Life Happens – Part 12 The End


Chapter 12

The following morning, Kevin was just a bit sheepish when he saw his mother in the kitchen. However, if she was uncomfortable, she didn’t show it. He walked in wearing just a short bathrobe. It had belonged to Quentin.

“Good morning sweetie,” she said brightly as she stood in a housedress, fixing him breakfast.

“Morning Mom,” Kevin said and walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed her neck and brought shivers to her. Then he worked his tongue up to her ear, circling it and making her squeal. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too but you’re going to make me burn your breakfast.”

“Breakfast can wait,” he said as his hands captured her breasts.

“Kevin, please,” Kathy protested weakly. Then she felt him drop his hands and begin to pull her dress up until it was above her waist.

As Kevin suspected, she wasn’t wearing panties. Kevin’s penis was erect now. It slipped out of his robe and pressed to her ass cheeks.

“Ohhhhhh!” Kathy moaned when she felt his penis touching her.

Kevin bent his knees until his penis slipped between his mother’s legs from behind. Suddenly, he felt her wet six lips caressing the top of his shaft.

“Oh God Kevin,” Kathy said as she felt him begin to saw back and forth, his hot flesh sliding through her rapidly swelling lips but outside her hole. Suddenly, Kathy was in turmoil. If she moved just slightly, his penis would slide into her. It would be so easy, she thought. However, instead, she squeezed her thighs together tightly, putting pressure on Kevin’s penis. Then she began to move back and forth rapidly. She looked down and could see the head of his penis slipping back and forth between her thighs. She squatted just a little, putting more pressure on the shaft.

“Oh God Mom,” Kevin cried and suddenly, he was squirting his juice across her lips and down her thighs.

Kathy continued to move and kept pressure on Kevin’s penis until it began to soften.

A little moan escaped Kevin’s lips as he backed away from his mother and fell into a chair at the table.

“Now, let me finish breakfast. A young man expends a lot of protein in a day, so you need your nourishment,” Kathy said with a laugh, referring to her dripping thighs. That was too close, I’m going to have to start taking birth control pills, she thought.

In the days and weeks that followed, Kevin and his mother continued to pleasure one another. Kathy remained reluctant to go “all the way.” However, they did just about everything else. Kathy would curl up on the couch as Kevin watched TV and nurse on his hard penis. She would lick and suck him for a long time, pleasuring herself as much as him. She never refused him when he showed that he wanted her mouth. Sometimes she would want it rough, letting him take her mouth like it was her vagina. Once, he had her lay with her head back and over the arm of the sofa as he stood at the end. In that manner, her mouth and throat were on a direct angle to his penis. He would literally “fall” her mouth, watching his penis ripple down her throat. It was always an incredible feeling to feel her throat muscles reacting to his long shaft. It felt like she was milking him, and in fact, she was.

Kevin gave back to his mother as well. He would eat her anytime and every time she wanted. One time she was on the phone in the kitchen talking to a friend. He came in and slid to his knees under her dress. His intent was only to tease her. However, when his mother began to work her hips on his mouth, he bent his head back, letting her ride his face to a climax as she tried to hold a conversation.

Kathy had avoided having what she considered regular six. She wasn’t sure of the reason. It just didn’t seem right somehow. However, she was constantly in turmoil. Still, she persisted with the exception of one morning about a month after the kidnapping. She was in the kitchen with only a bathrobe on when Kevin came up behind her, like he did almost every morning, and wrapped his arms around her waist. He slid his hard penis between her thighs, slowly moving it across her already wet lips. As usual, Kathy squeezed her thighs together to give him pleasure. However, when she bent slightly forward and leaned on the counter, Kevin’s penis slipped from between her thighs. At this point Kevin was mad with desire. He pushed his penis almost violently back between her thighs.

Kathy screamed, “Kevin no!!!”

Kevin almost stopped but then he heard his mother moan in pleasure and he pushed forward. His penis slipped deep into her tiny asshole. It was entirely an accident but Kevin wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass. His hips worked rapidly, fearing that his mother was going to stop him at any moment.

