Life Happens – Part 5


Chapter 5

Kevin was on top of the world after his date and he made sure his mother noticed. It was easy because his excited behavior was real. His plan had been to fake it but now that he had gone out with Sherry, he didn’t have to fake it at all. This was going to be fun, he thought.

His plan was working on his mother better than he thought. She was feeling very jealous. She knew that she should be happy for Kevin but she couldn’t help her feelings. He had always been hers and now she had to share. Besides, the woman was so much older than he is. She is old enough to be his mother, for God’s sake, she thought.

It didn’t take a genius to tell that Kathy was jealous. Kevin knew it by the way she was acting toward him. She wasn’t being mean to him. On the contrary, she was being very nice. She fixed him his favorite dinner on Thursday night and asked if he wanted to get a movie and watch it with her on Friday night.

The disappointment on her face was obvious when Kevin told her that he couldn’t because he was going out with Sherry again.

“Kevin, I don’t like this,” she said, trying to cover her anger.


“Because she’s too old for you!”

“Hell Mom, I’m not going to marry her. I just want to have a little fun,” he said with his boyish smile.

“I’m sorry… it’s not my business,” Kathy said, deciding to try another tactic. She had shunned him and now she was paying the price. “Gee, my feet are so sore today. Would you mind giving me one of your wonderful foot massages after I take a bath?”

“Sure Mom,” Kevin said, trying to hide his excitement. “Where’s Quentin?” he asked, trying to find out if they were going to be alone.

“He’s out of town until Sunday.”

“Good,” Kevin said, not realizing that he had said it aloud.

Later that evening, Kathy came into the living room in a pale blue silk bathrobe and carrying a bottle of lotion. She sat on the sofa, put her feet up, and crossed her legs, the long robe separating high on her thighs. “Ready sweetie?”

Kevin was on the sofa reading when his mother came in. “Sure Mom.” Kevin got up and then sat on the floor, picking up the bottle of lotion. He took one foot and put it in his lap, then smiled up at his mother as his eyes moved up her body, stopping at her exposed thighs. He stared at the dark area where the robe came together. Then he glanced up and saw his mother watching him. Casually, he took the bottle of lotion, squirted it on the foot in his lap, and then used his strong hands to massage the muscles.

“Oh, that feels good,” Kathy said as she relaxed back into the sofa, letting her legs slip apart a little more.

When Kevin looked up this time, he could almost see all the way to her crotch. He felt his penis begin to harden as he continued to rub the foot. He continued to stare, resting his mother’s foot on his crotch, the heel now pressing on his swollen shaft. If his mother noticed, she gave no indication. Her head was back and her eyes were closed. Kevin worked on her toes, the arch of her foot and her ankle, rubbing the cream into her soft skin. Slowly, he moved his hands up to her calf. He heard his mother moan as he worked on the muscle. Now each movement caused her leg to move further apart. With one last little push, her legs opened until Kevin could see his mother’s vagina. He suppressed a gasp and his penis sprang to attention. In the dim room light, he could see that the smoothly shaved outer lips and the puffy inner lips were glistening with excitement.

Kathy pretended not to notice what Kevin was doing. However, she was very much aware of her son’s eyes and his hands on her thighs. She knew that he could see everything, as she could feel the cool room air on her now hot and swollen six lips. Her mind was screaming, No! No! However, she didn’t seem to have the strength to close her legs. The room began to spin around her as she felt Kevin’s hands move up to her thighs.

Kevin moved closer to his mother, situating himself between her spread legs. He could see that her eyes were still closed tightly, her head now moving slowly back and forth as if she was saying no. However, her hands stayed by her side, her fingers gripping the cushion.

Was that his lips? Kathy thought as she felt something brush her thigh. She wanted to look but forced her eyes to stay closed. “Ohhhhh!!!” she moaned. This time she was certain. Her son was kissing her bare thigh. Then she felt him push her legs further apart. He was inches away from her swollen lips. Now, she could feel his breath on her vagina.

This is it, Kevin thought. He could see her wet and swollen six before his eyes. He could smell her excitement. His head bent forward, his lips just touching skin…

“Rinnnnnnggggggg, rinnnnnnggggg.”

Suddenly, Kathy jumped as the phone next to her began to ring.

Kevin was also startled, almost falling onto his butt.

“Hello,” Kathy gasped into the phone as she pulled her robe tightly around her and turned away from Kevin. “Hi Quentin. No, everything is okay. I just had to run to the phone. So, how was your day?”

Kevin knew the spell had been broken. He had been so close, so close. He stood up and tossed the bottle of cream onto the sofa, then turned and walked out of the room. He could feel his mother’s eyes on his back. Well, back to plan “A”, he thought, undeterred. Kevin was still very excited as he walked up the stairs. He went directly into her hamper and pulled out a pair of his mother’s panties. Within seconds, he was squirting his cum into the crotch. He smiled as he boldly left the soggy panties lying on her bathroom sink, his white cream shimmering in large gobs on the gusset.

Kathy sighed with relief and regret. She was only going to tease Kevin but it had gotten out of hand. She was thankful that the phone had rung when it did or she didn’t know what would have happened. However, she felt bad for Kevin. It wasn’t right for her to tease him, but then she thought of Sherry and her blood began to boil.

“Are you there?” Quentin asked when there was a long silence.

“Uh… uh… yes, sorry. I’m just so tired tonight.”

When Kathy finished talking with Quentin she walked upstairs, stopping at Kevin’s closed door. She lifted her hand to knock but hesitated. She had no idea what she was going to say. Then she sighed and walked to her bathroom to get ready for bed. The first thing she saw was a pair of her panties lying on the counter. She picked them up, intending to throw them back into the hamper, but stopped. A little gasp escaped her lips when she saw that the crotch was filled with sperm. She stood paralyzed looking at the sodden cloth. It was still warm in her hand and she could smell the sperm. Her chest began to heave and her heart raced as she raised the panties as if she wasn’t sure what was on them. She held the panties in her shaking hand. A little moan escaped her lips as she stuck out her tongue and licked upward. A large glob of Kevin’s cum coated her tongue. She shivered as she brought her tongue back into her mouth. Suddenly, her legs began to tremble and her vagina throbbed. She had to grasp the counter as a climax roared through her, shaking her to the very core.

When Kathy finally caught her breath, she looked at the wet panties and, as she had done so many times before, she held them out and stepped into the leg holes. She was breathing heavily again as she slowly pulled them up her thighs. Another gasp escaped her as the sperm covered gusset touched her hairless vagina. She pulled them up tight, forcing the material between her swollen lips. As she walked into the bedroom, she could feel the crotch rubbing between her lips, mixing her juices with those of her son.

Kathy went to bed wearing the wet panties and tasting her son’s sperm in her mouth. She woke up several times and fingered herself to orgasm by pressing the wet material to her swollen clit.


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