Mother and Son – Part 7


Chapter 7

Both Tommy and his mom realized that the ice had been broken and that there was no going back. The best that Sue could hope for was to control how far they went. However, she knew that that was going to be exceedingly difficult. After all, she had her own needs. However, she na‹vely thought that if she could keep him satisfied orally then he wouldn’t try to push it further.

The following morning she was in the bathroom in her bra and panties getting dressed. It was Saturday and she wasn’t going into work for a change. She saw Tommy looking into the bathroom through the slightly opened door. With a sigh, she turned and looked at him.

Tommy smiled and pushed the door open. “Good morning Mom,” he said as he stepped into the bathroom.

“Good morning sweetheart.” Sue kissed his lips quickly and turned back to the mirror to put her makeup on.

Tommy stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

She saw him looking over her shoulder at her thinly dressed form. Her nipples began to harden under her thin beige stretch bra. Then she saw his hands slowly moving up her stomach and over her rib cage. When his hands reached her bra-covered breasts, his lips touched the tender area of her neck. A chill ran through Sue and she whispered, “Tommy.” However, there was no admonishment in her voice and she didn’t say stop.

Slowly Tommy pushed his fingers under her bra. “I want to see your breasts,” he whispered. When his mother just moaned, he boldly pushed the bra up, letting both breasts pop free. “Oh God,” he moaned when he saw her large breasts in the mirror. His hands covered the soft flesh and began to knead them like cookie dough.

“Tommy,” Sue moaned again, rapidly losing control. She could feel her son’s hard penis pressing into her panty-covered buttocks. Her own hips began to push backward. With a deep breath, Sue spun around in Tommy’s arms. She saw him smile and as he bent to kiss her lips. Instead of giving him her lips, Sue slid to her knees. Quickly she unsnapped his shorts and pulled them down. She gasped when his penis sprung out and hit her in the face. He hadn’t worn any underwear.

“Oh God Mom,” Tommy moaned as his mother took his penis into her mouth and began to suck. His hips began to move back and forth, forcing his penis to the back of her throat. He watched as her face showed the pleasure she was getting from sucking him. Tommy was rapidly reaching the point of no return. “Mom,” he hissed. When she didn’t respond, he said it louder. “Mom!”

Sue groaned around her son’s penis and looked up at him.

“Mom… can I fall your ti… breasts?”

Sue opened her eyes wide in surprise. God, he was so much like his father. That was one of his favorite things to do. Slowly Sue pulled his penis from her mouth. She looked up at Tommy and smiled. Then she kissed the swollen head lovingly before sitting up on her knees until his penis was between her breasts. She reached behind her, unsnapped her bra, and dropped it to the floor. Then she took a bottle of cream from the counter. Without a word, she squirted it between her breasts and then closed the mounds around him, imprisoning him in her soft flesh.

“Ohhhhhh!!!” Tommy moaned as the warm flesh enveloped him. He watched in excitement as she began to move her breasts up and down, her mouth catching the head when it reached her lips. Tommy knew that he wasn’t going to last very long. This was just too wild. His hips began to move quickly, forcing his penis between her breasts so rapidly that she couldn’t catch the head in her mouth any more.

Sue held her breasts tightly around her son’s penis, looking up at his pleasure filled face. She saw him grimace and knew that he was close.

“Oh God Mom… I’m going to… ohhhhhhh… cummmmm!!!” Suddenly, Tommy’s penis throbbed and shot a huge string of juice into the air, hitting his mother’s chin and running down her chest. Then another blast hit her and then another, splattering across her chest. It kept coming until there was nothing left but a slow trickle.

When the last drop was squeezed out, Tommy staggered backward. He saw his mother looking at her cum-covered breasts. Then he watched her begin to massage the thick juice into the soft skin.

Sue was lost in her own world for a few minutes. When she realized that Tommy was staring at her she stood up. “I have to get dressed now, so give me a little privacy please.”

“Uh… okay,” Tommy said.

As soon as Tommy was gone, Sue closed the door. She pulled her panties down and began to masturbate with one cum-covered hand. She used her other hand to caress her juice-covered breasts until a strong climax roared through her.

Finally, Sue sighed and dressed, pulling the bra over her still wet breasts. Strangely, she felt less guilt now. It seemed that each time got a little easier. That worried her.

The following evening, Sue and Tommy were scheduled to go down the street to a neighbor’s house for a graduation party. Sue was dressed in a low cut black cocktail dress. The dress exposed a lot of her breasts and required a bra.

Tommy moaned about having to wear a tie but when he saw the way his mother was dressed, he shut up. His eyes stared at her exposed chest. “Wow Mom!” was all he could muster.
“I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said with a laugh. “Let’s get going.”

Sue and Tommy walked down the street to the Wilson’s’ house. It was a large home with stone pillars in front and a circular driveway. In the back, they had a large pool with manicured hedgerows for privacy. The house was the largest in the neighborhood and was almost out of place. However, the Wilson’s were nice people and fit in well with the community.

Shirley Wilson greeted them at the door and hugged Sue. She kissed Tommy on the cheek and invited them inside. There was already a crowd of people inside the house. Within seconds, several women had Sue in a conversation. Tommy smiled and wandered around the room. He knew many of the kids but not too many of the adults. There were a number of teenaged girls that came up to Tommy but he spent little time with them. He kept his eye on his mom.

Once in a while, Sue would look around for Tommy. She would smile when she saw him looking at her and then make a face, indicating that he should mingle with the girls. When he would shake his head no, she would purse her lips in exasperation.

Sue had consumed quite a bit of wine in the first hour of the party. Every time her glass was empty, someone would give her another glass. Soon, she was feeling the effects.

