Life Happens – Part 3


Chapter 3

The wedding was painful beyond Kevin’s imagination. He sat in the church, trying to appear happy while seething inside. He watched Quentin smile at the guests and act like he was a proud husband. Kevin knew the truth. He only wanted his mother because she looked good on his arm, a trophy wife. He’s scum! Kevin screamed inside his head.

After Kathy and Quentin returned from the honeymoon, things settled into a routine. Kevin began college at a local community college, paying his own tuition. He may have had to live in Quentin’s house, but he never wanted to owe him a dime. While the two men were relatively courteous to one another, they rarely spoke. However, there were times when Kevin wanted to hit him because of the way he talked to his mother. He seemed to always talk down to her, bossing her around like she was his personal slave.

While Kevin despised the man personally, he also felt there was something strange about his business relationships. He had seen unsavory characters come to the house for “business,” and wondered what kind of business he did. In fact, he did a little investigation and found that Quentin owned some kind of import-export company. They seemed to be shipping and receiving stuff from all over the world.

Kevin also wondered about his mother’s six life now. He could hear her moaning at night and wondered if it was in pleasure or pain. They seemed to be happy but he could see subtle changes in his mother. She spoke up less, deferring to him most of the time. She almost seemed afraid of him.

Kevin wasn’t afraid of him physically. He had just passed his test as a 4th degree black belt. Besides, Quentin was about five nine and he was six foot one in his stocking feet and out-weighed him by thirty pounds. However, he was a little concerned about his mobster like friends. They appeared to be dangerous.

One evening, Kevin came home unexpectedly and was going to his room when he heard noises. He knew Quentin was home so he figured that his mom and him were at it again. Instead of going to his room, he tiptoed down the hall. Their bedroom door was open. When he looked in, he almost gasped aloud.

Kevin saw his mother on the bed face down, with pillows piled under her stomach. Quentin was on top of her, moving up and down.

At first, Kevin thought they were having regular six. However, as he watched, he realized that his penis wasn’t in her vagina; it was in her rear hole. He stared at the point where their bodies met and could see his penis moving in and out of his mother’s ass. He heard her moan again in pleasure. Or, was she in pain. Each time Quentin moved up, his penis almost came out of her ass. Then he would plunge down hard, bringing a grunt from her. At one point, his penis came all the way out, leaving Kathy’s rear hole open and pulsing. It looked as big around as a silver dollar. It snapped shut before Quentin pushed his penis into her again.

As Kevin watched, he felt his penis begin to harden in spite of his jealousy. On one hand, he was angry that Quentin was using his mother this way, while on the other, he would have loved to be the one doing it. It was all so confusing to him. His anger, jealousy, and excitement merged, creating emotional turmoil that was driving him to distraction.

“That’s it baby, take my cock in your ass. You know you love it. You know you love my long cock up that tight ass.” Quentin grunted in pleasure as he continued to pound the tiny hole.

Kathy was whimpering, half in pleasure and half in pain. She was open for just about anything that Quentin wanted to do and let him have her rear hole when he wanted. However, it wouldn’t have been so bad if he had been gentle. She knew that she could enjoy it with a little tender loving care. Nonetheless, it was somewhat pleasurable in a strange, almost masochistic way. She found that she was enjoying that role in six more and more.

As Quentin kept pounding into her, she felt excitement building. Maybe it was a little bit of submissiveness coming out. She was trapped under him, her hips immobilized by the position, and he was holding her arms to the bed. Deep inside, she could feel something happening. She spread her legs and thrust her hips up, forcing him deeper into her bowels.

“Oh God baby, I’m going to cum,” Quentin hissed. He plunged in deep and then pulled all the way out. He looked down and saw his wife’s hole almost obscenely stretched open. Suddenly, his penis throbbed and began to squirt his cum into the opening, splattering on her spread ass cheeks as well.

Kathy sighed in sixual frustration.

Kevin had seen enough. He rushed out of the house and to his car. After driving around for a while, he went to the gym. Karate had been his salvation for a long time. It gave him an outlet for his anger. However, when he was done smashing boards and cinderblocks, his knuckles were bruised and bloodied, and he didn’t feel any better.

When Kevin came home several hours later, he found his mother sitting alone in the dark living room. She was in a silky bathrobe and had a glass of wine in her hand. He stood in the door for a few minutes watching her. Something seemed to be wrong. He walked into the room.

“Where’s the asshole,” Kevin said before he could stop himself.

“Oh… Kevin, you startled me,” Kathy said. Then she smiled at Kevin briefly and turned serious. “He’s asleep, but please don’t call him that.”

“Sorry Mom,” Kevin said and sat down next to her. “I just hate the way he treats you.”

Normally, Kathy would have defended him but right now, she couldn’t. She let Kevin put his arm around her and pull her into his strong chest. She felt very vulnerable at that moment. Then she saw Kevin’s knuckles. “What on earth happened,” she said, picking up one of his hands.

“Nothing. Just a little too aggressive on the workout.”

“Oh Kevin,” Kathy said and brought his bruised knuckles to her lips and kissed them gently. Then she looked up into his loving eyes. The only sound in the room was their beating hearts. Slowly, with no words spoken, their lips moved together and they were kissing.

Kevin felt like he was going to pass out. He had never felt anything so wonderful in his life. Her lips were soft and wet, just like he had imagined in a thousand dreams. His tongue entered her mouth and touched hers. Chills went up and down his spine when he felt his mother respond by flicking her tongue against his.

Kathy’s head was spinning. This was so wrong her conscience told her, but it felt so good. It had been a long time since someone had kissed her with such tenderness. Somehow, she pried her lips from his, her breath coming in gasps.

“Kevin, stop,” she whispered unconvincingly, but turned her head to let him kiss gently down her neck. Then she allowed him to push her back on the sofa, his body lying half on her. She felt his hand slide up the silky material of her robe and slip inside to the hot skin of her stomach.

She had to stop him. This was insane she told herself as her excitement continued to build. Between her legs, her now swollen six lips began to throb with each beat of her heart. Her little rear hole still pulsed from Quentin’s pounding and his cum still dribbled out.

Kevin’s lips captured hers again and his hand closed over one heaving breast.

They both moaned.

Kathy felt his strong hand squeezing her soft flesh and his thumb began to move back and forth over the hard nipple. Chills raced up her spine. God, this was her own son she was kissing! she thought. Stop! Stop! her conscience screamed.

When Kevin began to kiss down her neck again and then across her chest to the smooth swells of her breast, she sat up abruptly, almost knocking him onto the floor.

“Kevin, this is crazy,” she said. Then she stood up, her robe falling open, exposing both breasts and a hint of the tiny tuff of hair above her vagina. It seemed as if her hands were moving in slow motion as she slowly closed the robe. She looked briefly at Kevin’s crotch and then rushed from the room, almost in a run, her silky robe flowing behind her.

Kevin fell back on the sofa and covered his face with his hands. His heart was beating so fast that he thought he could hear it. In one instant, all his dreams had come true and the next, it was over.


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