Chapter 9

Amanda didn’t know what time it was when she awoke. She had been having a lovely dream about David. In spite of all the climaxes she had had that day she was feeling excited again. For a moment shame washed over her, but it quickly passed. They were being forced into this situation, otherwise she would have never done what she had with her son. She was a good mother and had always been. This didn’t change that.

Then she thought about what would happen if they ever got out of this situation. Would she be able to continue the relationship or would they just return to mother and son. The thought of that made her suddenly sad. Yet she knew that that is the way it should be. Then they could go on with their lives as mother and son. That is the way it had to be … but for now the rules had been suspended. For now, neither of them knew if they would survive this. For now they couldn’t prevent whatever happened to them.

Amanda was deep in thought when she felt something behind her. With a smile she realized that David had awakened and was pushing his hard cock against her naked ass. She turned and looked at David and saw him smiling. Then she closed her eyes as he pressed his long cock between her cheeks. It rested there with her ass cheeks caressing the shaft. David began to move, bringing a moan from Amanda.

Amanda bit her lip. She had a naughty thought. With David’s cock sliding between her cheeks she remembered when his father was alive how he loved to fall her in the ass. A rush of excitement went through her at the thought. What if I let David do it? she thought. What would be the harm? She figured that the guards would make them do it eventually anyway, so why not?

She turned to her son and kissed his lips, feeling her pussy quiver. When she pulled away she whispered, “Do you want to put it in there?”

“Sure.” David move his cock lower toward her pussy.

“No, I mean in my ass,” she said and felt her heart suddenly start beating very fast.

“Your ass?” David said, his voice almost cracking with excitement.

“If you don’t want to …”

“No, I just can’t believe … I mean, it would be wonderful, but won’t it hurt?”

“A little, but I want it. I want to feel your big cock in my ass,” she said as she reached behind her and found his pulsing cock. “Let me put it in.”

“Oh my God, Mom,” David gasped as his mother began to move the swollen head up and down between her cheeks.

Then Amanda centered the head on her tight rear hole. “Push,” she whispered.

David pushed, but it didn’t go in.

“Harder,” Amanda said, pushing her ass back at her son.

Suddenly the tight sphincter gave way and the swollen head of David’s cock slipped into her ass.

“Hold on,” she gasped, wanting to let her ass adjust to the large head first. She could feel it pulsing inside her canal. A moment later she began to push backward slowly.

David moaned as he felt his shaft slipping into her. He bit his lip to keep from shooting too soon. The muscles in her ass were squeezing his cock like a vise. Inside it was warm and tight. Suddenly he felt closer to his mother than he ever had in his young life. Nothing could have prepared him for the incredible feeling of her sweet ass wrapped around his cock

Amanda thought she had it all, but reached behind her to find that there were still several inches left. She pushed back again, trying to take the remaining inches. In the position they were in, she could get most of it, but not all. But it felt wonderful, if a bit painful still.

“Hold still now,” she whispered.

David tried, but it was very difficult.

Finally Amanda began to slowly pull away from David, allowing his cock to slip out of her ass until only the head remained. Then with a grunt she pushed back again, taking it as far as it would go.

“Ohhhhhh!!!” David gasped.

Amanda pulled away and then pushed back again. “Now, fall me,” she said.

David didn’t waste any time. He began to pull out and thrust back in with a slow deliberate manner until her ass was loose enough for him to move faster.

“Harder,” Amanda begged, now wanting him to pound her asshole. Yet still in their position, he couldn’t get as deep in her ass as she wanted. “Turn me over and get on top. Then fall me hard. I love it really hard in my ass.”

David flipped his mother onto her back. Then he lifted her ass and placed his cock back into her now stretched asshole. “Like this,” he said as he pushed slowly into her.

“Yes, yes, fall me hard and deep. I have missed this so much. Oh God, fall meeeeee!!!”

David did, pounding into her as hard as he possibly could. With each thrust his cock moved all the way into her until his balls slapped on her ass. In the position he had her in, her tits flapped upward toward her chin. He was fascinated by the movement, watching her hard nipples and round soft flesh move like Jello in a bowl. He leaned down and caught one in his lips. Sucking it until the nipple was like a pencil eraser and wet. “I love your tits,” he gasped as he continued to fall her.

Amanda loved his lips on her tits. But she loved his cock even more. She could feel her ass contracting on his cock. It felt so good. Each pulse sent a thrill through her and made her empty pussy quiver.

“Mom, you ass is so tight it is going to squeeze the cum out of my balls.”

Amanda was close to climax. “Let it go, let it go,” Amanda screamed. She pushed her hips upward and took his cock all the way inside as a strong climax shook her to the core. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her body stiffened. Her ass began to spasm making her sphincter squeeze her son cock even harder.

“Ahhhhhhh, I’m cummmmmiiinnnnggg,” David screamed.

Amanda could feel his scalding cream pouring into her asshole. She could feel the huge head expanding and contracting as blast after blast of cum spurted into her very private place. It felt so good to have a cock back in her ass again. It had been so long.

“Oh God, baby, I’m going to cum too. With that she pushed upward and took him as deeply into her ass as possible. Her body began to convulse as she screamed in incredible pleasure. A wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her head began to spin and then the lights dimmed and she passed out.