Forbidden Love – Part 15


Chapter 15

I have to admit that I was never so nervous as I was waiting for Stephanie to arrive. Of course, I wasn’t the only one nervous. My mom was fit to be tied as well. This was obviously new to both of us. I was about to watch my mother and a gorgeous woman make love. Or more precisely, watch a gorgeous woman eat my mother. (I remembered my mother saying she had never done it to Stephanie.)

My instructions were that I was to sit in the chair, naked, and watch … no touching of Stephanie or her. I had, of course, readily agreed. I looked over at my mother and saw that she had a worried look on her face. I wondered what was going through her mind. Here she was about to get naked with a woman she hadn’t seen in years and make love … and if that wasn’t enough, her own son was going to watch. I also wondered if she would rather have been alone. Probably so. But while I was sympathetic to the need for privacy, wild horse could not have dragged me out of that room.

I was staring at my mother thinking that she was the most gorgeous and sixiest woman I had ever seen. She had on a black bikini bottom and top. It left most of her buttocks exposed and showed the creamy swells of her gorgeous chest. I was could already see Stephanie slowly stripping off her top and bottom before getting between her legs to suck her sweet tasting pussy. My cock was already hard as I sat in the corner nervously.

We both jumped when there was a knock on the door. Mom took a deep breath and strode to the door. She opened it to find a smiling Stephanie. The gorgeous woman stepped inside and closed the door quickly. A moment later she had my mother in her arms and they were kissing. It wasn’t a quick peck this time. Their lips were locked together and I could tell that Stephanie had her tongue in my mother’s mouth. I hear my mom moan. Both women were breathing hard when they parted.

“Hi,” Stephanie said to my mother. Then she looked over at me and smiled brightly.

I was sitting in a chair in the corner, naked, trying to hide my already hard cock.

“I see someone is excited to see me,” she said, nodding toward me.

“He’s not the only one,” my mother answered. “I don’t think I have been this nervous since the first time you seduced me.”

“Did I do that?” she asked as innocently as she could.

“Yes you did.”

“Okay, I did. You were like a babe caught in the spider’s wicked web,” she said and laughed. “I had been planning that for a long time.” Then her face turned serious and she reached up and gently touched my mother’s face. “That was so sweet. There has never been anyone else that I enjoyed so much. You know I was madly in love with you.”

My mother blushed and nodded her head. “I knew,” she whispered. Then they were kissing again. This time my mother was more aggressive. Her hands slipped behind Stephanie and down to the cheeks of her shapely ass. Stephanie was the one that moaned this time and pulled away, gasping for breath.

“Whew,” she said. “Let me get out of these clothes.

I watched with my cock throbbing as Stephanie began to take off her clothes. Mom watched too. When she was naked she pulled my mother into her arms again and kissed her. Then she started kissing down her neck. My mother glanced over at me and when she saw me stroking my cock she smiled. She closed her eyes as Stephanie quickly stripped off her top and then began to suck her nipples. My mother held her head to her breast as if she was cradling a baby. Yet, the moans and sucking sounds would never have come from a child.

Stephanie worked on one tit and then the other, sucking and biting the nipples until they were as hard as pencil erasers and shining with saliva. Stephanie didn’t waste any time. She pushed my mother back to the bed until she was sitting. Then she knelt at her feet, bending her head to kiss my mother’s thighs.

“Let’s get these off,” she said, stripping the panties from my mother’s hips.

My mother fell back on the bed, letting Stephanie open her legs. “Damn, you always were a wet one,” she said with a laugh. With a moan her head dipped between my mother’s legs.

“Oh Jesus, Stephanie,” my mother cried. She grabbed her head as if she was afraid Stephanie was going to try to escape.

I could hear the sucking sounds from Stephanie’s ravenous mouth over the cries from my mother’s lips and I was suddenly worried that I was going to climax without touching my cock. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was to watch another woman eat my mother. It was apparent that not only did Stephanie love what she was doing, but that she was also very good at it.

“Oh yes, oh yes, eat me, Steph,” my mother cried. Her hips began to move side-to-side and then up and down. Her hands were tangled in Stephanie’s hair and it looked like she was pulling it. If Stephanie minded she showed no indication. “Oh God, I forgot how good your mouth is,” my mother hissed. Her legs lifted and wrapped around Stephanie’s neck. I had been between my mother’s strong thighs and now I wondered how the poor woman was going to breath. Since she didn’t come up for air, I assumed she had a way of breathing through her nose with her mouth pressed between my mother’s gushing pussy lips. I wished I could get a closer view.

“That’s it, that’s it, stick your tongue in meeeee,” Mother cried. “Oh God, Steph, not my clit,” she screamed. Then I saw my mother freeze. A low moan started deep in her throat and quickly became a wale as she started to climax. I saw her toes curl and the muscles in her thighs bulge. Her hips bucked upward as Stephanie tried to hang on to my mother’s convulsing body.

