Life Happens – Part 7


Chapter 7

Kathy was restless all evening waiting for Kevin to come home. She was constantly checking the security system to see if a car had pulled into the driveway, although there was a signal that sounded when a car approached.

Quentin was very security conscious and had installed an elaborate security system that included numerous cameras all over the inside and outside of the house. One entire room was dedicated to the security equipment. Kathy had no idea what the purpose was for most of the equipment. However, Quentin had taught her how to use the PC and monitor. She could display twelve of the cameras on the screen at one time. Alternately, the large screen could display one camera with the ability to zoom in close. The outside area of the house was alarmed to warn if there was anyone approaching on foot or by vehicle.

It was almost 11 PM when the security system alerted Kathy that a car was pulling into the driveway. She rushed to the security room and saw Kevin’s car pulling up the driveway. She hit a button and filled the screen with the view from a camera over the garage, pointing toward the driveway. The bright floodlights highlighted that there were two occupants in the car.

Kathy’s mouth went dry when she realized that Kevin was bringing “that woman” to their house. Her blood began to boil. She zoomed the camera in and could clearly see Kevin and Sherry. Suddenly, she gasped because she could see that her son’s hard penis was sticking out of his pants and Sherry had her hand wrapped around it.

Kevin pulled up close to the garage and stopped the car. He glanced up and saw that the security camera was situated perfectly. As soon as he stopped the car, he pulled Sherry into his arms and kissed her. He groaned as she squeezed his erection in her fist.

“I don’t believe this,” Kathy said aloud in an angry voice. She watched as her son and the older woman kissed. Then her eyes grew wider as she saw him push her back and unbutton her blouse, freeing both breasts.

“Kevin, what are you doing?” Sherry asked as he pushed her blouse wide open.

“Getting you comfortable,” he answered.

“But the neighbors… and your mother!”

“Don’t worry, there aren’t any neighbors anywhere near here and I told you, my Mom is asleep. She takes sleeping pills and goes to bed at ten,” he lied.

Sherry groaned and then fell into his arms as he kissed her, pressing her naked chest to his. Her hand searched and found his pulsing rod again.

Kevin hoped that his mother was watching. He knew that she checked the security cameras at night when the alarm sounded. If she was watching, she was going to get a good show.

“Oh God,” Sherry moaned when Kevin’s mouth moved from her lips to her neck and his tongue began to lick across the swell of her breast. She held his head as he licked lower and captured a nipple in his mouth. When she felt his hand on her thigh, she opened her legs wide. There was no use pretending that they weren’t going to have six.

Kathy couldn’t believe the wanton display the hussy in the car was putting on. Her legs were spread so wide that she could see every fold of her sixual parts. Kathy found herself holding her breath as she watched her son’s hand move between her legs and slowly up her thigh. Then a groan escaped Kathy’s lips as she saw Kevin’s finger disappear into the woman’s dripping hole. She could see the woman’s juice on his finger as he began to move it in and out. What a slut, she thought. Yet her own vagina was dripping juice into her panties as she watched.

Inside the car, the two lovers were moaning in excitement. Sherry’s hips began to move up and down, forcing Kevin’s finger deeper into her throbbing hole. “Oh God Kevin, I’ve got to have you. Take me inside and fall me!” Sherry hissed.

Kevin smiled, then jumped out of the car, and rushed around to open the door. When Sherry stepped out, he pulled her into his arms for another kiss. Her blouse was still open and her bare breasts pressed to his chest as he squeezed her tight. Then he grabbed her hand and led her up the sidewalk to the door. He loved the way her breasts bounced as she walked. His own penis was still outside his pants.

Sherry reached over and took hold of Kevin’s penis as if she were afraid that he wouldn’t bring it with him.

It seemed to take forever for Kevin to get his keys out and unlock the door. However, Sherry wasn’t making it any easier. She bent over and licked the dripping head of his penis, making him almost drop his keys. Then they burst into the house, stopping to kiss and fondle each other several times on their way to the living room.

Kathy switched the cameras so that she could follow the two. There were three cameras focused on the living room. When the two lovers reached the couch, Kathy zoomed the cameras in.

Kevin practically ripped Sherry’s skirt off, popping the button at the waist in his haste. Then, he pushed her back onto the sofa and knelt at her feet. He bent his head and began to kiss up her nylon-covered thigh. When he reached the warm flesh above the nylon, he heard Sherry moan. He looked up to see her eyes staring down at him. Slowly, he lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders.

