Mother and Son – Part 6

Chapter 6

The workweek was very busy for Sue. She had to work late several nights and she brought work home with her. Tommy had the playbook from his new school to read, so they didn’t have time to talk about the events of the weekend. Neither of them knew what to say to the other anyway, so it was a good time to assess their feelings.
Sue felt guilt about what happened. It felt like she had taken advantage of her son’s innocence.

Tommy was concerned that his mom would be angry with him for pushing her too far. Although, she didn’t act upset and their conversations at the dinner table seemed normal. Still, he felt juvenile for not controlling himself and squirting in her face. Yet, she had left his sperm there, refusing the offer of his shirt.

On Friday evening Tommy got up enough nerve to ask his mother if she wanted to go on another date. He feared the worst when Sue said that they had to talk.

After a quiet dinner, Sue asked Tommy to join her in the living room.

Here it comes, Tommy thought.

Sue patted the sofa next to her when she saw Tommy start to sit in a chair across the room. She took a deep breath and looked into her son’s eyes. “Tommy, I feel bad about what happened last weekend.”

“Mom… I… I… uh…” Tommy started to speak.

“Let me speak,” Sue said taking her son’s hands in hers. “I’m sorry about what happened at the lake. A mother should never do anything like that with her son. I had too much to drink but that’s no excuse; I was totally out of line. I, I…” Sue began to cry.

“Mom, God, you have nothing to be sorry for. I was the one that started it, I should be ashamed,” Tommy said, hugging his sobbing mother.

Tommy held her for a long time before he felt like he had to say what he was feeling. “Mom, I… I… have to tell you that it was the greatest experience of my life, no matter whose fault it was,” Tommy said, lifting his mother’s tear streaked face. “I never, ever, want to hurt you… or make you cry.” Tears began to fall from his eyes.

“Oh Tommy, I love you.”

Tommy brought his lips to hers in a loving and tender kiss. When he pulled away, he held her face in his hands, using his thumbs to wipe away her tears. “I’ll try harder to control myself,” he promised.

“And so will I,” Sue added, and a little smile crossed her face.

Tommy smiled back and said jokingly, “But you have to remember, I’m just a horny teenager.”

Sue raised an eyebrow. Suddenly, she broke out laughing. Tommy joined her, almost falling off the bed.

When Tommy stopped laughing, he looked at his mother with that smile of his and said, “How about another date?”

“You’re incorrigible,” she said.

“I know. That’s why you love me. Another date, please!”

“All right, but you have to promise to behave,” Sue said lightly.

“I promise,” he answered excitedly.

“Wait a minute. There have to be some rules.”

“Alright,” Tommy answered, ready to agree to anything. “Give me the rules.”

“I don’t know all of them but most importantly, we have to control ourselves. Things have gotten a little out of hand so far.”

“Does behaving mean that you can’t teach me more about girls and guys and stuff?”

Sue was quiet for a minute. She knew she was on very dangerous ground. Her rational brain was screaming for her to stop all this. Yet, her emotional side was winning. Finally she spoke. “No, but it does mean that we have to know when to stop. When I say ‘stop’, that’s it. You have to stop whatever you’re doing, as hard as that might be. Do you agree?” Sue could feel excitement begin to course through her.

Tommy thought he was going to scream. He wanted to jump for joy. This was beyond his wildest imagination. He calmed himself and said in a controlled voice, “Fair enough, you’re the boss. Tomorrow night then?”

Sue took a deep breath and said, “Tomorrow night.”

The following evening, they went out to a late dinner and came back home. Tommy didn’t try to kiss her or take advantage of the fact that she had drunk a few glasses of wine. He was a perfect gentleman except that he did try to look up her dress.

Sue just looked at him when she saw his eyes and said, “Behave.” However, overall, she was impressed with his control and, strangely, just a little disappointed.

It was an unseasonably chilly June evening, so Tommy started a fire in the fireplace while Sue when upstairs to change. Then he went to the kitchen and got a bottle of wine and a glass for his mom. He brought a coke back for himself and put some soft music in the CD player. He lit several scented candles around the room.

He was sitting on the sofa when Sue came back down. She had put on a pair of sky blue silky pajama pants and top. The blue in the outfit matched her beautiful eyes. Tommy whistled in appreciation as he handed her a glass of wine.

“Would you care to dance?” Tommy asked. “I’m not that good but I’m a quick learner.”

“Great idea! But I thought you didn’t know how?”

