Life Happens – Part 1


Life Happens
Chapter 1

It was after 11 PM and Kevin Wentworth was in his mother’s closet again, searching in her hamper for her worn panties. His panty fetish started years ago and while he knew that it was wrong, he came back again and again. Tonight, his mother was out on a date so he thought he had time.

Kevin certainly liked girls his own age, but he had discovered that he could get a special feeling by masturbating with his mother’s panties. Often, while he was in there, he would encase himself in her clothes. He loved the soft feeling and the sweet smell of her perfume.

The truth was that Kevin was in love with his mother. She was beautiful, sixy and all the wonderful things he dreamed about in a woman. Lately, his fantasies had become more graphic and specific. He would dream that he was in bed with her and they were naked. He would be doing things to her to please her; things a son should never even think of doing with his mother. He would wake up in the middle of the night and have to masturbate before he could go back to sleep. Now, the fantasies were coming more often and even during the day. He found it hard to pay attention in school because his mind would drift off and he would see her beautiful face, her great body, and her soft hair. He would be naked as she crawled into bed with him, her hot body pressed to his. He would be miles away when the teacher would call on him. As a result, his grades had started to slip. It was fortunate that he would be graduating soon.

As much as Kevin tried to focus on other girls, he kept coming back to his mother. On this fateful day, Kevin had just found a pair of her panties when suddenly, the bedroom door opened and his mother walked into the room, followed by a man. Kevin quickly pulled the louvered closet door closed.

“Shhhhh, my son’s sleeping,” Kathy said as she led her date until they were standing in front of the closed closet door. She staggered slightly as she lifted one leg at a time to take her heels off and flip them into the corner.

Kevin was petrified of being caught in his mother’s closet; she would think he was a pervert. He stood silent, peeping through the opening, spying on his mother like he had done on so many occasions. However, this time it was very different. She had someone with her. He watched as the stranger pulled his mother into his arms and kissed her. His hands slid down to her shapely buttocks, his fingers squeezing the soft flesh.

As Kevin watched, the stranger fondled his mother’s ass, and kissed her passionately. Suddenly, Kevin could feel his fear turn to anger; anger that some strange guy was holding the woman he dreamed about. Then, his eyes grew wide as the man’s hands went to the back hem of her dress and slowly pulled it up. Now, a third emotion gripped him and it was the strongest one. He felt excitement coursing through him like he did when he smelled her panties.

“God baby, you have a great ass,” the man said as his hands continued to squeeze Kathy’s buttocks. Then their lips went together again and their hips began to grind into each other.

Kevin could see her silky panties riding between the cheeks, as the man fondled the soft flesh of her ass. Red finger marks from the stranger’s hands glowed on the white globes of her ass.

Suddenly, Kathy pushed the man back and went to her knees in front of him. She pulled his zipper down and reached in to fish his penis out into the open.

Kevin gasped as he stared at the long tool his mother held in front of her. She’s not going to suck it! Kevin’s mind almost screamed. He couldn’t believe that his beautiful mother was going to take this strange man’s penis into her mouth. Sure, Kevin had fantasized about it on many occasions but this was different. In spite of his shock, Kevin felt his own penis harden in his pants. How he longed to be the stranger.

Kathy opened her mouth and sucked the head inside. She moaned around the shaft as her tongue licked the head.

“That’s it baby, suck me,” the stranger moaned.

Kathy pulled the swollen head from her mouth and stared at the pulsing tool in her hand. A large drop of clear liquid bubbled out of the head and began to drip. Kathy stuck out her tongue and lapped up the juice, and then following it with her lips to the swollen head again. A little moan escaped her lips as her head began to move back and forth.

Kathy loved oral six. She had given her first blow job when she was much younger and there had been many others since. Then there was that party when she drank alcohol for the first time. How many boys were there? Three… no four. She wouldn’t let them have intercourse with her; but, she sucked them all off-one twice. The boys loved it. However, Kathy did it for herself, almost craving their hot sperm.

Kathy worked on the head as her hand continued to move up and down the shaft. It had been a long month since she had had a man and she was bursting with need to have him inside her. Yet, she didn’t want to take the sweet rod out of her mouth.

Quentin was about Kathy’s age and looked to be in great shape. Mutual friends had introduced them at a party. Kathy didn’t normally bring men home on the first date but it had been so long since she had a man and she had drunk a little too much.

As Kathy sucked his penis, she thought of Kevin and what he would think of her right now; his sweet mother on her knees sucking cock. A shiver raced through her and she sucked harder. She wanted to screw her new lover but she also wanted his sperm. She almost craved the taste. Sometimes she thought there was something strange about her. In fact, some of her dates agreed. She would suck them and drink their sperm like it was a fine wine. She needed to taste it tonight.

Kathy moaned deep in her throat as she made her decision and began to jerk him off.

While Kevin resented the man with his mother, he also envied him. He knew that his mom had been on plenty of dates before and, in fact, would bring some of them home. However, he didn’t get to see many of them, because he knew that she liked to keep him from knowing when she was with men.

Unless they were going to be in her life for a while, Kathy figured it was better if Kevin didn’t know them. She also knew that Kevin was very protective of her. He had been the only man in the house since she had divorced Rick, when Kevin was six years old. Rick wasn’t Kevin’s father though. Kevin had never seen his real father.

