Chapter 3

Amanda awoke with a start… there was someone in her room. Suddenly the lights came on and she saw several men with hoods on their heads and guns in their hands. Amanda started to scream when one of the men pointed his gun at her and said to be quiet.

“Get up and come with us,” the leader said.

“What is this about … who are you?”

“Shut up and get out of bed.”

Amanda crawled out of bed and stood in front of the men. When she saw their eyes behind the masks staring, she realized she only had on her bra and panties. She blushed and covered her breasts and panty covered crotch. “Can I get some clothes?”

“No,” the leader barked. “Here are some shoes,” he said as he bent over and picked up a pair of high heels and tossed them toward Amanda.

Amanda was now too scared to protest. She put on the heels and moved toward the men. She didn’t want to say anything about David in the other room in the hope that they would not know he was there. When they came out of her bedroom her heart sank when she saw David standing in his underwear between two large men.

“Mom’s, what’s going on?” David asked with great fear.

“I don’t know son, just do what they say.”

“Smart mother,” the leader laughed.

Amanda and David’s hands were tied behind them and they forced into a car waiting in back of the hotel. Two of the kidnappers sat on either side. Then they put blindfolds over their eyes. Amanda leaned close to her son to try and give him comfort. Unfortunately, she needed the comfort too. She had never been so frightened in her life.

The car twisted and turned for quite some time before it stopped. When it did, she and David were pulled out and taken into some type of building. Neither of them knew where they were. When the blindfolds were pulled off they both gasped. They stood in the middle of what could only be described as a medieval prison. It was a large room with very dim lights hanging like torches from the stone walls. Three of the men were there and they had taken off their masks. It was obvious that they didn’t care if David or she saw their faces now. That sent a chill of dread through Amanda. They untied their hands and pushed both into a single cell. Inside the small cell there was a cot and a lone standing toilet. On the cot was one blanket. Then there was a large wooden bucket with a dipper that appeared to be for drinking water and one lone chair. The men closed the cell door and left Amanda and David alone in the room without saying another word.

“Oh God, Mom, what’s going to happen to us?” David asked nearly in tears.

“I don’t know, sweetheart, we have to be strong and not panic.”

“What could they want with us?” David asked.

“My guess would be a ransom. But the fact that they let us see their faces scares me.”

“Me too. But who would pay the ransom?”

“Well, Roland still has access to my money.”

David looked at his mother with shock. “You mean you didn’t cut him off?”

“I was going to, but time just got away from me. But it might be good that he has access. That way he can gather up the ransom.”

“You think he would do that?”

“I don’t know. We will have to wait and see. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we can break out of here.”

David and Amanda sat down on the lone cot and hugged each other. Amanda was trembling as she leaned into her son’s strong arms. Tears started to spill from her eyes.

“Don’t cry, Mom, I’ll think of something,” David said bravely. Yet, he knew that not much he could do. The guards were burly men and looked very mean … mean enough to kill them at any time.

“Listen David, don’t do anything crazy. We have to … we have to do whatever they want, no matter what that might be,” she said, hoping he understood. She couldn’t stand it if he resisted and got himself killed.

“Okay,” he said, but it wasn’t convincing.

“No, I mean it. We have to do what they want … no resisting. They have complete control over us and could kill us and no one would ever know.”

David nodded his head.

Later that morning, Amanda and David received plates of food. But the jailer said nothing when they demanded to be told why they were being held prisoner.

By the end of the day, no one had shown up to explain anything to them.

Neither Amanda nor David knew what time it was, only that it was dark outside. And Amanda had a problem … she had to pee. There was a toilet conveniently near by, but it was sitting in the open. She looked at David and said, “Uh … David, I … uh have to use the bathroom.”

David looked confused for a moment and then said, “Oh.”

“Maybe you can watch out the cell door while I go,” Amanda said.

“Uh … yeah, sure, Mom.”

David walked over to the cell door and turned his back to his mother.

A few moments later he heard the hiss of his mother relieving herself into the toilet. Amazingly David felt his cock start to stir in his shorts. He had to think of something else quick or he knew he would be very embarrassed when he turned around. Fortunately his mother finished before there was a noticeable tent in his shorts.

“If you have to go, I can stand at the door.”

David realized that he did in fact have to go. “Thanks,” he said and switched places with his mother. He stood over the toilet and waited. It was difficult to go with his mother just a few feet away. He almost sighed in relief when he started to pee.

Amanda heard urine splashing into the toilet. The sound was loud enough that she almost turned around. She wondered it he had a fire hose over there. In spite of herself she did turn her head. She stifled a gasp when she saw her son holding his cock in his hand. My God, she thought, where did he get a cock like that … not from his father … God rest his soul. She turned back before David finished, her face as red as a beet.

“Wow, I needed that,” he said. Then he looked at his mother and blushed. “I guess we are going to have to get used to that … I mean if we are locked up here for long,” David said.

“You’re right. Let’s hope they contact Roland quickly.”

