Forbidden Love – Part 7


Chapter 7

I got up early the next morning. I hadn’t felt this good in … well, I don’t think I ever felt this good. I was whistling as I washed my mom’s old minivan when she looked out the door.

“Ready for some breakfast?” she asked.

“Starved,” I returned with a smile.

“Come on in, it’s almost ready.”

“I’m almost done. I’ll be there in a minute.” I hurried to clean up the car washing material and put it away in the garage. I was wearing a pair of shorts and T-shirt with tennis shoes. The front of my shorts and shirt were a little wet but I didn’t think that mattered. My butt was dry. I went into the kitchen to see my mother putting breakfast on the table. I sat down as she went to the refrigerator and bent over to get the orange juice. My heart started to beat more rapidly as I stared at her gorgeous ass. God, she was driving me crazy, I thought. How was I going to manage keeping my hands off her? But then again, maybe she didn’t want me to keep my hands off her.

As she walked by me I reached up and grabbed her, pulling her to my lap. She didn’t resist, but she didn’t encourage me either. When I pulled her head to me, she let me kiss her and, in fact, slipped her tongue into my mouth. My cock, which was already half hard, sprung to full mast.

“Your breakfast is going to get cold,” she said as she extracted herself from my grasp. She glanced down and smiled before she took a seat at the table across from me.

“I think everything is ready for our trip. You know we leave day after tomorrow, right? Are you packed?”

I looked at her with a sardonic smile. She knew I was a procrastinator when it came to stuff like that. “Sure,” I said, but she could tell it was a lie.

“You need to get your stuff together.”

“I know. It’ll only take me an hour to pack. Don’t worry, I won’t hold you up.”

“All right,” she said as she began to eat.

I watched her put a fork of food in her mouth and chew. Even that simple action made my heart flutter … I swear I can’t understand this love stuff. It was starting to drive me crazy. Everything she did had suddenly turned sensuous. I didn’t realize that I was staring when my mother paused and looked at me strangely.

“What?” she asked.


“You were staring at me.”

My face turned red. “Sorry,” I mumbled. I caught a smile turning up her lips as I dropped my eyes back to my own food. Suddenly the butterflies in my stomach made the food less appetizing. When I looked up again, my mother had finished eating.

“Well, I have things to do. See you later,” she said and got up. As she walked past me she reached out and ran her hand across my face. I felt a tremor go through me.

I was incredibly excited all day. My cock was hard as a rock and barely went down. The strange thing was that I didn’t know what I was more excited about-what we had done sixually or the opportunity to be with her for two weeks; probably both things. When the day was over, I was almost relieved. It felt like I was a little boy again waiting for Santa. Only I knew that Santa was my mother and she held all the presents.

It was much later in the day when my mother passed by the family room and said, “Jerry, I’m going up to take my bath now.”

“Uh … okay, mom,” I said, wondering why she was telling me this.

Then she said, “I was wondering if you would mind washing my back.”

“Huh?” I said stupidly.

“It’s okay if you have something else to do. You don’t have to,” she returned.

“No!” I almost screamed. “I don’t have anything to do.” I watched as she turned and walked up the steps, her sixy butt swaying in front of my eyes. Like a puppy I rushed to follow her, my heart suddenly pounding in my chest.

“Oh, and you can take the little rubber piece off the door frame any time you want. You won’t need to peek at me anymore,” she said as I followed her into the bathroom. My face flushed several shades of red when I realized that she must have known all along.

I held my breath as my mother bent over the tub and started the water. She turned to me and said, “You may want to take off your clothes so you don’t get them wet.”

“Uh … yeah,” I stammered but quickly began to strip. I watched as my mother did the same, her actions much more graceful then my frantic stripping. When I was naked and my cock pulsing in front of me I watched my mother step into the nearly filled tub. She slowly slipped beneath the water with a contented sigh.

“You can’t wash my back from over there,” she said.

I hurried over and knelt next to the tub. My mother handed me a washcloth and a bar of Dove soap. My hands were trembling as I began to wash her flawless back.

“Mmmm, she moaned as I rubbed the soft cloth across her back.

I then moved the cloth to her neck and slowly ran it across the nape of her neck and then around to the other side. Finally I began to move the cloth down toward her large and inviting breasts. I looked at my mother’s face to see if she was going to stop me. She smiled.

“I thought I asked you to wash my back?” she said, but she didn’t try to stop my hand as it slipped lower to her breast.

I said, “Well, I just wanted to make sure you were clean.”

