Life Happens – Part 6


Chapter 6

“Are you sure you don’t want to get a movie and stay home with me?” Kathy asked when Kevin came downstairs, ready to go out.

“Some other time Mom. I have to hurry or I’ll be late. Bye,” Kevin said and kissed his mother on the cheek.

“Damn,” Kathy said aloud as Kevin walked out the door.

Sherry was ready when Kevin arrived. Tonight, she had chosen to wear a white blouse that buttoned down the front, a pleated blue skirt, white tennis shoes, and white socks with little blue bows at the ankles. Considering her already short stature, the affect was to make her look much younger.

“Wow, you look great Sherry,” Kevin said sincerely. He tried not to stare but he could see her naked breasts under her thin blouse. She probably doesn’t have any panties on either, he thought with a smile. Tonight was the night. He had it all planned.

Kevin took Sherry to the fair, which was held each year on a large parcel of land just outside of town. The two of them were like kids, eating cotton candy, riding on all the rides and stuffing themselves with junk food. Kevin won Sherry a giant stuffed teddy bear by knocking down three milk bottles.

Later in the evening, as they were walking down the mid-way, Kevin took a chance and reached for Sherry’s hand. He smiled when she didn’t pull away

They got plenty of strange looks from passersby, but Sherry just smiled and squeezed his hand.

Then he directed her over to the “Pirate’s Cove.” It was supposed to be a scary ride with pirates and bandits jumping out to scare the riders. However, everyone knew that it was nothing more than a place for teenagers to make out. It was one of the most popular rides every year and Kevin had been on it plenty of times.

Kevin bought the tickets and they stepped into a car that looked like a pirate ship with a high bow and stern. It provided them privacy from the people in front and back of them. They snuggled next to each other as the cars began to slowly move into the dark tunnel. As soon as they were out of sight, Kevin turned and kissed Sherry.

She moaned and kissed him back, her tongue pushing into his mouth immediately.

Within seconds, Kevin’s hand had grasped one of Sherry’s thinly covered breasts. They both moaned when he began to play with the nipple. As their tongues dueled, Kevin began to open her blouse, his fingers shaking as he fumbled with the buttons.

“Kevin,” Sherry sighed into his mouth but she didn’t stop him from opening her blouse, all the way down the front.

Then he pushed the material aside, freeing her breasts to the cool air inside the dark tunnel. It was hard for Kevin to see them in the dark but there was enough light to know that they were large and firm. He kissed her one more time before his lips dropped down and captured a hard nipple in his mouth. Neither of them noticed the animated objects that were supposed to scare them by springing out and making loud noises. However, the noise and the screams coming from the other cars drowned out their own moans.

“Oh God,” Sherry moaned as she pressed her breast into his sucking mouth.

Kevin sucked one soft breast and then the other, leaving both dripping with his saliva. He pushed Sherry back in the car and had her blouse half off her shoulders. Then he went after her breasts again. He kneaded one as he sucked the other and then switched. Now he was like the kid in the candy shop as he played with her sweet treasures.

Sherry moaned and held his head to her chest, her hips squirming on the seat.

Suddenly, Sherry pushed Kevin away and pulled her blouse together. Then she pulled the teddy bear to her chest just as they came out of the tunnel. They tried to sit innocently as they passed the crowd waiting for their turn on the ride. It was mostly teenagers waiting for their chance to neck in the privacy of the tunnel.

Sherry started to giggle as she sat holding the teddy bear over her chest. Kevin looked at her and realized how funny they looked and started to laugh as well.

However, as soon as they were in the dark again, Kevin pushed the teddy bear away and began sucking on her breasts again. As he sucked, his hand went to her thigh. He felt her tremble when his fingers touched her leg, just above the knee. Slowly, he began to push her skirt up. When he felt Sherry open her legs slightly, he grew bolder and moved his hand under her skirt and between the warm flesh of her thighs. Kevin’s hand began to shake when he realized that she wasn’t going to stop him. He moaned when he reached her groin. She wasn’t wearing panties! The entire area was already sopping wet. He could feel her swollen lips touch his fingers. Without any preliminaries, he pushed his middle finger deep into her.

“Oh Jesus,” Sherry moaned and she spread her legs wider, sliding slightly down in the seat, forcing his finger deeper. She knew that she was acting like some horny teenager but she couldn’t help herself. The kid was driving her mad.

Within seconds, Kevin’s finger was making a sloppy sucking sound as it sawed in and out. The noise from his lips on her breasts matched the sound from his finger. Within seconds, his entire hand was soaked with her juice.

Sherry’s hips began to work up and down in tempo with Kevin’s hand movement. Suddenly, Sherry pulled Kevin’s finger from between her legs and grabbed the teddy bear again, her arms holding it to her.

This time when they came out of the tunnel, they were both disheveled and breathing hard. Kevin’s hand was covered with Sherry’s juice. Saliva from his mouth on Sherry’s nipples soaked through the material of her blouse, making it almost transparent. Fortunately, she had the bear to cover herself.

As soon as they in the dark, they were all over each other again. This time, Sherry pushed Kevin back and reached for his zipper. A second later, she moaned as her fingers closed around his hard penis. She jerked her hand up and down inside his pants, wanting to pull it out. However, she was afraid that she couldn’t get it back inside his pants in time. She contented herself with jerking on it and kissing his lips.

Sherry was impressed with the size of Kevin’s hard tool. It seemed to be much larger than her husband’s. It filled her hand nicely and she could tell it was quite long as she moved up and down the length of it. A little moan escaped her lips when her hand circled the swollen head and found that it was pulsing and wet with his pre-cum juice. The knob felt huge. She made a circle with her thumb and index finger and twisted her hand around the sensitive skin, just below the crown.

Kevin moaned and was ready to grab her hand, as his excitement was almost out of control. He was very close to climaxing. Fortunately, before he totally lost control they exited the tunnel again. He watched Sherry hastily remove her hand. Kevin tried to sit innocently but his zipper was wide open and his pants had a huge tent in them.

Each time the two went into the tunnel, their sixual frenzy increased. By the time the ride ended, they were wild with desire. When they exited the ride, Sherry’s blouse was buttoned up but she had buttoned it in the wrong holes and it was hanging out of the waist of her skirt. Kevin had to help her out of the car and down the walkway. His legs weren’t much stronger and he staggered a bit. It was impossible for him to hide the bulge in his pants.

Kevin and Kathy could see some of the teenagers snickering as the two of them passed.

“Let’s get out of here,” Kevin whispered. When he didn’t hear a response from Sherry, he led her to his car. Inside, he began to kiss and fondle her again. However, there were far too many people around. “I’ll take you to my house,” he said.

Sherry thought that was strange. “Why not go to my house?” she asked.

“Mine’s closer.”

“Where’re your parents?”

“My stepfather is out of town and my mother will be in bed.”

Sherry still thought it was strange but she was far too worked-up to protest. Instead, she reached over and opened Kevin’s pants. She had to see his penis. “Oh my,” she exclaimed when she pulled his long shaft out of his pants. Now she could see how big it was in the glowing streetlights. It was much larger than her husband’s. It was throbbing with excitement and running a steady stream of clear juice down the shaft. The head was swollen and purple, the skin stretched and shiny. She reached over and grasped it with her other hand, moving both up and down, smearing his juice over the hot flesh.
“Oh God Sherry,” Kevin moaned and his hips moved up and down as he tried to concentrate on driving. Fortunately, it was only ten minutes from the fair grounds to his house.


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