Life Happens – Part 8


Chapter 8

It was after 9 PM on Saturday evening and the three men sat in a van waiting for Kevin to leave the house. When they saw him get into his car and back out of the driveway, all three ducked down until he was gone. Then they pulled ski masks over their heads and hit the remote to turn off the security system. With lighting swiftness, they were up the driveway and into the house.

Kathy screamed as the three masked men broke into her bedroom. She was wearing a silk bathrobe with bra and thong panties underneath. The kidnappers pulled the robe off her, leaving her practically naked. At first she thought they were going to rape her but then they taped her mouth and cuffed her hands behind her back. Her eyes were wide with fright as the three of them moved swiftly, pulling her to her feet.

Suddenly, the bedroom door swung open and Kevin rushed in. “What the…” Then the lights went out for Kevin.

Kevin awoke with a major bump on the back of his head. He sat up and looked around, his mind still foggy, his vision blurred. When he tried to move his left hand, he found it shackled to a large ring in the wall above his head. He turned to the side and saw his mother next to him on the tiny cot, her hand also shackled to the same ring. She had on a bra and a pair of thong panties. Then he realized that he was in his underwear as well.

For a minute, he couldn’t figure out where he was or how he got here. Then, suddenly, it started to come back to him. He remembered leaving for his karate lesson and then walking back into the house to get something when he heard a commotion upstairs. Then there was a scream. He rushed up the stairs and flew into his mother’s bedroom. He saw her lying on the bed with a piece of duct tape over her mouth. That’s when the lights went out and it was the last thing he remembered.

Something bad had happened but Kevin couldn’t figure out what or why. His mother’s back was to him and she seemed to be sleeping. When he touched her shoulder, she jumped and almost screamed.

“Kevin,” Kathy said with relief, “you’re alright.” Her eyes were wet with tears as she turned and wrapped her free arm around her son. “I thought you were going to die.”

“I’m fine, I think,” Kevin said as he hugged his mother with his free arm, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs. He reached back to feel the bump on his head and said, “What the hell happened?”

“I don’t know why, but I think we’ve been kidnapped.” Kathy’s voice was quivering as she looked at the door to the small room with fear in her eyes. “I saw three men with ski masks storm into my room. The security system must have been off because there was no alarm. They told me to be quiet or they’d kill me.”

“Kidnapped!” Kevin stuttered. “What are they going to do with us?”

“I don’t know, but I heard them talking about a ransom. God, they might kill us,” Kathy said and started to sob.

Kevin pulled his mother tighter to him and said, “We’ll get out of this, don’t worry Mom.” However, Kevin didn’t feel very confident as he looked around the small room.

They were in a 10 by 12 room, with no windows and two doors. The room was sparely furnished with a small cot that was barely wide enough for one person, several wooden chairs, and a rickety looking table. One bare light bulb hung from the ceiling, casting eerie shadows as it sung gently back and forth. From the noise coming from outside the door, Kevin guessed that they were in a room off the kitchen. There was a clinking of glass and the rattle of dishes. They could be in a spare bedroom or maybe a storage room.

Kevin knew that this whole thing had something to do with his stepfather. How many times had he told his mother not to marry him, but she wouldn’t listen. Now look at us, he thought. Kevin mashed his teeth together and clenched his fists in anger. If they ever got out of this, he swore he’d kill him. “We have to get out of here somehow,” Kevin said. Then they heard loud talking in the other room.

“What the hell did you bring the kid here for?” a loud voice asked.

“We couldn’t help it boss. We either had to kill him and leave him there or bring him with us. There was nothing else we could do.”

“All right, all right, let’s just make sure there are no more mistakes. Did you make the call?”

“Yep, just like you asked boss. I told Quentin $5 million bucks. He recorded it for the FBI,” the man said with a laugh. “So what do we do with them?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that later. Now, is everybody clear on what they are supposed to do?”

There was a chorus of affirmative answers. “All right. I’ll check in later,” the leader said, “and Billy, you’re in charge. Take good care of our guests.” Then he pulled Billy aside and whispered a warning to him.

“Got ya boss!” Billy answered.

Kevin and Kathy had heard most of the conversation. They hoped that Quentin would deliver the $5 million and then their kidnappers would let them go free. “I guess we’d better try to sleep,” Kevin said pulling on the chain to make sure he couldn’t get loose. Then, his mother snuggled into his arm.

