Chapter 5

“Very nice mother,” Lanier said after Amanda had swallowed her son’s cum. “Now Davie boy, have you ever eaten pussy?”

David looked at the man but didn’t answer. His eyes showed his shock, though.

“Naw, that kid ain’t never tasted a pussy,” Giovanni laughed.

“Please, I’ve done what you asked,” Amanda pleaded. “Don’t do this to us.”

“What’s wrong, Mom, don’t like the thought of getting off by your son eating your already juicy pussy. I mean, look at your panties, they’re soaked. You probably even squirted in them when you climaxed.”

All three men laughed and Amanda’s face turned as red.

“Okay, Giovanni, do your thing with the ropes. Make it so they are kept very close.”

Giovanni made Amanda stand up. Then with an evil smile he pulled her panties down and reached over and placed them over David’s head with leg hole around his neck and the wet crotch near his chin. They laughed when they saw David’s cock twitch.

A few minutes later Amanda was tied with her back on the bed and her legs up in the air. David was tied with his hands behind his back with his feet attached to his hands. He was on his knees in a painful position. Then two of the men moved David until his face was literally in his mother’s juicy pussy. He was pushed forward in a position from which he couldn’t move. He moaned as his lips touched his mother’s wet flesh. He had never eaten pussy, but had always wanted to. However, this wasn’t the way he wanted the first time to be.

“All right kid, start pleasing your mother. You will stay there until she has climaxed three times, got it.” The man picked up the camera and began to take pictures.

Both David and Amanda moaned. There was nothing they could do. With resignation David brought his tongue to his mother’s already wet pussy. He heard his mother moan, but this time it wasn’t in dread, but rather sounded like excitement. David moved his tongue up and down her already wet lips, tasting her sweet juice.

Amanda tried to fight the incredible feeling of pleasure, but it was impossible. She could feel her son’s tongue searching inside her now pulsing hole. She knew that juice was bubbling from her pussy and worried that she might choke him. She could hear him slurping, sucking the copious juices from her hole.

“David,” Amanda gasped as her hips began to buck up and down. She could feel a climax coming on. Normally once she started climaxing, like she had done when she swallowed David’s cum, she could go on and on. A moment later she gasped and began to shake. A strong climax overtook her as she pushed upward into her son’s sucking mouth.

“Ohhhhh!!!” she gasped as her son kept sucking her.

“Man, the kid is getting the hang of it. Look at him eat that pussy,” Panahasi said.

David no longer cared what the bastards said. He loved what he was doing. He began to suck harder, filling the cell with a loud and sloppy sucking sound. His tongue went as deeply as he could into his mother’s pussy. Then he pulled back slightly and surprised his mother and himself as he placed his tongue on her asshole. With a slow and deliberate movement he pushed his tongue into her tight sphincter.

“Ahhhheeeeee!!!” Amanda screamed as another climax took her. Her tight asshole squeezed on David’s tongue, as if trying to suck it into her. Her hips bucked upward, taking him even deeper. She couldn’t believe what her son was doing … he was tongue falling her asshole … her own son.

Amanda did not get a chance to recover as David continued to eat her. He sucked her entire pussy into his mouth then bit her lips. He worked his tongue in and out, over and over. A moment later his tongue flicked open the hood over her swollen clit. Then the tip touched the incredibly sensitive nub.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” Amanda gasped as she rushed toward another climax. This time she feared that she was going to pass out. When her pussy began to throb, she felt really strange … unlike anything she had felt before. Then the dam burst and her pussy started squirting.

“Ohhhhhhh my Goddddd!!!” she gasped as her pussy gushed juice into her son’s mouth. She thought at first that she had lost control of her bladder, but then she realized that she was squirting pussy juice. Her head felt like it would explode as wave after wave of pleasure consumed her.

Amanda must have passed out for a few minutes, for the next thing she knew she was untied and lying on the bed. David was sitting next to her wiping her forehead with a cold cloth.

“You okay,” he asked with a worried look on his face.

“Uh … uh … yes … I think.” She looked around and saw that the men were gone. “Where did they go?”

“They said they had had enough fun for the night and left.”

Amanda threw her head back and moaned. Then she started to cry.

“What’s wrong, Mom?”

“I … I … what we … uh did, it was terrible. Mother and son’s are not supposed to do those things.”

David hugged his mother, pulling her naked body to his. “It’s okay. Remember what you told me? You said we had to do whatever was necessary to survive. That is what we did. We didn’t have a choice.”

Amanda sobbed and said, “Yes … but … but I climaxed when you were … were ea …”

“Stop, Mom, I climaxed too. Remember we had no choice. If you hadn’t climaxed they would have left us there all night.”

“I could have faked it,” Amanda said.

David started to say something but stopped because he knew that she could have faked it. “Mom, please, let’s just get through this. We can discuss all this when we get free.”

“Okay,” she said, realizing there was no point in going over what had already happened. She sat up and looked around. “Where are our clothes?”

“They took them. They said we wouldn’t need them anymore.”

Amanda moaned. “I wish we at least had a tooth brush and could get a shower,” she said.

“Yeah, maybe we can ask them to get us some things.”

“Maybe,” Amanda said, thinking ahead. Maybe she could convince one of the guys to take her to the hotel to get some things. She could tell him that she could get her checking account number and write a check to them or transfer money. Yes, that might work, she thought.

Amanda and David went to bed. However Amanda didn’t go to sleep right away as a plan formed in her head.


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