“I don’t,” Tommy smiled sheepishly.

“Alright, I guess this is a good time for a lesson then,” Sue said taking a quick drink before putting her wine on the table. “Your father had two left feet but he tried hard and was going to take lessons before he…” Sue’s voice trailed off. She stepped forward and took her son in her arms, placing her head on his shoulder.

Within seconds, she realized that he needed some major work. She pulled back and smiled at her son. “You definitely need a lesson,” she said with a laugh. “Now the first thing is, DON’T STEP ON YOUR DATE’S FEET.”

“Ah Mom, I know that,” Tommy responded.

They danced for the better part of an hour. Sue taught him how to hold a girl and how to move smoothly around the room. Tommy was a fast learner and got the hang of it very quickly. Finally, they tired and sat on the sofa together.

“That was great Mom, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Mom, can I ask you a question?”

“Anything dear.”

“Well, all… all the boys talk about things. You know, girls and things. They… talk about… you know… oral six.”

Oh here it comes! thought Sue.

“I… I … was just wondering if girls really like to do that… uh you know.” Tommy began to stutter a little, as he became nervous with the frank question. Suddenly he stopped and his face flushed. “I’m… sorry, I shouldn’t ask a question like that.”

“Of course you should ask. How else are you going to learn,” Sue said, feeling suddenly like a teacher.

Her response calmed Tommy’s nerves so he continued. “I know there are a lot of girls that do it, but do they really like it? I mean… you know, like the taste?” Tommy was only being partially facetious with the question. The boys in school all talked about it but he was curious to know if women really liked.

“Well, I think a lot of girls like to do it. Your dad and I…” Sue stopped, not wanting to get too personal. “I’m sure there are lots of girls that like it, but I’m not sure they really like the taste. I guess it’s like Scotch, you have to acquire a taste for it,” she said and smiled. “I think the thrill of doing something like that for someone you love is what I like.” Sue paused for a second to let him absorb that. Then she added, “Girls also like to have it done to them, it’s a two way street you know.”

“Really! I mean… I’ve seen it in movies but I thought it was just for show,” Tommy said, truly amazed.

“Of course they do. Don’t be so self-centered,” Sue said almost in anger. Then her tone softened. “A man should be just as willing to use his mouth on a woman as having it done to him. A man that is good with his mouth will have a lot of girlfriends.” Sue laughed a little self-consciously, feeling a little thrill go through her groin at the thought.

As Tommy sat there thinking about that, he felt his already hard penis begin to pulse. It did sound like fun. “Mom,” Tommy said, then hesitated.


“Mom, since you are my teacher about dating girls and stuff, would you tell me… uh tell me about… about… you know the oral six stuff. I… mean… how does a girl do it?” Tommy asked taking a big chance. He figured his mother would see right through his farce.

Sue sat silent for some time. She held her wineglass in her hand and stared at the wine, swirling it around. She felt that old thrill go through her. “Tommy, I think that’s going a good bit too far.”

“Okay, I just thought I’d ask. Can’t hurt to ask, can it?” Tommy said trying to act like it had all been a joke.

“No it can’t, but let me think about it,” Sue said putting her glass down on the table. She leaned over to Tommy and brought his lips to hers. She had wanted a kiss so bad tonight. Tommy was being too much of a gentleman.

They held each other, kissing passionately for a long time. Finally, Sue felt Tommy’s hand on her silk covered breast. It’s about time! she thought. Sue moaned into her son’s mouth as he squeezed her soft breast. Then, she surprised Tommy by reaching up and slowly unbuttoning her pajama top, all the way down the front as their lips stayed locked together. Then she pulled the top open and pressed her naked flesh to her son. They moaned into each other’s mouths.

Finally, when they broke away, both of them were breathing hard. There was fire burning in Sue’s eyes.

Tommy’s eyes were wide as he looked down at his mother’s naked chest. He bent his head and started to kiss down her neck when he felt her hands on his cheeks.

Sue held Tommy’s face in her hands and looked into his eyes. Oh hell, she thought, I can’t resist this boy. Still staring into his eyes, her hand moved to his crotch and rubbed gently over his penis. It was throbbing and stretched down the leg of his shorts. Sue gasped as her hand wrapped around the shaft. She squeezed him, working down the cloth-covered protrusion. It felt huge.

Deep inside, Sue’s brain was screaming… Stop! Stop!