My mother laughed at my dumb remark but leaned back, lifting her breasts out of the water. I was breathing heavily as I slowly ran the cloth over one large breast and down to the hard nipple. I heard my mom sigh as I gently lifted and washed that breast before moving on to the other. When both breasts were washed and rinsed, I slipped the cloth down and under the water, moving down her stomach. When my hand passed her navel, I let the cloth go and continued with my bare hand. I waited for my mother to stop me, but she didn’t.

I heard her sigh and felt her hips move when my fingers reached the top of her pussy. Slowly I slipped my fingers between the lips and down to her opening. With a quick flick of my wrist I pushed my middle finger into my mother’s pussy.

“Ohhhh, Jerry,” she gasped as her hips began to immediately move on my finger. Her mouth opened as her breathing began to increase.

I leaned closer and kissed her. She opened her mouth wide, sucking my tongue in. My finger began to move at the same rhythm as my tongue in her mouth. I falled her mouth with my tongue as my finger falled her pussy. My cock was throbbing and threatened to squirt when I felt her pussy began to spasm on my finger.

“Oh, Jerry, you’re going to make me cum,” she gasped.

“I want you to cum, Mom. I want to finger fall your pussy until you climax,” I said, not even thinking about the fact that I was using the word fall in front of my mother for the first time in my life.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she hissed as her hips began to move faster and the walls of her pussy squeezed my finger even tighter. “Ahhhh,” she cried and her body stiffened, her hips lifting from the bottom of the tub and she threw her head back in pleasure. “Mmmmmmpppphhhh,” she moaned as a strong climax rushed through her.
When the pulsing inside her pussy began to slow, I used my thumb to find her swollen clit. I began to move my thumb back and forth on the swollen nub until her hips began to move again.

“Oh, Jerry, no,” she gasped, but didn’t stop me.

I worked my thumb up and down on her clit, centering on the motion that made her gasp the most. I reached over and began to knead her breast, moving my thumb gently over her swollen clit as I did.

“Mmmm, yes, Jerry, keep that up,” she gasped.

I had no intention of stopping until she climaxed again. Within a few seconds I got my wish. Her body tensed and a second even stronger climax began. I moved my thumb rapidly across her clit as her body shook with pleasure. This climax seemed to last longer. When she finally stopped shaking, she collapsed into the water with a loud sigh.

“Oh my goodness,” she gasped when she could speak again. “You certainly know how to pleasure a girl with your fingers. Where did you learn that?”

“I read a lot,” I lied. She didn’t believe me anyway.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said. “Stand in the tub.”

I stood up, my cock still throbbing and dripping a steady stream of juice as I stepped into the tub. Suddenly my cock was just inches from my mother’s mouth. She smiled up at me and then opened her mouth and took it inside. “Oh Jesus, Mom,” I moaned as her lips closed around my cock. I watched with growing excitement as my mother’s lips stretched over my swollen cock.

Suddenly I felt my mother’s hand slip between my legs and move up to my ass. “Mom,” I gasped as her finger moved between my cheeks. I wondered briefly what she was doing with her finger, but her mouth on my cock felt so good I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I could feel her finger wiggling between my cheeks until it found my back passage. I lurched forward as her finger slipped inside my ass. “Mom,” I gasped again. But she didn’t stop until she had pushed her finger into my ass. I was amazed that it didn’t hurt and after a short time actually began to feel good. I had no idea why it felt good, but the combination of her finger and her lips was bringing me to a peak very quickly. I moved my hips back and forth, with her finger massaging me as her tongue worked on my cock head.

“Mom,” I warned when I felt my balls begin to tighten. My mother’s reaction was to move her finger and mouth faster. “I’m going to cum,” I said to make sure she knew that I was getting ready to cum in her mouth. I heard her moan deep in her throat and she suck harder. With a bellow that surprised even me, I pushed my hips forward, burying my cock deep in my mother’s mouth. I froze as the head of my cock exploded, blasting my copious juice to the back of her throat. I heard her gag for a moment before she began to swallow. There was no doubt now; my mother was swallowing my cum … every drop. She moaned as she sucked harder, trying to draw every ounce out of my balls. She succeeded.

When my cock was drained, I almost fell backward out of the tub. I quickly stepped out of the tub, gasping for breath as I looked down at my mother’s beautiful face. She was smiling at me. There was a large drop of my cum at the corner of her mouth. She used her tongue to take it into her mouth.

I closed my eyes and moaned at the sight, feeling my cock throb as another large drop of cum slipped from the head and dropped to the floor.