Kathy had become pregnant very young and still in high school. Her parents told her to have an abortion, but she refused. While she believed in a woman’s right to choose, even at her young age, she knew that it wasn’t right for her. No, she would have her baby, no matter what the consequences. Her parents sent her to live with an Aunt in Texas.

After Kevin was born, Kathy decided to stay with her aunt and finish high school. By the time she reached the age of twenty-five, she had a baby, been married, and then divorced. During most of that time, she struggled to make ends meet.

Kathy didn’t date that often now, but on occasion, she needed a man. She needed a diversion to take her mind off her growing financial problems. She was in debt and didn’t know how she was going to pay the bills sometimes..

Quentin was a new diversion. He was handsome and rich.

Kathy didn’t make a habit of bringing men she had just met home with her, however, she had had a little too much wine, and she was in need of the touch of a man

Kevin heard the man moan and saw his hands go to his mother’s head, pushing the long shaft into her mouth. Then, he could see him tense and his body freeze. He heard his mother respond with a moan as she continued to suck on the head, her hand working up and down the shaft rapidly. Suddenly, Kevin could see his mother swallowing and the stranger’s white cum squeezing from her stretched lips. Seconds later, the hard shaft in his mother’s mouth began to shrink and slipped from her lips, leaving a string of sticky juice behind. Kevin watched his mother lick her lips and then lick the dripping head, still leaving some of the white cream dripping from her chin.

“Wow, baby, that was awesome. You can suck a cock like nobody I know. I need some of that pussy now,” the man said crudely.

Kevin watched his mother walk over and turn the lamp down until there was just a faint glow in the room. His eyes strained as he saw her take off her dress. He saw a brief glimpse of her body and then the stranger blocked his view as he pushed his mother onto the bed. A little moan escaped Kevin’s lips as he watched the man pull her panties off and throw them across the room. Then, Kevin saw the man’s head drop and his mother’s legs go up into the air, followed by a scream. He wanted to rush out of the closet and stop this. However, there was nothing he could do but watch. He saw his mother’s legs wrap around the man’s neck and her hands grab his head. An involuntary moan escaped his lips. Fortunately, his mother and her lover were far too busy to notice.

“Eat me! Eat me! Oh God, suck my pussy,” Kathy screamed and writhed on the bed as her lover’s tongue dug deep into her dripping six. It took only minutes for her to reach a peak, her body lifting off the bed in pleasure. She held Quentin’s hair in her fists as her body convulsed.

When Kathy had recovered, she sat up and smiled at her lover. “I need you to fall me now. fall my pussy,” she whispered breathlessly.

Kevin’s ears were on fire. He had never heard his mother use a dirty word. But now she had asked a total stranger to suck her pussy and now fall her. Kevin’s head began to spin with excitement. Unable to control himself any longer, he reached into his pants and pulled his penis out, slowly pumping it as he watched his mother turn onto her back and spread her legs.

The stranger quickly took a position between Kathy’s legs. She grabbed his hard shaft and placed it at the entrance to her vagina. Suddenly, she screamed as the stranger pushed all the way into her body. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands grabbed his strong ass cheeks. She humped her hips up at him, taking him even deeper into her body.

From Kevin’s position in the closet, he could see the man’s penis working in and out of his mother. His large balls slapped on her ass, making a loud noise in the otherwise quiet room. Soon the slapping sound was joined by the grunts and groans of the two lovers. “fall me, fall me, oh God fall meeeeeee!!!” Kathy screamed, forgetting that Kevin was supposed to be sleeping down the hall.

Minutes later, Kathy moaned again and her body grew tense. Suddenly she went into convulsions as pleasure ripped through her. Almost at the same time the stranger pushed deep into her and froze.

“Oh God baby, I’m cummmmmminnnnnggggg!!!” he moaned as his cum poured into Kathy’s willing hole.

Kevin watched his mother and her lover, taking it all in. They were rolling around on the bed; moaning and shaking like dogs having fits. Then, the stranger relaxed, he moaned in exhaustion and then fell heavily onto her body. The room was suddenly quiet, the silence broken only by the couple’s heavy breathing.

After a few minutes, the man stirred, lifting up on his hands and falling onto the bed.

Kathy laid spread on the bed, her eyes closed and still breathing heavily. From between her swollen six lips, large gobs of the stranger’s cum began to pour out.

Kevin stared at the white juice bubbling from his mother’s vagina. Suddenly, his penis pulsed and he began to squirt his own cum against the closet door.

Much later that night Kevin’s mother led her lover downstairs and let him out of the house. She never liked her dates to be there when Kevin got up in the morning.

Kevin took the opportunity to slip out of the closet. However, before he left, he hurried over and picked up the panties lying in the corner. He figured his mother would think her date had taken them. He rushed to his room and jumped into bed, wrapping the soggy cloth around his again pulsing penis. As he stroked himself, he felt that familiar feeling come over him. It was a feeling like nothing he experienced with any other girl. It was an intense feeling of excitement that always followed him spying on his mother-it was excitement that foretold of a tremendous eruption from his swollen balls.


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