Forbidden Love – Part 9


Chapter 9

While I was satisfied after the blow job, I was still excited about the week ahead, but more specifically about sleeping with my mother. I was also feeling a little guilty that I had only taken and given nothing back. I knew my mother had been excited as well. I could still see her wet pussy in my mind when she had stood over me earlier. A plan began to form in my mind as my mother readied herself for bed. I’m not sure what her plans were, but I suddenly knew what I wanted.

When mom came out of the bathroom, she was naked. I was glad she was going to sleep naked. She walked over and lay down on the bed next to me. “Whew,” she said, “Quite a busy day, huh?”

“Great day,” I said as I casually reached over and grasped her breast. I heard her quick intake of breath, indicating that she was still excited … great for my plan. I leaned close to her and nuzzled her neck, planting little kisses just under her ear.

“Mmmm,” she whispered and turned her head to allow me more room.

I squeezed her breast and worked my lips upward until I reached her ear. I could feel her shiver as I gently bit her earlobe and then slowly circled my tongue around the soft skin. “Mom,” I said as I continued to kiss her ear.

“Yes,” she breathed.

“I want to do something to you,” I said just a tad breathless with excitement now.

“What?” she asked sounding a bit apprehensive.

“I … I …” I said and paused, my courage suddenly fading.

“What?” she asked again, turning her head toward me.

I could feel my face turning red. “I want to … to … you know, kiss you … kiss you down there, like you have done for me,” I blurted. I heard a sharp intake of breath.

When she didn’t say anything for a moment I thought I had screwed up. “I’m sorry,” I said quickly.

“Oh, Jerry,” she said and took my face in her hands. She stared into my eyes, searching for something. “Are you sure?”

My heart was suddenly beating very rapidly. “Yes,” I managed to say.

“Your father … your father never liked doing that,” she said, still staring into my eyes. After a long moment she whispered, “I would love for you to eat me.” Then she lifted her head and kissed my lips softly, her fingers running through my hair.

Her words “eat me” sent a thrill through my body. I pulled her close, feeling her soft breast press to my chest. I pressed my lips firmer on hers. Her mouth opened and my tongue slipped inside. Her mouth was warm, wet, and sweet. I lost myself in her willing mouth and soft body. My head was spinning as my heart pounded with anticipation. I had never eaten a pussy before, but I knew I wanted to. Eating my mother’s pussy had been a nightly fantasy and now I was about to do it. I pulled my lips from hers and began to kiss her neck again. I worked my way slowly downward until I arrived at her gorgeous breasts.

I began to suck one nipple as my hand kneaded the flesh of the other. Then I switched to suck the other. When I was done, both nipples were as hard as pencil erasers and wet with my saliva.

Slowly I began to kiss down her stomach, using my tongue to tickle the soft skin. I moved to kneel between her legs and slipped both hands under her buttocks, lifting her upward. She gasped as her legs fell apart, revealing her gorgeous pussy in all its wet glory.

Never having seen it so close before, I stared. The puffy outer lips were open with the swollen inner lips spread apart like a flower. Juice was literally running from her open hole. I swear my mouth started to drool.

“Eat me, Jerry. Please eat me,” my mother begged.

With a moan I dropped my head until I was inches from her pussy. Then I opened my mouth and sucked the fat outer lips into my mouth.

“Ahhhhhheeeee,” she screamed. “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she gasped as my tongue began to lick her inner lips. “That’s it, that’s it, sweetie, lick my pussy.”

I teased around her pussy, avoiding the open hole, enjoying the warmth and wetness of her pussy lips. I wanted this to last. I was determined to take my time and enjoy every inch of her sweet pussy. My tongue moved slowly into her opening where I found a virtual well of juice. I brought my tongue back into my mouth and savored her flavor. I had always fantasized about how her pussy would taste, but nothing could have prepared me for the reality. Her juice was thick and almost sweet. In dissolved in my mouth almost immediately so I went back for more. Over and over I plunged my tongue into my mother’s hole, savoring the reward each time I brought my tongue back into my mouth. I knew at that moment that I would eat her anytime she wanted and would never grow tired of pleasing her this way.

“Oh Jesus, baby,” Mom gasped each time I split her lips with my tongue.

Her hips were wiggling in my hands, making it difficult to hold her to my mouth. Finally I gave up and lowered her hips to the bed. My mouth followed. Now I was lying on my stomach with my mouth buried between her warm thighs. I felt totally surrounded by her. My entire world was focused on her wet pussy. Her thighs wrapped around my head and covered my ears, muffling her moans of pleasure. At that moment I was so lost in eating her that I didn’t heard her scream. She began to climax. I knew because her thighs stiffened against my head and her fingers dug into my scalp. In addition, my mouth was deluged with her juices, which I swallowed. It seemed to go on for a long time. I wondered if it were one climax or many, because I couldn’t tell when one climax ended and another started. Juice was literally pouring out of her. My face was soaked from my chin to my forehead and from one cheek to the other. I loved it.

It was quite some time before I pulled my face from between her thighs. I didn’t go far, but rather simply laid my face on her pubic mound trying to catch my breath. When I eventually looked up, I saw that my mother’s eyes were closed and her chest was moving up and down with her rhythmic breathing. It took me a moment to realize that she had apparently fallen asleep. I gently extracted myself from between her legs. She moaned in her sleep as I pulled the covers from under us and then snuggled next to her. I didn’t bother to get up to wash my face. I wanted to feel her stickiness drying on my face. I was smiling as I fell asleep.


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