“Oh Jesus Kevin, nooooo,” Kathy whimpered. Yet she did nothing to stop him. On the contrary, she squatted just a bit and pushed back at her son, allowing him easy access to her rear hole.

It had truly been an accident. However, it was a wonderful accident for Kevin. He made the most of it, pounding into his mother and groaning in pleasure. The feeling of her tight anal sheath squeezing him was too much for him. While he wanted it to last, the incredible tightness of her ass brought him to a peak very quickly. Within minutes of entering his mother’s ass, he grunted and sent the contents of his balls deep into her bowels.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Kathy wailed as she felt his scalding semen coat the lining of her anal canal. Her legs almost buckled as she climaxed on Kevin’s still squirting penis.

Later, Kathy admonished Kevin gently. She explained that she just wasn’t ready for that. She asked him to give her time.

Kevin agreed. What else could he do?

Everything was going great until five weeks after the kidnapping when Kathy went to the doctor. She hadn’t been feeling well and thought it might be stress related. The doctor had taken some tests and had the results back. When he walked into the examining room, he was looking at the folder. He looked up and said, “Mrs. Randolph, did you know that you are about five weeks pregnant?”

“Oh my God,” she gasped and put her hand over her mouth.

Since he was aware of the kidnapping, he figured it was related. “If you want, I can put you in contact with a clinic that…”

“No,” Kathy said and stood up with a look of panic on her face. Her head was spinning and she felt like she was going to pass out. My God, it’s Kevin’s baby, her brain screamed. Now, what am I going to do? Her eyes filled with tears and she rushed out of the doctor’s office before the doctor could talk with her.

She drove around the city aimlessly, her mind in total turmoil. Nothing was clear to her anymore. I’ll have an abortion, she thought. That’s the only answer. No, I can’t, it’s a human life. However, there could be serious consequences with having a baby conceived from incest. What’s Kevin going to say? A million questions were racing through her mind.

When Kathy arrived home several hours later, Kevin rushed out to the car. “Mom, where have you been? I’ve been worried sick,” Kevin said.

“Uh… sorry… uh I’ve been… I don’t know Kevin… I…” Kathy didn’t finish the sentence. As she got out of the car and stood up, her legs gave out and she passed out. Kevin caught her swooning body and carried her into the house. He placed her on the sofa and rushed to get a cold towel.

Kathy was lying on the couch when she awoke. She had a towel on her forehead and Kevin was kneeling over her with a worried look. It took her a few minutes to focus her eyes and remember what had happened. When she did, it all came back to her and she moaned in dread.

“Mom, what’s the matter? What happened? I’ll call the doctor.”

“Oh God Kevin, I’m pregnant!” Kathy’s eyes filled with tears and she turned her head away, sobbing.

“Pregnant? Who… what… Quentin’s?” Kevin stuttered.

“No!” she answered and fell silent again, continuing to sob.

“No… then who…” Suddenly, Kevin knew that the baby belonged to him. Suddenly, his head became light. “Oh… uh… God!” He stood up, staggered over to a chair, and fell heavily into it. Then he leaned forward with his hands covering his face.

The room was silent but for the occasional sobs of Kathy and the clock ticking on the wall.

Finally, Kevin whispered almost to himself, “What’re we going to do?”

Kathy sat up and answered. “I don’t know.”

Later that evening, she and Kevin sat down. The shock of the news had settled in. Kathy knew that they had to think rationally about the situation. They talked well into the night without reaching a conclusion. Kathy decided that they should sleep on it and talk about it tomorrow.

The following morning, Kevin found his mother in the kitchen as usual. His face was showing the stress of a sleepless night. When he saw his mother, he was surprised. She looked refreshed and almost had a smile on her face.
“Good morning sweetie,” Kathy said and walked over to kiss her son. “Boy, you look like you had a bad night.”

“Didn’t you?”

“No, not really. Sit down,” she said, taking a chair across from Kevin. “The answer came to me last night after we talked. Maybe it really wasn’t an answer but more of a conclusion. The truth is that my getting pregnant is neither of our faults. We were forced to do what we did. The fact that we enjoyed it had nothing to do with the outcome.”

