Amanda grew pale. The clerk had apparently given the note to them.

“I should feed you to the sharks like we did to Panahasi, you bitch,” he snarled and raised his hand as if to hit her.

At that moment David dove for the man and knocked him against the wall. The other guard grabbed David and pulled him off.

“Well now, the little boy tries to protect his mother,” he snarled. “You both will pay for this.” He smacked her Amanda’s face.

David fought but couldn’t get away from the guard. Then he was thrown to the floor and kicked in the stomach.

With an evil laugh the two guards left the room.

“Sorry, Mom,” David said as he got to his feet, holding his stomach.

“You shouldn’t be sorry. I love that you tried to protect me, but please don’t try it again,” she said as she stepped into his arms for a hug. “Are you okay, Sweetie?”

“Yes. He would have to kick me harder than that to hurt me.”

Amanda had tears in her eyes as she stared at him. Suddenly her lips were on his and they were kissing passionately. She had no idea how it had happened but it was too late to stop it. A moan escaped her lips when David’s tongue entered her mouth.

When Amanda felt his cock start to grow she pulled away and whispered, “David.”

“Sorry again, Mom.” David’s face turned red.

Amanda said, “David, we are going to get through this. No matter what happens or what they make us do. I want you to know that I love you with all my heart.”

David’s cock continued to grow. “I’m sorry, Mom. I mean I … I … don’t know what …” David said as he looked down at his almost hard cock.

“Shhhhh,” Amanda said and placed her fingers against his lips. Then she kissed him again. Her tongue sought his mouth and plunged inside. Her breasts pressed to his bare chest. When she felt his cock come to full erection, she didn’t pull away this time, instead continued the kiss him until his now throbbing cock was pressed between them.

When she finally pulled away she smiled and looked down at what she had done to her son. “It’s okay,” she whispered again, feeling her heart suddenly pounding. “We had better stop or …” she said with raised eyebrows.

“I guess so,” David said watching his mother’s eyes.

Amanda bit her lip and her heart began to beat even faster as her hand began to move. A moment later it wrapped around her son’s now throbbing cock.

“Oh God, Mom,” David gasped when he felt his mother’s warm hand on his cock.

Silently she began to stroke him, her hand moving slowly up and down his shaft. She could feel the blood pulsing inside his shaft and that made her pussy quiver. Without evaluating the consequences she continued to stroke her son.

“Mom,” David gasped when he felt close to climax. He tried to stop it, tried to think of something besides his mother’s hand on his cock.

Amanda barely heard her son’s plea and continued to stroke him.

“Ohhhhh,” David groaned as his balls pulled tight and he felt his cum begin to move up the shaft. A moment later it was squirting from the tip of his cock and spattering on his mother’s tits and stomach.

“Mmmmmm,” Amanda whispered as she felt his hot cream spurted against her. She watched his sperm fly through the air as if in slow motion before splattering on her stomach and breasts then slowly sliding toward her throbbing pussy.

When the last of David’s cream was squeezed from his cock Amanda turned away and walked over to the bucket of water where she carefully rinsed her stomach.

When she turned around she saw David sitting on the bed staring at her. She walked over and sat next to him. He pulled her toward him as they fell back on the bed in each other’s arms.

The guards came back after dinner and saw mother and son lying on the bed, holding each other.

“Isn’t that sweet. So nice to see a mother and son who like each other so much. Since you two like to be together so much we figured you would like to be even closer.”

Giovanni pulled David from the bed and tied him to the chair. “Now you will pay for your attack earlier.”

“Please,” Amanda said.

“Shut up, Mom. Now get your loving son hard.”

Amanda didn’t protest this time. She went to her knees and reached for David’s cock. She watched as it grew quickly in her hand. She stroked it lovingly, enjoying the feeling of the powerful throbs she was creating.

“Suck it,” Lanier said.

She did, taking the now pulsing head into her mouth. She could feel her heart thumping in her chest and her pussy began to quiver again. It was still wet from their earlier contact and she worried that just sucking him was going to make her climax.

“She has gotten really good at cock sucking, don’t you think Giovanni?”

“Yeah, wish we could get some of that for ourselves.”

“Maybe we will if this deal falls through,” Lanier said.

“Okay, Mom, he’s hard enough to fall now.”

“Huh?” Amanda said.

“It’s time to learn what that cock feels like inside you,” Lanier said with an evil laugh. “Sit on his cock.”

“No, please,” Amanda begged. This was too much for her and tears came to her eyes, but her pussy continued to throb. She stood up and felt her knees grow weak and a chill went through her at the thought of his long cock slipping into her pussy. She looked at his cock and suppressed a gasp of excitement.

“Sit on his cock, I said,” Lanier repeated. When she didn’t move Lanier grabbed one leg and said, “Get her other leg.” The two men picked Amanda up and held her over David’s pulsing cock.

“Reach down and put it in your pussy,” Lanier ordered.

Amanda hesitated, looking from one man to the other but saw no sympathy.

“Now, bitch, hurry!”

With a trembling hand Amanda took hold of David’s cock and placed it at the opening of her now very wet pussy. She rubbed the head back and forth between her pussy lips to get it wet feeling an unwanted tremor of excitement. Then she felt the two men allowing her body weight to force the cock into her. “Nooooo, please,” she gasped again as David’s huge cock began to stretch her. In spite of her protests she could feel her pussy pulsing, welcoming him into her body. She grunted from the size of his cock … having never been stretched like this. Slowly, inch by inch, she was lowered onto her son’s cock. She looked at David with a pained expression. But he had his eyes closed and he was breathing hard.

A grunt escaped Amanda’s lips when the plum sized head hit the back of her pussy. Then when she didn’t think it could go any deeper, it did. Now it felt as if the head was entering her cervix.

“Oh my God,” she gasped. She had never felt anything like it. Inside her pussy the slick walls were contracting sending pulses of pleasure through Amanda. She could not stop her pussy from squeezing David’s swollen cock. With each pulse of her pussy she could feel her son’s cock respond.

David moaned.

Once Amanda had David’s entire cock inside her, Giovanni tied her to the chair so she couldn’t move. Then the Giovanni stayed behind to take some photos. When he was done, he stepped outside the cell and pulled his cock from his pants. Standing watching mother and son tied together in a sixual position he stroked himself until he climaxed on the floor.

Then he put his cock away and left.

Amanda and David were silent except from their heavy breathing. What could they say? Neither had any choice in what was happening. Neither could have prevented it. Now they had to live with the fact that they had been forced to have intercourse.

While Amanda was rationalizing how they could not prevent this, David was thinking about something entirely different. He had only had oral six and hand jobs but never intercourse. He had never had his cock inside a pussy. It felt better than he could have possibly imagined, especially since it was his mother. Sure he had fantasized about her, but he never thought he would ever actually fall her. Now his cock was deep inside her and it was driving him mad. He didn’t think he could keep from climaxing.

“Mom,” he whispered, “I … I … oh God, I don’t … uh …” Can you hold still, please?”

“I’m trying, sweetheart.” The pulses in her pussy were growing with each throb of her son’s cock. She tried to control it, but the feeling of David’s long and fat cock deep inside her was too much. He was deeper than any cock had been before and she wasn’t sure she could keep from climaxing, especially if he climaxed inside her. Then she suddenly realized the consequences of that. Oh God, she thought, I’m not on the pill. If he climaxes I could get pregnant. Incredibly that thought made her pussy pulse harder.

“Mom, please,” David begged.


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