half pleased, half whimpered.

“Shh… Just let me…oh falling, Christ! You feel incredible…falling Christ!…fall! I won’t take long, believe me… Just let me cum, Leigh … Please,” he said as a string of drool left his mouth to land on my girlfriend’s back.

He then leant forward over her, stuck his whole hand in her mouth as he began pushing his cock up and down along her ass crack and over her soft warm asshole.

“Oh…oh…fu fall…fall…”

“Mfff…mfff…MMMMFFF!” said my girlfriend as she was bucked forward by the thrust of Steve’s large frame. For some long moments I was in awe as Steve had his way with Leigh, his eyes half closed as he slid his fat prick deep in her ass crack. He must have been in heaven, in fact, I know he was.

She whimpered as he played with her clit while pistoning his fingers quickly right down her throat to make her gag as he falled the cleft of her ass. Then suddenly he stopped, pulled his fingers from her mouth and cunt, took her by the hips and hoisted her roughly up onto all fours.

There she was, on her hands and knees with her sweet, amazing precum covered ass and glistening pussy stuck up for the taking. Steve dragged his cock down over her asshole to rub against her swollen pussy lips. I expected her to protest, but instead she let him grab a handful of her hair and pull her head back! He took himself in the other hand, and, with a face overcome with lust, thrust his fat cock into her cunt with one push!

“MMMFFF!” she exclaimed.

Her pussy lips stretched wide and she jerked and grimaced to accommodate his big dick, but she did not protest as he pushed into her, his eyes rolling back in his head.

Damn! He was doing it to her. He was falling my girlfriend doggy style!

Gritting his teeth, he looked down on the ripples he was making on her ass as he pounded into her, all the time pulling back roughly on her hair. Her body rocked and jerked as this fifty five year old man enjoyed the sensations my girlfriend’s cunt was giving him… and I know how sweet her cunt feels.

In and out, in and out, I watched his cock go, with Leigh’s stretched teen cunt drowning in juices. I could just see her face. She was loving this rough fall from her dad’s best friend. She was loving his big fat dick ramming into her from behind. She was loving being taken like this. It was so wrong, so nasty, and so falling hot!

Then she came! Her big eyes flung open and the cords of her neck protruded as she gritted her teeth while her body rocked and shuddered.

This was too much for Steve, making this teenage wet dream cum on his fat cock! He now grabbed two handfuls of her hair as he pulled her head roughly back and entered the throes of what must have been a falling overwhelming orgasm! His fat cheeks shook and he falled his cock up into my girlfriend’s taut cunt until her knees lifted off the floor! His eyes flung open, rolled back in his head and his whole fat frame shook as he pumped his seed into her while reveling in his ecstasy.

What seemed like a minute passed before his body stopped jerking his dick into her cum oozing pussy. The sight of this was too much for me. With an incredible rush, I too lost my load. I came like crazy, spurting all over the garage wall as I barely succeeded in stifling my groans of pleasure.

As I regained my vision I could see both Leigh and Steve hurriedly dressing. Seems all of a sudden they were in a rush. I took my leave, quickly zipping along the drive to silently open the back door and duck into the house to resume drinking my beer as if nothing had happened. The couple walked in a few moments later, shocked to see me sitting there.

Leigh tried to cover her flushed state and surprise by stammering, “I thought you went with Dad…?”

“Nah. I’ve been here all along, just drinkin’ on my own. You guys were out there a while…”

“Yeah,” said the bastard Steve, the bastard who had just falled the shit out my girlfriend and still showed a few signs of it, “your girlfriend loves it out there. She didn’t want to leave. She could smoke all day if you gave her the chance. Once she starts, there’s just no stopping her.”

“You know it, man,” I smirked into my beer. That would give them something to think about.

To be continued…


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