That made sense to Kevin. “But what does that have to do with our problem?”

There was a little flutter in Kathy’s heart when her son said “our problem.” It was a tremendous help to know that she wasn’t in this alone. “Everything. I have always believed that things happen for a purpose. When I became pregnant with you, I was mortified and very frightened. My parents were very little help. They wanted me to have an abortion. However, I made the decision, against their wishes, to have you and that was the best thing that ever happened in my life. Then, I married Quentin, and while his death was tragic in many ways, it was a Godsend to us. Now we have enough money to live comfortably. And, we have a baby coming.” Kathy’s face lit up with a smile.

“I don’t understand.”

Kathy took Kevin’s hand. “I have never been a religious person but I believe that we all have a destiny, good or bad. While we can change some things, we can’t really change our destiny. I believe what has happened is our destiny.”

Kevin still looked confused. “Destiny?” he said.

“We’ll keep the baby! Tests can be done to determine if the baby will be healthy. However, even if it isn’t, we’ll make the best of it. Kevin, I love you and I know that you love me. Together, we can get through anything. No one will ever have to know that the baby is yours. I was raped.”

“I love you too Mom. But what does it mean to us… you and me?”

“Kevin, I love you like a man, not a son. If you want me, I am yours. If not, well…”

“God Mom, are you saying what I think you are?” Kevin almost screamed.

“If you’re thinking that we can be together like a husband and wife, then the answer is yes.”

“Holy sh…” Kevin stood up and his eyes were as big as saucers. “God Mom, I’ve loved you since I was old enough to know the difference between boys and girls. I only dreamed that we could be together like that.”

“I know and I’ve tried to deny you for too long. Since we both love each other then we will raise our son or daughter together.”

“Oh my God Mom,” Kevin said, tears coming to his eyes. He slid off the chair and went to his knees. He picked up his mother’s hand and gently kissed it.

Kathy turned his face up to her. She used her thumbs to wipe the tears from his cheeks and then she bent her head and gently kissed his lips.

Kevin moaned as his mother’s tongue went into his mouth. He reached up and held the back of her head, as the kiss grew more passionate.

Finally, Kathy pulled away, breathless. “Whew,” she said, her face flushing hot. She waved her hand to fan some air on her red cheeks. “Let’s wait until tonight. I have something special planned for you,” she said, now breathless. “Now, you have to get to school.”

Kevin had totally forgotten about school. “I can’t leave you,” he said with a worried look.

“I’ll be fine. I’m going to get another doctor’s appointment and find out what I have to do to be tested. I have a plan. So, I’ll be busy all day. We’ll talk more when you get home. Now hurry or you’ll be late.”

When Kevin came home that afternoon, his mother was still out. He decided to fix dinner for them. He wasn’t a cook but he knew how to make a basic meal. By the time his mother arrived home, he had the dining room table set and dinner almost ready.

“Wow, I smell something good,” Kathy said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Meatloaf. I hope it’s edible,” he smiled.

“I’m sure it’ll be great.”

“So what happened?”

“Well, I’ve scheduled several appointments with specialists. Believe it or not, I told the doctor the truth. I pretended to break down when I told him that the kidnappers had forced you and I to have six. He was shocked but very sympathetic. When he told me that I could have an abortion, I told him I was against that. Then he said he understood and that he would arrange a battery of tests to determine if the baby will be healthy. He said the chances of a problem are actually quite remote and not much higher than a normal pregnancy. The doctor also said that you need to schedule an appointment for some tests as well.”

“Wow Mom, that sounds perfect,” Kevin said excitedly. Then he looked at his mother’s face and realized that she was very tired. The emotional strain had taken its toll. “Why don’t you go and get freshened up and I’ll finish getting dinner ready. You can tell me more then.”

“Great, I’m exhausted.” Kathy kissed Kevin and went to take a hot bath. As she relaxed in a warm bubble bath, all of the stress of the past few days seemed to float away with the steam from the water.

When she came back downstairs, she felt like a different person. She smiled and her heart fluttered when she saw that Kevin had dinner on the table and a dozen red roses lying on her chair. There were tears in her eyes when she read the note.


