Life Happens – Part 2


Chapter 2

Over the past couple of years, Kevin had grown into a handsome and strong young man. He had dated plenty of girls in high school and had had six with quite a few. Yet, although girls were exciting and fun to be with, nothing could come close to the fantasy he held of his mother. The memory of his mother sucking on her boyfriend was burned into his mind forever. While he knew that it was wrong and an impossible dream, he wanted to be the only man in his mother’s life. No one else could take care of her or love her the way he could. If he had his way, she would never have to be pawed by strange men again. And, if any tried… well, he could take care of that. He had even convinced his mother to let him take karate lessons so that he could protect her.

Kathy thought that was sweet and had somehow found the money for his classes.

After the episode in the closet, Kevin took every opportunity to spy on his mother. He would see her getting dressed to go out on a date and secretly watch as she put on her panties, bra, and thigh high nylons. Sometimes he would take his penis out and stroke it as he watched. He also took every opportunity to touch her-his hands roaming over her innocently as they hugged. The feel and smell of her was constantly on his mind. There were times that he would sneak into her closet and wrap himself in her sweet smelling and silky clothes. He knew it was juvenile for a boy his age but he couldn’t stop himself.

Kathy was aware of Kevin’s fascination with her and she knew that he spied on her. However, she thought it was just harmless fantasy and that he would grow out of it. In truth, she felt a little thrill of excitement when she knew that he was peeping on her. Besides, she reasoned, it was good for a boy to love his mother and it didn’t hurt her ego any.

Still, sometimes she worried that it had gone too far, for both of them. Kathy noticed that her panties were often missing and knew that Kevin was using them to masturbate; she found the sticky results in the laundry hamper. She was ashamed to admit that on several occasions she used the sticky crotch to masturbate, even going so far as to wear a pair of the soiled panties to work. It occurred to her that she had developed some very un-mother like feelings toward her son.

Those feelings bubbled over one night, not long after Kevin graduated from high school. Kathy had been dating Quentin for about a year. She came home from a date after drinking a little too much and ended up having six in the car. She was a little bit ashamed that she had six in her own driveway. She snuggled up next to Kevin on the sofa, leaned into his arm, and fell asleep, her head slowly slipping to his lap in the process.

Eventually, Kathy stirred on her son’s lap and turned until her face was pressed against his stomach.

Kevin felt a little shock run through him when he felt his mother’s cheek pressing against his crotch. He held her like that, looking down at her beautiful face for a long time. Then his gaze moved down her body to her substantial breasts, almost bursting out of her white blouse. He could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were plainly visible. It surprised him that her nipples were hard. His pulse started to race.

With his heart pounding in his chest, Kevin slowly opened several buttons of her blouse. This is crazy! he thought, she could wake up at any second. What’s she going to think when she finds her blouse opened halfway to her waist? Still, he slipped another button open. The tight material separated, exposing her breasts, almost to her nipples. Kevin could feel his penis throbbing under the weight of his mother’s head as his eyes stared at her soft flesh. When he started to open one more button, his mother moaned and moved slightly, forcing him to pull his hand away quickly. He waited for a little while, his eyes wandering down her body. He was acutely aware of her cheek pressed against his pajama-covered penis. Since he hadn’t worn underwear, his pajama bottom was the only thing between her soft cheek and his throbbing penis.

Kathy’s feet were on the sofa, her knees leaning against the back, modestly together. This allowed her skirt to slip down to expose an expanse of her silk covered thighs.

Suddenly, Kevin felt her warm breath on his stomach through his tee shirt, sending a chill throughout his body.

Kevin’s hand was shaking when he reached over and pulled her skirt further toward her waist. It didn’t actually need much help because of the raised position of her knees. The silky material slid down her thighs, to the top of her nylons.

Kathy had dozed off but was awakened when she felt her blouse being opened. She knew she should stop Kevin but her own growing excitement made her hesitate. Underneath her cheek, she could feel his erection and each throb sent an electric shock through her. She was surprised that she was becoming excited so soon after having six, not to mention that it was her son making it happen.

Kevin’s mouth was bone dry as he looked at his mother’s exposed thighs. He could see a hint of the soft white flesh above her nylon tops. If she would just move a little bit, he would be able to see her panties.

Suddenly, Kathy moaned and her knees fell open slightly.

“Oh my God,” Kevin whispered as he looked between her legs. She didn’t have any panties on! He had seen her naked before, but never this close. He could see that she shaved all but a little tuft of pubic hair at the top. The lips of her vagina were swollen and wet. He could actually smell the pungent aroma coming from between her legs. It made his head spin with excitement.