Then Tommy felt his mother’s hand move to his belt. His heart began to beat wildly.

Sue pulled back and used both hands to open her son’s shorts. Then she slid off the couch and onto the floor between his legs, her blouse flapping carelessly open. She reached up, grasped the waist of his shorts, and pulled on them. Tommy sat wide-eyed looking down at his mother.

“Give me a little help, will you?” Sue said.

Tommy came out of his trance, lifted his butt off the sofa, and let his mother strip his pants and underwear over his bare feet.

Sue sat back and gasped again. Her son was now naked from the waist down and his raging erection was throbbing in front of her face. She studied it for a second time. He had cum so quickly in the park that she didn’t really get to see it that well. His penis was beautiful and perfect. It was longer and thicker than his father’s, with blue veins bulging on the sides and a perfectly mushroom shaped crown. Sue slid her hands up his thighs, moving forward until she was inches from his penis. She looked on in wonder at his equipment. Slowly her hands took hold of the shaft, gently, almost like it was fine china.

Tommy moaned and bucked his hips.

“Settle down, we don’t want you to go off too soon. A good blow job should be slow and sensual,” Sue said, bringing his leaking cock close to her lips.

Tommy almost climaxed from his mother’s words alone. “A good blow job,” she had said. He began to tremble all over.

Sue shot her tongue out, flicking it across the head and tasting his sweet juice.

Tommy moaned again.

She used her tongue to lick around the head, teasing the sensitive skin where the head and shaft met. Sue was being very careful not to over excite him. She knew from last weekend that he could cum very quickly.

Sue took the head into her mouth, gently sucking it, then using her teeth to put a little pressure around the edges. Sue loved oral six. She was one of “those girls” that liked the taste. It had been one of her favorite things to do to Tommy’s father. And, she was very good at it too. Tonight, she used all of her skills to work her son to a peak and then she would back off, keeping him on the edge for a long, long time.

Tommy stared in amazement as he watched his beautiful mother worship his cock. She seemed to be in a world of her own. He watched as her tongue licked him and then her mouth sucked him inside. He would moan each time she would take the shaft deep into her mouth. Several times, he began to throb, near orgasm, but his mother would squeeze tight at the base until he was under control again. It was the most incredible feeling he had ever felt.

Sue worked on him for over a half-hour, literally making love to his penis. However, she knew that Tommy couldn’t take much more. The truth was that she couldn’t take much more either. She now wanted him to cum as bad as he did; she thirsted for his sweet juice. It had been a long time since she had tasted sperm. Sue had acquired a taste for cum years ago.

Tommy wanted to thrust his hips up at his mother in the worst way, but he sat still, letting her take the lead.

Sue wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and held it tight as she pulled her head back and stuck out her tongue, flicking the tip. She looked up at her son who was still staring wide-eyed at her. Then she closed her eyes and put her mouth over the head of his penis. Her hand moved up and down several times rapidly. That was all it took.

Tommy thought his head was going to explode. He yelled loud enough for the neighbors to hear and his hips lifted off the sofa.

Sue’s head moved back in surprise at the force of his ejaculation but kept the head in her mouth. The hot cream hit the back of her throat, choking her momentarily. She swallowed just in time for another blast to enter her mouth. She was ready this time and swallowed it down rapidly, waiting for the next shot. It came quickly, filling her mouth to over flowing. She tried to swallow it all but it was just too much. It dripped from the corners of her mouth and ran down to her son’s balls. As his sticky white cum dripped from her chin, Sue felt that familiar tremor in her pussy. Suddenly, she took a huge swallow and began to climax. She bucked her hips as her vagina throbbed. She lost control for a moment and stopped sucking. As her mouth filled, she quickly realized she had to swallow.

Tommy thought he was going to die. He had never felt anything so intense. He couldn’t believe that he was sitting here on his sofa, squirting cum into his mother’s mouth. And, she was drinking it! He could hear her struggling to swallow it all. Now he knew that his mom was right; some girls do like the taste.

When he could cum no more, Sue released his depleted penis and moved her tongue down to his balls to clean up what had spilled from her mouth.

Tommy was lying back exhausted. When he opened his eyes, he saw his mother’s pretty blue eyes staring up at him. Her lips and chin were coated with his white cum, but she had swallowed most of it. Tommy couldn’t resist; he reached down and pulled his mother up to him.

Sue was surprised when Tommy brought his lips to hers; they shared a very wet and intimate kiss.