Mother and Son – Part 9


Chapter 9

Sue was sitting at her desk one evening, still in her white blouse and blue skirt that she had worn to work. She was thinking about her and Tommy’s relationship as she did quite often. She had done a lot of soul searching during the last few days. Their relationship has progressed well beyond anything she could have ever imagined. So far, it had been limited to oral six and a little masturbation. The nagging question on her mind was where did they go from here? It was getting more and more difficult for her to control things. It had been so close the other day.

It seemed that almost every time they were together, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. He would touch her or kiss her and that would start it. She would respond and things would get out of control from there.

“Hi Mom,” Tommy said, coming into the room and sitting down.

“Hi Tommy. I thought you were going to the ball game with Joey?”

“I was but he has a cold and cancelled out.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’d rather be home with you.”

Sue looked at him and shook her head. “What am I going to do with you?” she asked rhetorically.

“Love me,” he said with a big smile and opened his arms to her.

Sue put down her pen and then walked over to sit on Tommy’s lap. She kissed his lips and then snuggled into his arms. Suddenly, she felt so protected in his embrace.

“Mom, you… uh… we have… uh done a lot of… you know… things,” Tommy said hesitantly.

Sue was silent, wondering where this was going to go.

“You said… uh… you said that it was selfish for a man just to take and… and not give back.”

Immediately, Sue knew what was coming. It wasn’t like she hadn’t expected it. However, she that what he was going to ask was a big step.

“Will you teach me… to uh… you know… do oral on you?”

Sue was silent for a long time. She could feel her heart beating hard in her chest. There was a tremendous struggle going on in her head. On one hand, she had done so much already, what was the difference if she let him do it to her? On the other, she knew that it would be taking their relationship to a new level. However, the thought of having his mouth on her was incredibly exciting. So, what would be the harm? Who would know?

“I… I don’t know Tommy,” she said reluctantly. “Let me think about it.”

Tommy felt a thrill of excitement go through him. Every time she said that, she came back and did what he wanted. “That’s fair,” he said and his hand moved up to caress her breast.

Sue could feel his erection pressing into her buttocks. With a sigh she slid off his lap and knelt between his legs.

Tommy smiled and opened his pants. He reached inside and pulled out his swollen erection. When Sue went to grab it with her hands, he grabbed her wrists, holding her hands away. He lifted up slightly and slid the head into her mouth. He watched his mother suck him for a few minutes and then, with his penis still in her mouth, he stood.

Sue backed up and let Tommy stand in front of her. She knew what he wanted when his hips began to move back and forth while he held her arms over her head. He wants to fall my mouth, she thought. A moan escaped her stretched lips as she let her son use her mouth.

When Tommy let go of his mother’s hands, he grasped her head. He was happy to see that she let her arms slip idly to her sides. Tommy’s hips continued to move back and forth as he pulled her head toward him. He heard his mother choke and eased up but then he felt her move forward, forcing him to the back of her throat again. For some strange reason, Sue suddenly felt very submissive. It wasn’t like her to play that role. However, at the moment, it felt right. She moaned submissively and let her son pound into her mouth. As his movement grew more rapid, saliva began to drip from the corners of her stretched mouth.

Tommy’s legs were spread wide and his knees slightly bent as he moved rapidly in and out of her mother’s willing mouth. His fingers were curled tightly in her hair as he moved almost violently in and out. It was a strange feeling of power to Tommy. He was in control.

Within seconds, Tommy felt his balls begin to tighten. He was ready to climax far too soon. Suddenly, Tommy pulled away from his mother. He let go of her hair and grabbed his shaft at the base. He was going to try to stop the climax like she had taught him. However, when he looked down and saw her face looking at him expectantly, he knew that he couldn’t hold back any longer.

Sue’s breath was coming in great gasps. Her eyes were opened wide as she stared at her son’s quivering penis as she sat back on her haunches and waited.

Tommy could feel his sperm backing up as he held his penis tightly at the base. Suddenly, he bellowed and eased the pressure on the base. His sperm flew out with such force that it arched across his mother’s head, landing in her hair. The next blast hit her directly in the face, splattering on her forehead and dripping to her cheek. Then another blast hurtled toward her.

Sue closed her eyes and squeezed her thighs together as her own climax began. Her six lips throbbed with pleasure as she felt her son’s juice continue to cover her face. She held her face out to the spray as if she were in the shower, loving the warm liquid.

Amazingly, Tommy’s climax seemed to go on and on, covering his mother’s face and splattering on her white blouse and skirt. Finally, as his climax dwindled, his legs weakened and he fell back into the chair. Through hooded eyes, he saw his mother scraping his cum from her face and putting it into her mouth.