Chapter 6

The following morning Amanda told David her plan. She told him that she wanted to entice one of the guards to take her to the hotel. She would bribe him by saying she would offer to transfer money to him. If everything worked out, she would be able to pass a note to someone at the hotel and hopefully get them help.

David agreed that it might work.

When the guard brought breakfast, Amanda asked if he could send down one of the three men that seemed to be in charge. About an hour later Panahasi came down.

“What do you want?” he asked.

Amanda said, “Can I speak to you for a moment?”

“What for?”

“I have a little proposition for you.”

The guard looked suspicious. “What kind of proposition?”

“Come in here and I will tell you.”

“All right, but this better not be some trick.”

“No trick, I promise.”

The guard opened the door and stepped into the cell. He eyed David warily. “Okay, what’s the proposition?”

“Well, my son and I need some things … you know, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush and you know, toiletries. If you would take me to the hotel I can get the things.”

“Ha, ha, are you crazy. The boss would skin me alive.”

“Listen, I have money in my checking account. I could write you a check or wire you say ten thousand dollars.”

The guard paused and thought for a moment. Then he smiled. “Fifty thousand,” he said.

“I don’t have that much in my account. I only have about twenty.”

“No deal, it’s not worth it.” The guard started to leave.

“Wait,” Amanda said. “I’ll give you thirty.

The guard looked skeptical. “The boss would kill me if I did this,” he said without resolve. He thought for a moment and then he said, “Okay, but you had better have the money in your account.”
“I do. Okay, now you have to get me to the hotel. And I’ll need something to wear.”

The guard looked pensive. “Not sure where to get you any clothes. I’ll check around.”

“Okay, can we do it today?”

“Yeah, if I can find something for you to wear.”

“Okay,” Amanda said and watched the guard leave.

“I hope he will do it,” David said.

“Me too.”

Later that morning the guard came back into the dungeon. He had some type of clothing in his hands. As he came down the stairs, he seemed nervous. He looked over his shoulder several times as if to make sure no one followed him. As he opened the cell door he handed the clothes to Amanda and said, “Here. This is all I could find.”

Amanda held up the outfit and saw that it was some type of tiny skirt and halter top. It looked like her size, but there was not much too it.

“That’s all I could find. It will have to do if you want to have clothes to wear. Besides, this is a resort and everybody wears stuff like that.

Amanda sighed and put the skirt and top on. The top was okay, but the bottom barely covered her ass cheeks and she didn’t have panties. “Do you have my panties?”

“No, I don’t know what happened to them. You’ll have to go without.”

Amanda looked at David and saw him shake his head no. It was obvious that he didn’t want his mother to go out half naked, especially not with this guy. It was too late to turn back now. “It’ll be okay,” she said unconvincingly.

The guard led Amanda out of the cell and locked the door. Then she followed him up the stairs. Before she reached the top she looked back at her son. His eyes were wide because, from his position, he could see directly up the tiny dress.

The guard led Amanda out of the dungeon and up a long flight of stairs. When they exited the stairs, she found that they were inside a large Victorian style house that overlooked the town below. She realized that the house was built on top of an old dungeon that the French Foreign Legion used. They had been blindfolded when they got to the house so she had not seen where they were. Suddenly she was a little worried that the guard was letting her know where they were being kept. It could be that he wasn’t worried about them leaving the island and coming back with the authorities. A little shiver of panic went through her. Settle down, she told herself … I need to be calm.

When they reached town, the guard did not go immediately to the hotel. He said he had a little business to attend to. They went into a café near the hotel and sat at a table. Amanda was very self conscious because the tiny dress barely covered her pussy when she sat down, but there was not much she could do.

After a few minutes a man came up to them. He was big and mean looking with beady eyes and a scar on the side of his cheek. Panahasi did not bother to introduce Amanda. The guard started to speak to the man in Spanish. Amanda knew a little Spanish but did not understand most of it, however, she got the impression that the guard owed the man money and Panahasi was telling him that he was going to get money soon.

The man said something that sounded like a threat and Amanda saw Panahasi break out in a cold sweat. Then he strange man left and the guard told Amanda that they needed to go to the hotel right away.

The two of them walked down the street toward the hotel, passing tourists as they did. Amanda thought for a moment that maybe she should just run and scream, but then thought better of it. She didn’t know who she could trust, plus they had David.

Amanda did not feel terribly out of place as she had expected since many of the women were in bikinis or very revealing clothes.

At the hotel the guard led Amanda up to the front desk. Amanda told the clerk that she needed a key because she had lost hers. As she spoke she almost gasped when the Panahasi reached under her little skirt and grabbed her ass. The man behind the counter saw it and smiled as if he knew that she and the man were going to the room for six.

For a moment Amanda didn’t think she was going to be able to write a note to the desk clerk, but then fait stepped in and someone called out to the guard. Panahasi looked at the man and smiled and then turned and walked over to him. As they were chatting, Amanda grabbed a piece of paper and pencil. She wrote:

“We are being held captive in a dungeon on the top of the mountain. Call the police … help, please! Amanda Carpenter.”

She quickly stuffed it into the clerk’s hand as when he handed her the room key.

The guard came back a second later and they went to the cottage. Inside Amanda went to the bathroom and found her and David’s grooming supplies. She found her pocketbook and then she went to get clothes.

“No,” the guard said. “We don’t have time for that. I have to get you back before someone misses you. And get rid of the pocketbook.”

“Please, let me just get some underwear and things at least.”

“No, how would I explain that to Lanier? I can tell him I bought you the toothpaste and brushes and such, but not clothes.”

He has a point, Amanda thought.

Panahasi pulled her roughly out of the room and then rushed her back to the car. As they headed back he demanded the money.

Amanda took out her checkbook. “Who do I make the check out to?”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll fill it in. You just put the amount in and sign it.”

Amanda wrote the check out and handed it to him.

He hit the gas and hurried back to the dungeon. When they got back it appeared that they were not missed. David said no one came to the dungeon while they were gone. The guard almost sighed with relief. He then made Amanda take off the clothes he had loaned her.

“How did it go?” David asked when the guard had left.

“I got a message to the desk clerk so I hope he can read English. He wouldn’t let me take my pocket book but I got our toothpaste, shampoo and things,” Amanda said.

“Obviously they wouldn’t let you get any clothes.”

“No, the guard said we didn’t have time, plus he said he couldn’t explain it, which is true. But I think he has some problems. We met with some guy that appeared wanted some money he owed him. He was really afraid of this man.”

“Maybe he will kill the bastard,” David sneared.

An hour or so later the other two guards came into the dungeon. They didn’t look happy as they opened the door of the cell.

“I understand you were taken to the hotel today?”

“Uh … yes, the guard was good enough to take me there to get some shampoo and things.” Amanda felt her heart racing. How does he know, she wondered? This wasn’t good.

“Really? Is that all you wanted?”


“Then why did you pass this note to the clerk? And what about this thirty thousand dollar check?”


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