“Well, I guess we had better get some sleep,” Amanda said.

David said, “I’ll just sleep on the floor. You can have the bed … such as it is.”

“No, you can’t do that. There are probably rats in this place. There’s enough room for us both if we squeeze in tight.”

“Are you sure?” David asked.

“Of course,” Amanda said as she crawled onto the bed.

Then David slid in behind her. As he leaned over to say goodnight, he saw that his mother had tears in her eyes. He snuggled up behind her and whispered, “It’s going to be okay. They will get their money and we will be home before you know it.”

Amanda smiled though her tears. “Thanks you,” she whispered and kissed his cheek. Then she lay down and felt David snuggle up behind her.

His closeness gave her a surprising comfort and she quickly fell asleep.

A couple hours later Amanda awaked for some reason. She wasn’t sure what until she felt something behind her. For a moment she wasn’t sure what it was. Then a blush colored her face. David had an erection and it was pressing between the cheeks of her ass. Her panties had been pushed between the cheeks giving his cloth covered erection a place to snuggle into. For a moment she thought about waking him, or a least pulling away, but then with a smile and a little shiver she laid her head back down. She could still remember when his father would get an erection in the middle of the night. She would wake him up and put it to good use. Then she shuddered at the thought that this was her son behind her, not her husband. Still, as much as she tried to deny it, the feeling of his erection was making her excited.

Then throwing caution to the wind she slipped her hand down to her panty covered crotch. Keeping her movement to a minimum, she pressed on the crease of her panties pushing the material between her now swollen lips. When she felt her pussy respond a shudder went through her. Unconsciously she pressed her ass backward into David’s cock.

Unbeknownst to her, David had awakened. He was disoriented for a moment, but quickly realized that he had an erection and it was pressed between his mother’s ass cheeks. Then, with shock, he realized that his mother was moving. He thought she must be dreaming, but then he saw her arm gently moving up and down and realized that his mother was masturbating! And his cock was causing her excitement. Amanda moved her fingers up and down the grove of her panties, feeling her fingers becoming wet as her excitement grew. Behind her she could feel David moving in his sleep. His cock began to slip up and down between her ass cheeks. She heard little whimpers coming from his lips and wondered if he were actually asleep. Her fingers stopped moving and with her rapidly beating heart waited to see if he reacted. David kept moving. She knew that she was being silly … he had to be asleep. With a quiet sigh, she began to move her fingers again. With super human strength she tried to keep her hips still. It was near impossible as she felt the large shaft moving between her cheeks. She was glad they had underwear on or she wasn’t sure what would have happened.

When Amanda felt herself getting close to a climax she began to move her fingers faster. The crotch of her panties was now soaked and she worried that if David awaken he would hear the squishing sound.

David could hear the sound and he could actually smell his mother’s excitement. With an incredible boldness he squirmed and allowed his arm to slip over his mother’s side until he could feel her bra covered breast under his hand. He wanted to squeeze but contented himself with the feeling of her heaving breast under his scorched palm. He was close to climax when he realized that if he did, there was nothing to keep his cum from seeping through his shorts to his mother’s panties. But then it was too late. He could feel his balls churning and he bit his tongue as his cock throbbed and began to squirt his juice into his underwear.

Amanda was shocked to realize that he son was climaxing. She could feel the throbs of his cock and then the dampness of his cum on her quickly saturated panties. In spite of all the bad things that had happened to them this day, a climax overtook her. She unconsciously pushed back into her son, feeling his still pulsing cock hot against her ass cheeks. Her face grew red with embarrassment, but that did nothing to quell her strong climax.

David shivered as the last of his sperm was spent into his underwear. He could feel his mother still twitching for several long moments after he was done. When she finally stopped, he was afraid to move. Thinking quickly he moaned as if asleep and turned over to face the wall. His heart was still thumping in his chest. God, what did I just do? he wondered.

Amanda was relieved when David turned away. She would have been mortified if he were actually awake and knew that she had fingered herself to a climax as he was having a wet dream. And it was very wet. She could still feel the sperm that had made her panties wet now plastering the cotton material to her ass. With a sigh, she closed her eyes and fell back to sleep.

When sunlight began to shine into the cell from the lone window, Amanda awakened. For a moment she wondered where she was. A second later she felt the dread of their situation overcome her. She sat up and looked at David who was still asleep. She got up and quietly walked over to the toilet and pulled her panties down. With an intake of breath she saw the flaky residue of cum on the back of her panties from last night and realized that it hadn’t been a dream. God, I hope David doesn’t know what happened, she thought. She did her business and went back to the bed. As she sat down, David opened his eyes.

“Good morning, Mom,” he said.

Although there was nothing to make the morning good, she smiled at her son and said, “Good morning.”

A while later a man came with their breakfast. He pushed the food under the cell door and left. Amanda and David found that they were very hungry. They ate quickly and then settled down on the bed and waited.

The rest of the day was nothing but boredom as they waited for something … some word or communication. As evening came Amanda and David grew more apprehensive about their faith.


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