Suddenly, Kevin realized that his mother had recently had six; there was no mistaking the sticky liquid that was running from between the lips. Kevin’s breathing was labored as he stared between his mother’s legs. He imagined it was his sperm leaking out of her. While anger and jealousy raged deep inside, he was nonetheless excited. He lifted his hips slightly, pressing his penis to his mother’s cheek. She moaned and squirmed in his lap, producing friction on the throbbing shaft. Kevin felt his penis throb and suddenly, almost without warning, it began to pump his hot sperm into his pajama bottoms. He was more than just a little mortified that he hadn’t been able to control himself. Yet, there was nothing he could do as throb after throb sent his discharge into his pajamas.

Kathy could feel her son’s penis throbbing and knew that he was climaxing. This had gone way beyond acceptable behavior. However, as twisted as her logic was, she had a reason for exposing herself to her son. She rationalized that if Kevin saw that she was having six with someone, he would realize that it could never be him. The plan began to backfire when her excitement took over. Now, not all the liquid flowing out of her was from her lover.

When Kathy felt Kevin’s penis throbbing under her, a little tremor rushed up and down her body, making her shiver with unwanted pleasure. Without thinking, she pressed her head down harder. When she felt his warm discharge against her cheek, she almost gasped aloud. However, instead of pulling away in shock, she gently circled her cheek, as if she were trying to get comfortable, creating a large wet spot on his pajamas. Suddenly, an involuntary shiver went through her. Her swollen six lips throbbed as an unexpected climax consumed her. She pressed her face to the wet and now sticky material as she bit her lip to prevent a moan from escaping.
Fortunately, Kevin was too far into his own sensual world of pleasure to notice his mother’s climax or her very un-mother like actions.

Eventually the day came that Kevin dreaded more than anything that he could possibly imagine-Quentin Randolph asked Kathy to marry him. Kevin knew that it could, and probably would happen someday, but had prayed that it never would. A “yes” from his mother would make his fantasy world come tumbling down around him.

Kathy mulled it over for a long time before deciding that she would say yes. While she knew that Kevin would be devastated, she also knew that it would be the best thing for them. For one thing, she was 33 and wanted another child. Besides, life had been financially difficult and she had no idea where she would get the money for Kevin’s college. Quentin had a lot of money and had agreed to pay his tuition.

Quentin figured it was money well spent if he could get the kid out of the house. He didn’t like the boy and the less he saw of him the better. Kevin would definitely get in the way of his plans.

There was another reason that Kathy wanted to get married. Since the incident on the sofa, she had begun to have fantasies about Kevin on a regular basis. At first, it started as dreams at night and then, it progressed to daydreams when she was awake. Now she would look at her handsome son and visualize him naked, his long penis hard and pulsing. She would see his shaft pounding into her, bringing her climax after climax. She masturbated frequently with that thought in her mind. She would have been even more shocked had she known that her fantasy mirrored her sons.

In addition to her fantasies, she had a secret little fetish of wearing panties that Kevin had used to masturbate with. It had progressed to the point where she was doing it at least once a week. She chastised herself but still gave in to the incredibly sixy feeling of going to work with the wet crotch rubbing against her swollen lips.

Kevin knew nothing of his mother’s fantasies and thought that she knew nothing of his. It was his little secret. She would never be interested in him anyway. He figured her new lover was keeping her satisfied because he would often hear her screaming in pleasure as he lay in bed at night. He masturbated on many occasions to her moans of pleasure, climaxing as she climaxed.

The day Kevin’s mother told him that she was going to get married was the worst day of Kevin’s life. They were in the living room after dinner when she made the announcement.

One could have heard a pin drop at first and then Kevin screamed, “You can’t marry him Mom!”

“Kevin, please. Quentin is a nice man and besides, he has money.”

“Mom, Quentin Randolph the ‘third’,” he said, almost spitting the word third, “is a wealthy jerk who treats you like dirt. Don’t let our situation cause you to make a decision you will regret for the rest of your life,” Kevin pleaded.

“Kevin, he can take care of us and he’s agreed to pay for your college.”

“We don’t need anybody to take care of us,” he answered angrily, tears coming to his eyes. “I can take care of you,” he said, sounding like a child. “I won’t take any of his blood money anyway. I don’t trust him and we don’t even know where he gets his money.”

Kathy saw the pain in her son’s eyes and pulled him to the sofa. Her own eyes filled with tears. “It’s for the best Kevin,” she repeated as if she were trying to convince herself.

Then Kevin pulled away from his mother rushed out of the house with tears streaming down his cheeks.


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