I know the past weeks have been very difficult for you. Always remember that you are not alone. I will never leave you and I will love the woman that brought me life for the rest of my life. I love you more than life itself.

All my love and devotion


Kathy was wiping the tears from her eyes as Kevin walked into the dinning room. She held her arms open to him and sobbed on his shoulder for a long time.

“That’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to me,” she whispered as she put her head on his shoulder. “Thank you sweetheart.”

“Dinner’s getting cold,” Kevin said, just a little embarrassed at the tears he had generated from his note.

While, it wasn’t a gourmet meal, dinner was more than passable. The fact that Kevin had his heart in it, made it delicious.

Throughout dinner, Kevin and Kathy talked excitedly about the future. They even talked about which room would belong to the baby and discussed a couple of names. It was almost as if they could really be husband and wife.

When dinner was over, Kathy told Kevin to take a shower and meet her in her bedroom in one hour. She gave him a sixy smile and kissed him passionately, squeezing his hard penis before she left him standing breathless.

In exactly one hour, Kevin tapped nervously on his mother’s bedroom door. He let out a little gasp when the door opened and his mother stood in front of him. She had on a white corset that pushed her breast up almost over the top, white gloves that came to her elbows but left the fingers bare, a white garter and nylons and white high-heeled shoes. Over it all, she wore a sheer white robe.

“God Mom you look… you look… oh God,” Kevin stuttered.

“Thank you sweetie,” Kathy said and took his hand and led him into the room.

The room was aglow with fragrant candles, flickering and bringing a romantic atmosphere to the bedroom.

Kathy led Kevin over to the bed and sat him down. “Kevin, I know we will never be able to marry or have a real honeymoon.”

“That’s ok…”

“Shhhhh,” Kathy said, placing her fingers over his lips. “I’m going to set up a cruise for us during your school break. Sort of like a honeymoon. I want to be able to get away and for us to enjoy each other before I get so big that I can’t enjoy it. But for now, I want this to be like our first night. I love you.” She pulled Kevin’s lips to hers for a tender kiss.

Kevin moaned and pulled his mother into his arms. He was shaking as he stood her up and slowly pushed the robe off her shoulders. “God Mom, you’re beautiful.” Slowly, he sank to his knees. He held her hips and began to kiss her thighs above her nylons. He heard a little moan as his lips found her thinly covered vagina. His licked the silky material of her panties until they were sopping with their combined juices. Then he pushed his mother back on the bed.

“Oh God Kevin,” Kathy moaned as he pulled her panties off. She felt his eyes on her vagina and she shivered.

Kevin stared at the place from which he had come 18 years ago. It was like a beautiful flower, wet with dew. The large inner lips were already swollen and protruding from the smoothly shaven outer lips. He used his fingers to open the lips like the petals of a rose. He could hear his mother breathing hard and little whimpers coming from her mouth. He blew warm air on the wet flesh and saw her body tremble. Finally, he placed his mouth on her dripping vagina and began to suck.

Kathy held her son’s head as he sucked and licked her for a long, long time. Kathy tried to hold back but began to climax very soon after he pushed his tongue deep into her open hole. Over and over she convulsed, her body lifting up from the bed each time. Her screams echoed throughout the house for a very long time.

When Kevin finally stood up, he smiled down at his satisfied mother. He gazed at her beautiful body. Her hair was already messed up and her legs were spread obscenely but she looked as beautiful as he had ever seen her. Staring into his mother’s eyes, he pulled his pants down, revealing his more than ready erection. It throbbed in front of him, pouring a steady stream of juice to the floor. His balls churned in their sacks in anticipation.

Kathy held her arms open to her son. They moved together to the center of the bed, their lips searching each other’s passionately. Then Kathy pushed Kevin over onto his back. His rampant erection was as hard as she had ever seen it. She didn’t want him to cum in her mouth this time so she was careful how she handled it. She used all her skills to lick and suck him without bringing him to a peak. Her tongue would flick across the swollen head until she heard his moans of pleasure. Then she would move to his balls, licking and sucking them.