Several hours later, Kevin awoke with a start. He was having a dream. Incredibly, it wasn’t about being kidnapped; it was about his mother and they were having six. Then, he realized that he was lying with his front to his mother’s back in a spoon fashion. His left arm was shackled above his head. His free right arm was over her body and his hand was cupping her breast. His penis was rock hard and had slipped out of his boxer shorts and it had wedged between his mother’s ass cheeks. He started to pull away but his mother moaned and pulled his arm tightly to her chest. Now he could feel her hard nipple under her bra in the palm of his hand and his penis throbbed between her cheeks. There wasn’t much room on the single bed, so he couldn’t pull away.

Suddenly, Kevin had a dilemma. Should he just reach down and move his penis or let it stay there and just enjoy the excitement of being so close to his mother. He really knew the adult thing to do, however, his teenaged libido was rapidly gaining control. His face flushed hot and his penis pulsed. Slowly, he began to saw his penis back and forth between the wonderfully soft cheeks. He could feel the little strip of his mother’s thong panties rubbing against the head. The tip of his penis was dripping juice, making the friction pleasurable.

Kathy moaned in her sleep and pressed her buttocks back. Her hand pressed Kevin’s palm even tighter to her breast. It seemed to Kevin that she might be having the same kind of dream.

A little moan escaped Kevin’s lips and his heart pounded in his chest. Almost without warning, the swollen head of his penis pulsed and his cum shot out, squirting between his mother’s cheeks and over his underwear. Throb after throb sent his sperm between their bodies. When his balls were empty, his body relaxed and he fell back to sleep.

Kevin awoke the following morning before his mother did. He thought it was daylight, however in the closed room he couldn’t be sure. He looked at his watch on the arm above his head and saw that it was 6:30 in the morning. Then pain shot through his shoulder, reminding him of his uncomfortable position. His left side ached and his body felt stiff. It was amazing that he had slept at all considering the circumstances. Suddenly, he remembered what happened last night. He looked down and saw that his sperm had dried on his shorts and his mother’s buttocks, so he knew it wasn’t just a dream. Using his shorts, he tried to gently wipe up the evidence of his indiscretion.

When his mother stirred, Kevin pulled his hand away. She turned over and opened her eyes. There was a confused look on her face, but then she moaned when she realized where she was.

“It’s okay Mom. We’ll get out of this,” he said reading her mind.

Suddenly, the door opened and a man with a ski mask came in carrying two plates of eggs, bacon, and toast. Behind him, another man came in carrying an automatic weapon. The man with the food set it on the table and walked over to them with a key in his hand to unlock the cuffs.

“All right, don’t either of you try anything funny, or you’ll regret it. You got some food here, and you can use the bathroom and take a shower,” he said pointing to the other door. Then he left the room, leaving the man with the weapon sitting in a chair watching them.

Kevin and his mother got up, moaning as they stretched their aching muscles. They ate breakfast and both took a shower, putting the same underwear back on.

The eyes behind the mask of the man with the gun never left them.

Kevin moved around him carefully, looking for any opportunity. He could see him watching his mother and fought to control his anger.

Kathy felt very exposed. Her flesh colored bra and panties did little to hide her nakedness. She could feel his eyes watching her every move.

When they finished eating and bathing, the man with the key came back in and attached them to the bed again. This time, he used a slightly longer chain so that they could sit up. However, their bodies had to press together on the small bed. The facility had obviously been set up for one person so it was very uncomfortable for two people. When the kidnapper finished locking the two of them to the hook in the wall, he and the man with the gun left again.

Kevin and Kathy spent the day on the bed talking and worrying about what was going to happen. Time seemed to crawl by. However, Kevin didn’t mind as much as he should have. After all, he was sitting on a bed with the woman he loved, half-naked. He had a difficult time willing his penis to stay soft. His mother’s naked thighs rubbed on his the entire time. He had to force his eyes away from her body. When he allowed himself to look, he could see her nipples through the thin bra. Several times, he glanced between her legs and could see the tight thong panties tucked between her hairless lips. That sent a charge of electricity to his penis.

Their guards came in several times with food and to let them use the bathroom, but otherwise they left them alone. Kevin took the opportunity to ask his mother some pointed questions.

“Mom, do you love Quentin?”

The question came unexpectedly and shocked Kathy. “Uh… he’s providing for us.” It was an evasive answer but answered the question nonetheless.

“But what about love, Mom? Isn’t love important?”

Kathy sighed and was silent for a long time. “Yes, love’s important. I… I thought I was doing the right thing in marrying him. I was thinking of what was best for us.”

“But you don’t love him, do you?”

Kathy was silent again. Then she whispered, “No.”

Inside, Kevin was screaming with glee. However, on the outside he tried not to show it. “So when… and I mean ‘when,’ we get out of this I think we should pack and get out.”

“But, what are we going to do?” she asked almost rhetorically.

“We’ll make it,” Kevin said confidently. Kevin took her silence to mean that she agreed to leave.