The next time she looked for Tommy, she saw him near the sliding glass door leading to the pool. When she caught his eye, she saw him make a motion with his head for her to join him. She had a feeling he was up to something so she shook her head no but smiled sweetly. For the next few minutes, every time she saw him, he would motion for her to follow him. Finally, she gave in and walked toward him.

“Let’s go out and get some air,” Tommy said, leading his mother out the open slider.

It was a beautiful moonlit evening with a cloudless sky and fireflies flickering their mating calls. Tommy and Sue walked down the sidewalk, past the hedgerow. When they reached the end, Tommy pulled his mother to the other side. He quickly pulled her into his arms and brought his lips to hers.

“Tomm… mmmmm…” Sue moaned as she tried to protest. This was very dangerous, she thought but was unable to dissuade him as his tongue pressed into her mouth. Soon, Sue gave up her protest and melted into Tommy’s strong arms. She felt his hands sliding down her bare back and across her dress to cup her buttocks.

Tommy pulled his mother’s groin to his and let her feel how excited he was.

Sue moaned again and pressed back.

“God, I needed that,” Tommy said breathlessly when their lips parted after a long kiss. “Every time I looked at you I wanted to rush over and kiss you.”

Sue could feel her head spinning from the kiss and the wine. She brought her lips to his for a second kiss that lasted even longer. She worked her tongue into his mouth and felt him immediately capture it with his lips. She moaned as they pressed their lower regions together even harder. His hands cupped her buttocks under her tight dress, squeezing the supple flesh in his strong fingers.

One of Tommy’s hands slid around and then down to Sue’s naked thighs.

“Tommy,” Sue said as she felt him slowly moving it up her leg. In spite of her admonishment, her legs moved slightly apart. “Oh my God,” she whispered as his hand reached her vagina.

Tommy moaned as his fingers felt a woman’s private parts for the first time. He could feel the swollen and wet lips under his searching fingers. Then a finger found the dripping hole.

“Tommy, Tommy, please,” Sue pleaded as if she couldn’t stop him. A slow moan escaped her lips as his finger slowly slid into her body.

Within seconds, Tommy’s hand was dripping with his mother’s six juice. He moved his finger in and out of her warm hole, loving the feeling of her slick inner flesh. Quickly, before she could protest, he added a second finger. He heard her moan again and her hips pressed down, taking both fingers all the way inside.

Sue had lost control. Her hips began to work up and down on her son’s fingers and her head was spinning wildly. It took only a few more thrusts before she began to tremble.

Tommy was a little surprised as his mother began to shake. Suddenly, he realized that she was climaxing on his fingers. He smiled and worked them into her harder, creating a loud sucking sound in the otherwise quiet night.

When Sue stopped shuddering, she almost collapsed into Tommy’s arms.

Tommy looked over the hedgerow and saw that they were still alone. He placed his hands on his mother’s shoulders and began to gently push downward. “Suck me,” he hissed, as she went to her knees.

Sue head was still foggy as she settled to her knees on the cool grass. “Tommy, this is crazy,” she said as she looked up at him, her eyes still sparkling with fire in the moonlight. Yet, even as she spoke, she was opening his pants.

Tommy kept looking back across the hedgerow at the house to make sure no one came outside. He turned back in time to see his mother take his penis into her mouth. “Ahhhhh!!!” he groaned as her talented mouth took possession of his hard shaft.

Sue moaned as well as she tasted the sweet flavor of his penis. She felt Tommy’s hands on her head. She let him direct her head back and forth. Then she began to move her hand back and forth, trying to bring him off quickly. Even in her wine-fogged brain, Sue still knew that someone could come upon them at any time.

Fortunately, it wasn’t going to take long for Tommy to cum in his mother’s mouth. However, suddenly, he wanted something different, something really nasty. He pulled back, his penis coming out of his mother’s mouth with a pop.

Sue looked up at him in surprise. Then she felt his hands on her shoulders pushing the straps of her gown and bra down her arms. “What are you doing?” she whispered in panic.

Tommy didn’t answer as he pushed her straps down until her breasts were free from the bra. He pointed his penis downward. “Jerk me into your bra,” he whispered excitedly.

“Good God Tommy, no!” Sue exclaimed in protest. Still, she grasped his penis and began to masturbate him. She jerked on his penis in rapid motions, her hand moving in a blur.

“Yes, yes,” Tommy moaned as his legs tensed.

Sue was breathing hard again. She couldn’t believe what she was doing but it was turning her on nonetheless. When she heard Tommy moan, she directed the head of his penis into one cup of her bra. She shivered as she watched his thick white juice splatter into the cup. When several squirts had coated the inner liner of that cup, she moved the head quickly to the other cup. Soon, both sides were coated with Tommy’s thick discharge and it was running down, pooling in the middle.

Suddenly, there were voices coming from the house.

As the voices grew closer, Sue quickly pulled her top back up, pushing her breasts into the wet material. She moaned as Tommy’s hot cum coated her nipples. Then she helped Tommy get his penis back into his pants. Just as they stood up and stepped from behind the hedgerow, Shirley Wilson and a friend walked by.

“Oh that’s were you are,” Shirley said. “I told Marge that I saw you go outside with Tommy.”

“Uh… yes, Tommy… uh and I needed to get a little air.”

“Well, come with me, I want Marge to tell you about a community project that she’s working on.”

Tommy watched as the two ladies led off his mother. He smiled. God if they only knew! he thought.

Sue followed the two women back into the house. She could feel her six juices filling her panties as her breasts swam in her son’s juice. She could even smell it and hoped that no one else could. She knew that she would have to escape them soon and find a bathroom to take care of her own renewed desire.