Mother and Son – Part 4


Chapter 4

Tommy and his mother finished eating, continuing to talk about their day as if nothing had happened.

“Let me clean up the dishes and then get a shower. You go to the video store and get something good.”

“Okay,” Tommy said and got up and took the car keys. Then he walked over and kissed his mother’s lips lightly and said, “I might stop over Shawn’s first. I’ll be back in a little while. Love you Mom.”

“Love you too sweetie. Be careful.”

Sue cleaned up the dishes and went to take a shower. When she walked into the bathroom, she felt a little thrill at what had happened. She stood in the same shower that her son had been in. A strange feeling came over her. It was almost like she was feeling the excitement that Tommy had felt. She resisted the urge to masturbate, forcing herself to just take a shower.

Tommy decided not to stop over Shawn’s. He got a movie–a ‘chick flick’ as the teenagers called it–and headed back home. When he went upstairs, he passed his mother’s bedroom. The door was opened just a crack. When he had passed the door, he stopped. He saw his mother sitting on the bed, painting her fingernails. She had a towel around her body and one wrapped around her head. Tommy started to peek in and say hi, but he saw her get up and walk over to the dresser, looking into the mirror. He was surprised to see that the bath towel barely covered the cheeks of her buttocks. Her legs look so long and smooth. He stood quietly and watched as she took the towel from around her head and began to dry her hair. Tommy knew that he shouldn’t be spying, but he couldn’t help himself.

Sue used the towel to partially dry her hair then plugged in the electric dryer. As the warm air surrounded her, she looked into the mirror. She saw movement outside the door. For a second she was frightened but realized that Tommy must have come home early. When he didn’t move, it occurred to her that he was spying. She considered closing the door but knew that she would embarrass him. Besides, after the talk about freedom in the house, that would be hypocritical. It was only fair since she had watched him. Sue continued to dry her hair, letting her son look at her scantily covered body.

Tommy was about to leave when he saw his mother put the dryer down. Then he saw her reach for the towel that was tucked between her breasts.

Suddenly Sue could feel excitement rippling through her. Her hands trembled as she grasped the towel at her breasts. This is crazy, she thought. Still, her hands moved and she opened the towel, holding it wide for a second or two. Her eyes glanced into the mirror and she knew that Tommy could see the naked front of her body. She could feel her nipples harden as she slowly let it drop behind her. She thought she heard a gasp.

Tommy had gasped. He stood frozen, looking at his mother’s naked body. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her large breasts were still firm and sat up with very little sag. His eyes traveled to her pubic area. He saw her soft blond hair and just a hint of the pink inner lips. Inside his pants, Tommy’s penis was pulsing with life.

Then Sue did something that astounded her, maybe more than Tommy. She reached down and opened the bottom drawer, bending over at the waist. Her buttocks pushed back and she moved her legs slightly apart.

“Oh God,” Tommy moaned as he stared at his mother’s beautiful ass. He looked between her legs and could see the pouch of her vagina staring back at him. He could even see the lips shining wetly. It didn’t occur to him that his mother was just as turned on as he was.

Sue felt like she was bent over for a very long time, but it was more like several seconds. She knew that she had to straighten up when she felt her juice begin to trickle out. Slowly she stood up, holding a pair of skimpy red panties in her hand. Then she bent again and stepped into the panties, pulling them to her waist. She could feel the silky material caress her buttocks sensuously and pull tightly to her swollen six lips.

Somehow, Tommy pulled himself together and moved away from the door.

Sue sighed and let out a deep breath. I must be losing my mind she thought as she began to dress. She put on a short summer frock that came to the middle of her thighs. When she started to walk out of the room, she stopped. Her hands were shaking when she lifted her dress and pulled her panties off and threw them on the bed.

A few minutes later Sue joined Tommy in the living room. He already had the movie in and some popcorn made.

“Just in time,” he said as he watched her walk into the room.

“Popcorn! Great!”

“I brought you some wine,” Tommy said proudly as he pointed to a bottle cooling in an ice bucket.

“Thank you sweetie!”

The lights were dimmed as the two settled down to watch “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

Tommy hated the movie but he knew that his mom would like it.

Sue sat on the couch and Tommy sat on the floor leaning against the couch. About an hour into the movie, Tommy excused himself and went upstairs to the bathroom. As he passed his mother’s room, he stopped. He saw a pair of little red panties lying on the bed. My God, has she taken her panties off? he said to himself.