“Kevin, what are you doing?” Sherry hissed, her breath coming in great gasps.

He looked at her like he didn’t understand. “I’m going to eat you,” he said, figuring that she wanted to hear him say it.

Sherry sucked in her breath. “Oh my God… uh… oh Jesus… I’ve… I’ve never had that done.”

“Really?” Kevin asked, totally shocked.

“No. Uh… Jim… uh my husband… wouldn’t… uh… wouldn’t do it.”

Kevin’s face lit up with a smile and he bent his head to kiss her thighs again. He used his tongue to tease the tender skin on the inside of one thigh before switching to the other.

Sherry couldn’t keep her hips still as she squirmed on the sofa. She couldn’t believe that this young boy was actually going to eat her. That he was actually going to put his mouth on her vagina. Her husband thought that was too nasty.

Now, Kevin was teasing her and driving her crazy with anticipation. Little whimpers began to escape her throat and she could feel juice dripping from her swollen lips. “Please Kevin! Please!”

Kevin pulled back and said, “Please what?”

Sherry didn’t hesitate. She was way beyond being coy. “Please eaaaattttt meeeee! Oh God, suck my pussssssyyyyy!!!”

Kevin opened his mouth and pushed his face into her center.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!” Sherry screamed as she felt his lips and tongue on her swollen six. “Oh God, oh God, oh God.” Suddenly, Sherry grabbed his head and pulled him hard into her wet flesh. Her hips bucked up into his face as a strong climax rushed through her. It felt like she was on the roller coaster at the fair again. Her head was spinning from lack of oxygen and her mouth gasped for breath. She had never experienced anything like this before. One climax followed another, until they blended into a kaleidoscope of colorful fireworks in her head.

Kevin’s face was flooded with her juice. He pressed his tongue deep into her open hole, teasing the pulsing walls inside her vagina and tasting her sweet flavor. He could barely hear Sherry screaming because her thighs were pressed so tightly to the side of his head and her hands were pulling him violently into her. She almost smothered him in the process, but he loved her reaction. It was nice to have someone appreciate being eaten. He thought briefly of his mother on this sofa and how she had shunned his advances. A little thrill of revenge went through him.

Upstairs, Kathy was still staring at the monitor. She couldn’t believe what she was watching or hearing. She had the sound turned up and could hear Kevin’s mouth sucking and the screams of the climaxing woman. Her own hips were moving without her realizing it and the crotch of her panties was soaked, in spite of her jealousy. Suddenly, the thought occurred to her that she could have been on that sofa. Then she pushed it from her mind. That was wrong. She couldn’t let that happen.

Each time Sherry thought she couldn’t climax anymore, Kevin touched a new place and took her over the top again. His tongue delved into her time after time, licking her juice from her hole. Juice was pouring out of her like a river, dribbling between her cheeks and onto the sofa.

Finally, Sherry lost all the strength in her arms and legs, and fell back in exhaustion. She watched Kevin through her blurry eyes, as he continued to kiss her still pulsating six. He now kissed her gently and with less urgency, lapping up the juice that had run down to her buttocks or splattered on her thighs. She began to caress his head, running her fingers lovingly through his hair.

When Kevin pulled his mouth from Sherry’s six, his face was a sticky mess. Her juice was smeared across his cheeks and chin. It was even in his eyebrows. A smile was on his face as he licked his lips and looked at his exhausted partner.

In the room upstairs, his mother was shaking in her chair. Her vagina was still pulsing with illicit excitement from watching her son please the woman. No matter how much she wanted to deny it, the scene had excited her incredibly. Her trembling fingers zoomed the camera in, this time on her son’s face. Then she zeroed the other in on Sherry’s still swollen six. She moaned and reached between her legs to touch her own very swollen six lips. God, that woman has more juice than I’ve ever seen, she thought.

Kevin stood up in front of Sherry, his swollen penis still outside his pants and pulsing with need. He used the back of his hand to wipe his mouth, then quickly stripped his shirt off, and reached for his belt.

Sherry moaned and sat up. She pushed his hands away and took over the task of opening his pants, staring at his throbbing erection inches from her mouth. Sherry could smell Kevin’s excitement. Her mouth began to water as she watched his penis pulse and drip his pre-cum juice. As soon as she had his pants open, she let them drop to the floor and grasped his buttocks. Suddenly, she wanted desperately to suck him. It was something her husband rarely let her do.

