Part 2

The large seaplane circled the tiny island twice before it descended toward the crystal blue water. From what Amanda could see, the island was as advertised … remote and tiny. She could see what appeared to be a hotel of some kind with small cabana type buildings on the side of the mountain. There was a small town on the far side of the island with rather crude looking buildings and barely paved roads. In the middle of the island there was a lake surrounded by mountains.

The island seemed mysterious indeed.

A shiver of something went through Amanda at the thought that they were alone here. Jason was the only person that knew she and David were going to the island. What if it was some kind of devious trap for her and David? Then she almost laughed. She knew she was being silly. Who would want to capture them on an island and for what reason?

Of course she did have a lot of money, as David’s father had been very wealthy. Most people didn’t know that they had that much money though because they never flaunted it. In fact, Amanda didn’t really know how much money she actually had. She lived in a modest house in an upscale neighborhood but nothing exclusive. They had a Volvo wagon and a small Mercedes … most of the neighbors drove much more expensive cars. But Amanda liked it that way. She never worried about people thinking she was better than them because of her money.

Amanda told herself to settle down and enjoy their two weeks. She looked over at David who was staring out the window with wonder and smiled. He was a normal kid and he never acted rich to his friends. She made sure of that. She felt a rush of pride and reached over and grasped his hand.

David smiled at his mother and then turned back to the window, saying, “Wow, this island looks amazing. We can go snorkeling and diving, and parasailing and …”

“Hang on there tiger, let’s get to the island before we jump into the water,” Amanda laughed as the plane touched down on the smooth water of the islands cove.

The seaplane taxied until the reached a dock. The pilot got out and helped Amanda and David out. Then a handsome older man in a white suit walked up. He was tall and dark. “I think we might be on ‘Fantasy Island’,” Amanda said to David as the man approached.

“What is ‘Fantasy Island’?” David asked.

“Never mind,” Amanda responded.

“Ah, Mrs. Carpenter,” the gentleman said in a heavily French accent as he reached out and took Amanda’s hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss. “And this must be Mr. Carpenter. I am Jacque Boucher.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Boucher, this is my son, David.”

“Ah, Mademoiselle is not old enough to have a son his age,” he said, laying on the charm as he shook David’s hand. “Welcome to our secluded island.”

“Thank you,” Amanda said. “This is truly a beautiful place.”

“It is indeed. I hate to say it, but the island was once used as a penal colony for deserters from the Foreign Legion, but that was many years ago. Not a glorious history I’m afraid. However, some wealthy investors bought the island a few years ago and made it into the resort it is today. It is quite exclusive.”

“How many people are here?” Amanda asked.

“Only about a thousand live here. Then there are the guests, which at a peak only number one hundred.”

“Wow,” David said.

“But we are very discreet here and do not divulge the names of our guests. Some are here without the knowledge of … well let’s just say they want anonymity. There are many things to do on the island, as you will see. We have a wonderful facility and you are free to take in all the wonders of nature.” The tall gentleman led them to a Range Rover with an open top, the kind you might see in Africa.

The drive took about forty-five minutes up a seemingly treacherous and narrow road to arrive at the hotel.

Both Amanda and David gasped when they pulled up outside the hotel. The main building was built into the side of the mountain. There was a giant natural waterfall flowing from the mountain just a few meters from the entrance to the hotel lobby. The lobby was richly decorated and in the back there was a huge crystal chandelier at the base of a grand staircase that led to hotel facilities. There were several bellhops waiting to take their luggage.

Their lodging was a large bungalow with two bedrooms on the side of the mountain. They could still see the Mediterranean from the deck and the main bedroom.

Just below the deck there was a path leading down the mountain to a beautiful white sand beach.

David stepped up behind his mother and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Thanks for thinking of me and bringing me with you. It’s so special.”

“You’re welcome. But you are the one that makes it special.”

David kissed Amanda’s neck and felt the goose bumps on her arms. This time his mother did not scold him, but shivered and seemed to push into his arms. David could feel her breasts resting on his forearms. He was delighted that his mother had not pulled away. They stood looking out at the sea for some time. Then David felt the inevitable erection starting. He knew he should pull away, but didn’t want to moment to end.

Amanda was almost swooning at the view when she realized that she could feel something between her and David. With shock she realized that her son was getting an erection. Incredibly, instead of pulling away she remained in his arms. When she felt his erection pulsing against the crease of her buttocks and her own excitement starting to grow, she finally pulled away.

“Let’s get unpacked and explore the area,” she said as she walked over to her suitcase. Without thinking she bent over with her ass facing David. She glanced around and saw the tent in David’s pants. In spite of herself she felt a chill run through her. She saw her son’s face flush and she knew she was turning red also. She quickly stood up and took a pair of shorts and tank top into the bathroom.

It was almost dark when Amanda and David returned to the hotel. They had walked miles on deserted beaches and unpaved roads. There were waterfalls and jungles, amongst several mountain peaks and there was also an abundance of wild life. The island was as advertised, remote and beautiful.

“Wow, am I tired,” Amanda said as they made their way to the room.

“Me too,” David returned. “Let’s just order dinner from room service.”

“Good idea.”

By the time they went to bed they had been awake for about thirty hours due to the overseas flight and their island exploration. As soon as their heads hit the pillows they were asleep.


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