When Tommy returned to the living room, he was on a mission. He had to know if she had taken her panties off. As he sat back on the floor, he turned slightly sideways so that he could see his mother’s legs. However, try as he might, he couldn’t get a view up her dress. Finally, he sighed in frustration and gave up.
Sue sat on the couch, drinking wine. She could see that Tommy was trying to get a look up her dress. She suppressed a smile as she turned this way and that, never letting him have a good view. She knew that she was teasing him unmercifully but somehow she couldn’t stop. Finally, as the wine took over, she sat back in the corner of the sofa and curled her legs up next to her. Her little dress barely covered the cheeks of her buttocks.

Tommy saw his mother move out of the corner of his eye. She shifted again slightly and he glanced at her legs. He could see up the back of her legs now but the dress still covered her sufficiently.

After a while, the room grew quiet. Tommy turned and saw that his mother was asleep. He knew that she often fell asleep when she drank wine. Suddenly, a dirty thought came to him. He got up quietly and sat gently on the couch, next to his curled up mother. The clock on the wall ticked loudly and his heart beat hard in his chest as he waited to make sure she was asleep. Then with shaking fingers, he reached over and took the material of her dress in his fingers. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he began to move it up her thighs. When the dress was above just above her buttocks, Tommy stopped. That’s enough, he thought. Then he slid back to the floor. He waited a minute or two then turned to look at his mother. A little whine came from his throat when he saw her six lips staring at him. Although it was dark in the room, the TV gave off enough light that he could clearly see her vagina.

Sue moaned as if in her sleep and moved slightly, forcing the dress even higher on her buttocks. Then she pulled one knee up closer to her chest and the dress moved further up her hip. She could feel the cool air on her private parts and shivered in excitement.

Now Tommy could see everything. Her soft white buttocks almost glowed in the artificial light. He could almost see the tiny hole hidden between her cheeks and the pink inner lips of her six. Throwing caution to the wind, Tommy opened his pants and freed his throbbing penis. As he stared at his mother’s private parts, he began to masturbate.

Sue was doing everything she could not to move. She could feel her son’s eyes on her six lips and knew that she was leaking. She could feel the wetness dripping to her thigh. Slowly she opened her eyes just a fraction. Her head started to spin with excitement when she saw Tommy holding his penis. Her swollen lips pulsed with illicit excitement as she spread her legs a little more and forced her hips downward. Her little dress was almost at her waist now.

“Oh Jesus,” Tommy whispered aloud. Now he could clearly see both of his mother’s holes, including the puffy six lips and the tiny brown hole just inches away. His hand flew up and down on his penis, moving him rapidly toward a climax. Suddenly, he moaned and began to squirt his semen. The first blast flew above Tommy and splattered onto the back of his mother’s thigh, near the junction of her sixual parts. When Tommy saw that, his climax intensified. In his sixual fog, it didn’t occur to him that he might not be able to clean it off before his mother awoke.

Sue could barely see what was happening but she knew from his groans that he was near a climax. Then, incredibly, when she felt Tommy’s cum hit her, she felt a little climax run through her.

When Tommy’s balls were empty, he closed his shorts as embarrassment flooded over him. Again, he chastised himself for losing control and for his nasty thoughts about his own mother. He could see his own cum begin to run down the back of her thigh. Oh my God he thought, what am I going to do?

Before Tommy could do anything, Sue stirred and opened her eyes.

“I must have fallen asleep,” she said, spreading her arms and yawning.

“Uh… uh… yea, for a minute,” Tommy answered, watching his cum trickle across the divide between his mother’s thigh.

Sue’s legs were barely able to hold her. She acted like it was because she had just awoken. However, excitement was causing the blood to rush to her head. She was very much aware of Tommy’s sperm on the back of her thighs. She kissed Tommy good night and went to her room. As soon as she was behind the bedroom door, she reached her hand back and felt her son’s sticky discharge. Suddenly, her lets almost gave out and she staggered to the bed. She collapsed as a strong climax hit her. When that one was over, she pulled her dress up and used her fingers to masturbate until she fell asleep in exhaustion. Her dress was still around her waist and Tommy’s dried sperm was on the back of her thighs the next morning.