Kevin moaned as Sherry opened her mouth wide and pulled on his hips. He shivered as he felt the warmth of her mouth envelop him. He saw her eyes close in pleasure as her mouth stretched around him and her cheeks bulged outward. Kevin took her head in his hands. He slowly moved her head back and forth, loving the way her saliva dripped from his penis and her chin. I love it he thought with a smile; she’s a messy cocksucker!

There was another moan, but it came from upstairs and was unheard by the couple on the sofa. Kathy spread her legs and continued to rub her panty-covered crotch as she watched the older woman begin to suck her son. Her own mouth began to water as she watched Sherry take her son’s penis into her mouth.

Kevin let Sherry suck and lick him until he felt like he was on the edge. Then he pulled back and went to his knees again, his throbbing penis pointing at her still quivering hole.

“Uh… sweetie… uh… do you have… uh a uh… rubber. I’m not on anything.”

“Sure,” Kevin said with a smile. “I was a Boy Scout and I always come prepared.” He reached into his pants and pulled out his wallet, retrieving a rubber he kept there just in case. When he tried to open it though, his fingers were shaking so bad that he almost dropped it.

“Here,” Sherry said, taking the packet from the struggling young man. Now that she had been satisfied, she could control the situation a little better. She opened the packet and pulled out the rubber. She kissed the dripping tip of Kevin’s penis and moaned. Then she took it into her mouth again, letting her saliva cover his shaft. When it was dripping, she rolled the rubber down his shaft, bringing a moan from his lips. After she had his penis encased in the shiny rubber, she stood up, turned Kevin around, and pushed him to the sofa. “Let me do a little of the work,” she said with a smile, straddling his legs, her knees on either side of his thighs.

Kevin moaned as Sherry pulled his face into her large and soft breasts. As she held his head between her soft orbs, she reached down and grasped his penis. First, she began to circle the rubber-covered tip around her swollen lips. Then slowly, she lowered herself, taking him into her body, inch by inch.

Kathy moaned as she watched her son’s penis slide into Sherry. The center camera had a perfect view between their legs. She could see Sherry’s juice begin to coat the rubber. Unable to control herself any longer, Kathy stood up, stripped off her panties hastily, and sat back down with her legs spread wide. Slowly, she slid two fingers into her own dripping six. “Ahhhhhhhh!!!” she hissed and lifted her hips in excitement.

On the sofa, Kevin began to moan as Sherry slowly moved up and down. He knew that his first climax wasn’t far off. Her warm and tight cavern was just too tight to delay his pleasure. “Oh God Sherry, I don’t… don’t think I can… can last long,” he gasped.

“Go ahead baby, cum,” Sherry said, her own excitement growing again as she began to move rapidly up and down. “Come for me baby. Fill that rubber with your sweet cum!”

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” Kevin moaned as he felt his balls tighten. “Ahhhhhhhh!!!” he screamed as his own built up cum poured into the nipple end of the condom.

“Oh God,” Sherry moaned as a little climax went through her. She was surprised that she could climax again so soon.

Kathy was moaning as well. Her legs were now spread as wide as possible and her fingers were working rapidly in and out of her stretched hole. Suddenly, her body convulsed and her legs closed around her hand. “Ohhhhhhh!!!” she hissed as a strong climax ripped through her making her shake so much that she almost fell from the chair.

Sherry pressed her breasts to Kevin’s face as she took deep breaths. She could feel Kevin’s penis still pulsing inside her. She could almost feel the rubber stretching to hold all of his semen. A little chill when through her suddenly. What if the rubber were to break? she thought.

However, it stretched but held his potent juice inside. After several minutes, his penis had lost little of its stiffness. Then she began to wonder if he had climaxed.

She looked down at him and said, “Did you… did you…?”

“Oh yes,” Kevin smiled. Then he put his hands on her hips, lifted her up slightly, and brought her back down on his penis.

Sherry looked at him in amazement and smiled. “You’re pretty incredible,” she said as she began to move up and down again.

This time, their coupling was slow and sensual. Sherry moved her hips up and down and back and forth, bringing her and Kevin renewed pleasure.

Since Kevin had climaxed so recently, he could go on for a long time.

Sherry worked on him, climaxing several times. Then she squealed when Kevin stood up, holding her in his arms. She felt so tiny in his arms. She had her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Kevin grasped her buttocks and lifted her up as he spread his legs for balance. He held Sherry like that, moving her up and down like she was as light as a feather. His hips bucked, forcing his penis deep into her with each plunge. He moved her around like a rag doll. His fingers reached under her and touched the swollen lips that were wrapped tightly around his penis. He could feel her juice dripping onto his balls.

