Life Happens – Part 11


Chapter 11

It was an incredibly emotional and exhausting couple of weeks for Kathy and Kevin. There was the funeral, interviews with the police and FBI, lawyers to talk to, and piles of papers to sign. Kathy didn’t know what half of it meant. The house was constantly abuzz with activity. People were coming and going all day and into the night. When everything was finally settled, Kathy was a rich widowed woman. It may not have been enough for Quentin but it would plenty for her and Kevin to live very well.

Kathy found out that Quentin was involved with some very bad people and was in big debt from gambling. The kidnapping was a means to get some quick money to pay off gambling debts without jeopardizing his business. The FBI wasn’t sure if Quentin’s plan was to have the kidnappers kill her and Kevin. When they questioned the kidnappers, they were vague about that, only saying that Quentin said that he would let them know what to do. When they decided to double cross Quentin and it failed, they were going to kill them both.

Unfortunately, Kathy would never know what Quentin had in mind.

She and Kevin leaned on each other during the difficult weeks. However, they didn’t speak of what happened during the time they were held captive. Sooner or later, however, it had to come out. Kathy was sorry about Quentin’s death but she resolved that her relationship with him was a big mistake. She should have known from the beginning. She should have listened to Kevin. However, that was just one of her many regrets.

Eventually, their lives settled down and returned to something resembling normal. While both she and Kevin often thought about what had happened that night, they found it difficult to talk about it.

One evening they were watching TV when Kevin mentioned Sherry. He had only talked to her briefly in the past couple of weeks but his libido was starting to return. He hadn’t asked Sherry to go out again but his mother didn’t know that. He decided to take a gamble.
“Mom, I was thinking about calling Sherry to see if she wanted to go out tonight.”

Kathy looked at Kevin with disapproval at the mention of her name again. Inside, she could feel jealousy begin to flare up. “She’s too old for you,” she said flatly. She knew that she couldn’t hold him down forever but she wasn’t ready for him to date again. However, she also knew that he was a typical teenager with his hormones running wild. She thought for a moment and said, “Give me a little time to sort things out honey. I know you want to date but I need you right now. And, frankly I don’t want to share,” she added with a smile. “Beside, I think I need a foot rub after my bath tonight.”

Kevin eyes opened in surprise. “Well, I guess I can wait,” he said, acting only a little disappointed. He felt excitement start to churn in his stomach.

An hour or so later, Kathy came down to the living room in her bathrobe, carrying a bottle of skin lotion. “Well, are you ready?”


Instead of going over to the sofa, Kathy sat in a large comfortable chair.

Kevin sat at her feet, looking at her smooth, freshly shaven legs. The bathrobe was short and she had tucked it between her thighs. Kevin got a good look at her legs but nothing more. He picked up the bottle of lotion and lifted one of his mother’s feet. Gently, he began to massage the skin cream into her feet. He did it slowly but his heart was beating fast. Like the last time, he set her foot on his groin, letting the heel massage his rapidly swelling erection. It almost felt like his mother was pressing downward. When he moved her foot to the side, opening her legs, she didn’t protest. He looked up and saw that the robe had slipped slightly apart. Gradually, as he worked on the foot, he spread her legs further apart.

Inside Kathy’s chest, her heart beat matched Kevin’s. Her head was back on the chair and her eyes were closed. She wasn’t sure exactly how far she was going to let Kevin go. However, she knew she had to reward him or he would be in Sherry’s arms again. She didn’t know if she could stand that.

Kathy could feel him opening her legs further and she made no move to stop him. When she felt him lift her other foot, she let her knees fall apart, her robe falling open to her waist. Suddenly, she heard a gasp. She felt the cool room air on her exposed crotch and knew that Kevin could see her.

Kevin’s eyes stared between his mother’s legs. He could see her swollen vagina between her thighs. As he stared, his hands began to move up her calf, his fingers massaging her tight muscles. Slowly, he moved his body forward until he was between her legs. His hands then moved across her knees to the soft skin of her thighs. He could see that she had shaved her vagina recently, removing even the little tuft of hair at the top. The smooth outer lips were shiny and puffy. The inner lips were swollen and peeking out. With a deep breath, Kevin took a chance and lifted her legs with his hands behind her knees, opening them and placing them on the arms of the chair.

“Oh God,” he moaned aloud when he saw his mother’s sweet six lips separate.

Kathy moaned as well at the obscene display she knew she was providing. She felt like she might pass out. Her heart was beating rapidly and her head was spinning. Then she slid forward as she felt Kevin pulling her down until her ass was off the chair. Her eyes remained tightly closed. Somehow she thought that if she didn’t look at him, what he was doing was okay.

When Kevin’s lips touched her thigh, he felt it tremble. Slowly, he licked upward, leaving a wet trail behind. The closer he came to her center, the stronger the sweet smell of his mother became; it was an aroma that he recognized from smelling her panties for years. His hands were trembling as he reached up and gently opened her swollen lips. He stared at the pulsing hole, now bubbling clear juice. The swollen nub of her clit sat at the very top. It was red and shiny, almost pulsing with life. An animal like moan escaped his lips as his head dropped and he sucked the little bump of flesh into his mouth.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” Kathy moaned and her hands reached out and grabbed her son’s head. The feeling was indescribable. She felt his tongue lick her sensitive clit then suck it into his mouth again. Next, his tongue slid down to tease her hole, never quite entering. Soon, she had to have him inside or go mad. Her hips pushed up. When he resisted, she pulled his head hard, her fingers twisting in his hair.

