Mother and Son – Part 2


Chapter 2

The following morning Tommy saw his mother sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. There was a very uncomfortable silence as he got himself a cup of coffee and sat down. The light of a new day made everything seem different. They each blamed themselves for what had happened.


“Tommy…” they both spoke at the same time, then laughed nervously.

“Sorry,” Tommy said.

“Tommy… uh… we uh… what… happened last night was…” Sue said, struggling with her words.

“I… I… know Mom,” Tommy interrupted. “I’m sorry, I spoiled everything,” he said, almost in tears, waiting for her anger.

Sue looked at him in surprise. “It wasn’t your fault sweetheart. It was mine. Let’s just forget it. It was probably just the wine,” Sue lied. “I shouldn’t have drunk so much.”

“Can… can we uh… go out again?” Tommy asked hopefully.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“I knew it,” Tommy said in an angry tone. However, he was angry with himself. He arose from the table with tears in his eyes and rushed out of the room.

“Tommy!” Sue called after him. However, he was already out of the house. Now Sue was heartbroken. She was the one that had messed everything up, she thought as her tears began to flow.

Later that evening, Sue tapped on Tommy’s door. She pushed the door open gently when she heard Tommy tell her to come in. He was lying on the bed looking at a sports magazine. “Tommy, can we talk?” she asked, sitting on the bed, her face tense with thinly veiled emotions.

“Sure,” he answered, rolling over and looking up at the ceiling with his hands behind his head.

“I’m sorry Tommy… sorry about… about everything,” Sue said struggling with her words. “God Tommy, I was the one that suggested the date. I’ve thought all day about it and I know it’s entirely my fault. We’re both lonely and we both miss Dad so much.” Suddenly, Sue stopped talking as her voice choked up. Then she began to sob.

Tommy sat up quickly and moved closer to his mother. He carefully put his arms around her and pulled her into his chest, tears streaming down his own cheeks.

Although Sue felt comfort in his arms, she sobbed even harder. All of her pent up emotions seemed to come out of her at once. Two years of loneliness, a new job, struggling to make the bills and now this. It was all too much.

Tommy held her for a long time until her sobs turned to sniffles. “Mom, I love you so much,” Tommy said sincerely.

Sue sat back and dried her eyes. “God Tommy, I feel the same way about you. We need each other, maybe more now than ever.”

“Can we just be honest with each other for a minute?” Tommy asked, acting more grown up than he felt.

“Absolutely! We have to be honest with each other,” Sue said, wondering what he was getting at.

“You… You are a beautiful and very sixy woman,” Tommy said, trying hard not to stutter. “I… you… uh…. Oh hell, I’m just a horny teenager, and I’m sorry I got out of line,” he blurted and then laughed self-consciously.

Sue looked at him with raised eyebrows then a smile came to her lips. Suddenly, they both burst out laughing. They laughed so hard that they nearly fell off the bed. The situation now seemed so ridiculous. They were making a big deal out of nothing.

When they had composed themselves, Sue turned to Tommy and said, “You can take me on a date anytime you want to.” Then she kissed his lips briefly.

“Good because there’s a football team picnic next Sunday and I need a date,” Tommy said hopefully.

“It’s a deal.”

Tommy sighed with relief. Everything was going to be okay.

Tommy’s high school football team was hosting a farewell picnic for the graduating seniors, their parents, and girlfriends. Tommy wasn’t planning on attending, because he didn’t have a date. He knew that all of the boys would bring a date. He didn’t expect any of them to come with their parents. Suddenly, that didn’t matter to him anymore. His mom would be his date.