Sherry felt like she was sitting on a small baseball bat. Her weight and Kevin’s movements were stretching her vagina like never before. She could feel the head of his rubber-covered penis touch her cervix with each stroke. Just when she thought she couldn’t climax again, she felt pleasure start to build deep inside her. She squeezed her arms tightly around Kevin’s neck and her legs locked behind his back. A long wail escaped her lips as another strong climax rushed through her.

Kevin smiled to himself as the older woman shook in his arms. There is something to be said for youth, he thought. Before Sherry had a chance to recover from her climax, he turned her around and placed her on the sofa, his penis still deep inside. Then he lifted her legs until they were on his shoulders and she was almost doubled over on her back. His lips captured hers again as he began to pound into her stretched hole. Within seconds, his hips became a blur as he forced himself in and back out of her.

Sherry’s moans turned into continuous grunts of pleasure. “Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Goddddd! Kevinnnnnn! Jesus, fall meeeee!”

Kathy could hear the sound of Kevin’s rubber covered penis as it sliced in and out of the excited woman. The slapping of Kevin’s thighs and testicles against her ass reverberated around the room.

Finally, Kevin began to reach his peak for the second time. Sweat dripped from his body and he was nearing exhaustion when he groaned that he was going to come. His body tensed and he froze with his penis deep inside Sherry. Then, his penis contracted, filling the condom for the second time with his potent sperm.

By the time Kevin and Sherry separated, Kathy had exhausted herself. She sat in the chair, with her legs spread and her bathrobe carelessly flung open. She watched the screen with half closed eyes, her vagina stretched and red. The fingers of both hands were covered in her juice.

Finally, Kevin stood up on shaky legs, pulled the condom from his limp penis, and placed it carefully in a decorative ceramic dish on the coffee table. He brought Sherry to her feet and they kissed for a long time. Then they dressed and he walked her to the car. As they stood by the car, Kevin began to kiss her again. He pressed his groin into her and let her feel his new erection.

“Down boy,” Sherry said with a smile. “You’ve exhausted me. It’ll take me a couple of days before my pussy is ready for you again.”

Kevin opened the door for Sherry and let her get into his car. He drove her home with a smile on his face. Going out with Sherry had worked far better than he had planned. It had been fun, but more importantly, he knew that his mother was jealous.

Sherry rode home with Kevin a very satisfied woman with a wide grin on her face. She was going to have to start back on the pill. She really wanted to feel Kevin’s sperm in her.

As soon as the front door closed, Kathy went out into the hallway. She had seen Kevin take the condom off and leave it on the table. She didn’t want to have him embarrassed in the morning so she went down to throw it away.

At least that was her intention.

She walked over to the coffee table and looked down at the used condom. Her hand began to shake as she picked it up and then held it up to the light. The nipple end and a full quarter of the rubber was filled with Kevin’s copious discharges. She could almost see those little potent sperm swimming around in the white fluid. As she walked back upstairs to the bathroom carrying the rubber, her breathing became erratic again. She closed the bathroom door and leaned against it, the rubber hanging heavily from her fingers. On unsteady legs, she walked over to the toilet, intent on flushing it away.

However, before she dropped it into the water, she hesitated. With a moan, she sat on the toilet and spread her legs. Again, she looked at the contents of the condom. She held it in her hand and felt the warmth. For a second, she almost considered turning the condom up and drinking it. Instead she turned it over and held it above her swollen six lips. She watched as Kevin’s thick cum slowly ran down the inside of the rubber. Almost in slow motion it began to stream out. She watched as it poured onto her stomach, just above her vagina. The still warm liquid ran slowly down her lower stomach and then across her clit. She moaned and spread her legs wider. Soon, her entire six mound was covered with Kevin’s sticky cum. She squeezed the last drops out of the condom. Then her fingers automatically went to the liquid and began to smear it on her vagina. Without considering that she wasn’t taking birth control, she plunged two fingers into her hole, carrying his sperm into her body. Over and over her fingers plunged into her spread hole until it was running with her son’s discharge. She looked down and saw the mess between her legs and groaned. Suddenly, her legs closed over her hand as another strong climax hit her. She shuddered and gasped as she convulsed in pleasure.
When Kathy left the bathroom, the condom was lying on the floor empty. She went to bed that night with her son’s semen dripping from her vagina.


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