Kevin gave in and let his mother direct his head to her center. Then he pushed his tongue deep into her wet hole. He heard her scream but it was muffled because her thighs had clamped around his head. Now Kevin was inundated in her sweet taste and smell. His lips, nose, mouth, and chin were buried in his mother’s six. His tongue delved deep and then he sucked the swollen inner lips into his mouth. His teeth chewed the lips gently. Then, he pulled the lips from her body and let them spring back, bringing a moan of pleasure.

“Oh God, suck my clit,” Kathy moaned when she could take no more teasing.

Kevin pulled back and used his fingers to open her again. He looked down at the pulsing nub of flesh. It looked like a miniature penis, almost pulsing with excitement. Slowly, he moved his head down and his mouth opened. His lips wrapped around it and he sucked.

“Ahhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyy Goddddd!!!” Kathy moaned and her hips bucked off the chair as an incredibly strong climax tore through her.

Kevin continued to suck as his mother twisted and turned, her hips lifting off the chair. She continued to climax for a long time. Each time she started to come down, Kevin would suck harder or send his tongue deep into her juicy hole. When he finally pulled his face from her humid crotch, it was dripping with her juice. He sat back on his heels and smiled at his exhausted mother. Her eyes were closed and she had a dreamy look on her face. Her legs were sprawled carelessly across the arms of the chair.

It took Kathy a few minutes to recover. When she did, she opened her eyes and looked at her son. He looked so cute and sixy sitting there with a wide grin on his wet face. Slowly, she sat up. “Stand up.”

Kevin stood on shaky legs. He watched his mother’s hands go to the belt of his jeans. She opened them and let them drop, revealing his white boxer briefs. His penis was pulsing and stretching the cotton in a tent in front of him.

Kathy could see that the spot where his penis head touched the cotton was saturated with his pre-cum juice. She reached up and grasped his penis and squeezed and then watched a large bubble of clear juice squeeze through the material. Then she ran her hand slowly up the shaft, forcing the juice to stream out.

Kevin moaned as he watched her head move forward.

Her tongue licked across the wet cloth and then pulled the sweet juice into her mouth. Then she opened her mouth again and sucked the head inside.

“Oh God Mom,” Kevin moaned as his mother sucked the cloth-covered head of his penis. He felt her hand pumping and squeezing his shaft, forcing more of his pre-cum juice into her mouth.

Just when Kevin thought he could take no more, his mother pulled away. She placed her fingers into the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down. The head of his penis caught in the material and bent downward.

Kathy left his underwear half way down his thighs, imprisoning his penis at an odd angle. She opened her mouth and sucked the head inside again. She teased him again until she felt that he was close to climax. Finally, she pulled the material away, letting his hard penis fly up and slap against his stomach. She giggled.

However, Kevin was way beyond laughing. He wasn’t sure his legs would be able to hold him as he watched his mother’s eyes on his throbbing penis. He groaned when she pulled his penis to her mouth and paused, looking up at him. Her eyes were glazed over with passion.

“Kevin… I want… I want you… you to fall my mouth,” Kathy said, having difficulty getting it out. “I want you to fall me hard. Please!”

Kevin wasn’t sure what his mother was saying. He reached for her head and intertwined his fingers in her hair. Slowly, he brought his penis forward, watching as his mother opened her mouth wide. He saw her move her hands behind her back submissively. “Ohhhhhh!!!” Kevin moaned when he felt his mother’s warm mouth cover him. Slowly, he began to move in and out. He held her head tight, moving her head in time with the thrust of his hips. He forced his penis deep and heard his mother moan. He squeezed his fingers in his mother’s hair, almost painfully. He heard another moan. The next time, he pushed harder, feeling the head breach her throat. Then he heard her start to gag but she didn’t pull away. Instead, he felt her swallowing, taking his penis even deeper.

“Mmmmmm!” Kathy moaned as she felt Kevin’s penis sliding down her throat. She relaxed her throat, trying not to gag. Then she felt him pull her hard again and push with his hips. Suddenly, her throat muscles gave in and the shaft slid deep.

“Oh Jesus,” Kevin hissed when he realized that his penis was all the way in his mother’s throat. He held it there, feeling the breath from her nose on his pubic hair. When he looked down, he saw that her eyes were closed and her lips were stretched to the maximum around him. Then, suddenly, he pulled out but immediately pushed back in until he was balls deep again. He heard a little submissive whimper from his mother. He finally understood that his mother wanted it rough. He knew that he could never hurt her but it excited him to have her in his control.

Kevin waited as he felt his mother’s throat relax around his penis. Then he began to move. Slowly at first, then faster until he was pumping in and out of her mouth like he would her vagina. He pulled her head forward as he thrust his hips. However, the tightness of her throat was too much for him. Far too soon, he pushed in as deep as he could go and bellowed as his balls went into a spasm of pleasure. His penis lurched, and sent a torrent of sperm down her throat. It seemed like it would never end as each throb of his penis caused his mother’s throat to react and squeeze him, forcing more sperm out. When he was finally drained, his balls hurt.

Finally, Kevin pulled away, his rapidly shrinking penis slipping from his mother’s throat and then out of her mouth. He staggered back and collapsed on the sofa across from her.

Kathy sat on the chair trying to catch her breath. She was a little disappointed that she hadn’t gotten to taste Kevin’s sperm as it has passed by her taste buds and went directly into her stomach. Still, she had tasted him before and knew that now there would be other times.

Kevin watched as his mother got up without a word and left. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. What could you say after your mother had given you the best blowjob of your life?