Kevin was going mad with desire. Each time he thought his mother was going to take him into her mouth, she would move on to something else. When he would reach for her head, she would push him away. Then he gasped when she pushed his legs up until they touched his chest. He felt her tongue circle his balls and move downward. “Oh my God,” he hissed when he felt his mother’s tongue cross the area between his balls and rear hole. “Mom… Mom… Mom…” he moaned.

“Hold your legs up,” she told him.

He reached around and grabbed his legs behind the knees and pulled them up, his legs shaking in anticipation.

Kathy smiled as she saw her son exposing his most private parts to her. She could see his little nether hole pulsing, almost winking at her. She stared at it for a long time. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as her head bent and her tongue circled the little hole. Then her lips sucked the star into her mouth.

“Ohhhhh,” Kevin moaned. He had never felt anything like it. He couldn’t believe that his mother was sucking his asshole.

Kathy stiffened her tongue and tried to force it inside. She could feel the muscles tighten and heard Kevin moan again. Then she pushed harder.

“Ahhhhhh!” Kevin hissed as he felt his mother’s tongue enter him in a place where no one had ever been. He could feel his penis pulsing and running a steady stream of juice to his stomach. Suddenly, he felt something else.

Kathy licked her finger to get it wet and then placed it on Kevin’s tiny hole. She reached up and wrapped her hand around the base of his penis and then slowly forced her middle finger into his ass, all the way to the last knuckle. When she looked up, she saw that Kevin’s eyes were closed tight and his mouth was open but only little whimpers were coming out. She smiled and began to move her finger back and forth. Then she curled her finger and began to massage his prostate. She felt his body began to quiver and she squeezed his penis tighter to keep him from climaxing. Then she began to ram her finger in and out rapidly.

Kevin’s hips began to bounce off the bed. It was a feeling like Kevin had never known. He felt a quivering deep inside, somewhere in his lower stomach. It made his testicles tighten and his penis throb. Juice poured from the slit almost like he was peeing. His prostate was working overtime now. “Mom… Mom…” he moaned as he squirmed on the bed. Just when he felt like he was going to explode, he felt the finger slip out of his hole. “Oh Jesus,” he moaned as the tight sphincter closed. A sigh of relief escaped his lips but, his little hole felt empty and quivered, almost like it wanted the finger back inside.

Kathy smiled and stood up on the bed and straddled Kevin’s middle. As she looked down into Kevin’s passion filled face, she slowly lowered herself. Once she was squatting, she reached beneath her and took his penis in her hand. She centered it on her dripping hole. She let just the tip enter her and paused, slowly squeezing the muscles of her vagina. She could feel the head of his penis pulse within her. She knew that she was driving her son crazy because she was driving herself crazy. Then, she looked into her son’s eyes and whispered, “Do you want me? Do you want to fall your mother? Do you want that big cock in my pussy?”

“Oh my Goddddd!!! Oh Mom, please fall meeeeee!” Kevin hissed, delirious with need.

Kathy paused for a second more, still teasing them both. Then, she let her weight push downward, taking his entire penis into her body.

Both of them screamed in pleasure as her velvet walls slid down his hot shaft.

Kevin was too far-gone to really appreciate the warmth of his mother’s tight vagina. He pushed up into his mother and heard her respond with a groan. His penis came almost all the way out and then slowly slid back inside. Suddenly, he couldn’t take anymore. “Oh God Mom, I’m going to cummmmm!!!”

“Yes baby cum. Cum for your mother. I need it. I need your cum,” Kathy almost screamed. She began to bounce up and down, taking him all the way into her with each downward plunge. When she felt the head press into her cervix and his juice squirt out, she began to convulse. It was a totally unexpected but incredibly sweet climax.

Kevin felt like his life force was coming out of him as he poured everything he had into her. Each throb sent an explosion to his brain. It felt like it was never going to end. Finally, his mother collapse onto his chest and his penis pulsed one last time before slipping out. A river of potent seed followed it.

Mother and son fell asleep like that, dreaming of a new tomorrow, where love is never wrong and life is always sweet. A place where destiny is yours to choose and where Life Happens!

The End