After a few long moments, I saw my mother begin to relax; yet, Stephanie didn’t come up for air. Her head kept moving between my mother’s thighs without pause. I heard my mother moaning. “No, no, Steph,” she gasped as if she wanted her to stop. But she made no move to push her away. A few minutes later my mother was climaxing again, and then again.

It was obvious that Stephanie loved to eat pussy. I looked at the clock and saw she had been between my mother’s legs for over forty-five minutes and was showing no sign of stopping. Finally, my mother had to push her away. Stephanie’s very wet face had a dazed look as she sat back.

“It’s your turn,” my mother said as she pulled Stephanie from her kneeling position.

“Huh?” Stephanie said.

“The one thing I have always regretted from the times we were together is that I never ate you.”

With a surprised look on her face, Stephanie said, “You don’t have to do that.”

“I know. But I want to.”

“Oh God,” Stephanie gasped as she let my mother push her onto the bed.

I echoed Stephanie’s words in a whisper. I sat forward in my chair, making sure I kept my hands away from my throbbing cock, as my mother positioned Stephanie in the center of the bed. Then she knelt between her thighs and said, “You know I’ve never done this before. Will you show me?”

“I’d love to. But I think you will know what to do,” Stephanie said with a broad smile. Then she laid back and spread her legs wide. I could see her shaved pussy glistening with excitement.

I couldn’t take it any longer and stood up, taking a few steps until I was standing beside the bed. I figured they could yell at me if I was too close. My mother glanced at me but didn’t say anything. Stephanie’s eyes were closed. I watched from the side of the bed as my mother began kissing down the inside of Stephanie’s thighs. I saw goose bumps form on her legs and saw her thigh muscles quiver. Her face was scrunched up as if she was fighting to hold back a scream.

My mother’s lips left a wet trail down one of Stephanie’s thigh before she moved to the other side. She placed little kisses and bites on the soft skin before using her tongue to trace her way toward the swollen pussy lips. I could see Stephanie anticipating my mother’s mouth but was denied. My mom was teasing her like she had done me earlier that morning. Damn, she was learning to be quite a lover, I thought as a smile came to my face.

“Please,” Stephanie begged.

Having too much fun, my mother resisted Stephanie’s attempt to pull her head to her pussy. Continuing to drive her crazy she brushed her lips across Stephanie’s pussy and moved up to the soft skin of her stomach, just below her navel, where she planted kisses. When Stephanie moaned, my mother giggled and continued to lick and kiss her stomach.

“God, Teresa, if you don’t kiss my pussy soon, I’m going to explode.”

“Oh, that’s what you’re supposed to do. I was wondering about that,” my mother teased. “Let me see how this works,” she said moving her tongue to the top of Stephanie’s pubic mound. Then she slowly moved her tongue downward, across her clit and onto the swollen inner lips.

“Ohhhhh,” Stephanie moaned in frustration.

I could see my mother’s tongue flicking up and down and from side to side. Then she reached under Stephanie’s legs and pushed her thighs upward until they were pressing on her heaving breasts. Now her mouth hovered over the wet and swollen lips. With a growling sound, my mother dropped her mouth and covered Stephanie’s pussy.

“Ahhhhhheeeee,” Stephanie screamed. Her hips lifted upward and her thighs jerked under my mother’s sucking mouth. I swear I thought the woman was going to expire as her body shook and convulsed. My mother kept sucking as the thrashing woman beneath her climax. But mom wasn’t done. Just as Stephanie had done to her, my mother kept at it. Within a minute or two she was climaxing again. I was astounded by both women’s capacity for pleasure for as soon as Stephanie was done climaxing they moved into a sixty-nine position and started all over again. I began to wonder if either one of them was going to survive. Fortunately for me, they did.

It took a while for my mother and Stephanie to recover. I watched, my cock still hard, as they lay on the bed and cuddled. They were whispering and giggling like two schoolgirls. Several times they looked over at me and giggled. I wondered what was transpiring between the two of them. Finally my mother got up and came over to me. She sat on my lap, avoiding squishing my still hard cock. She nuzzled my neck and when whispered, “Stephanie wants to watch us make love. She’s never seen a man and woman fall.”

I looked at her with my eyes wide in shock. “Uh … really?” I said.

My mother nodded, her face red with embarrassment or excitement … I couldn’t tell which.

“Do you want to?” I asked, my excitement growing.

“If you do,” she answered.

Like any horny teenager, I said yes … actually I nodded my head, afraid my voice would crack with excitement.

My mother stood up and nodded to Stephanie. Her face broke into a wide grin. Then she got up and left the bed for us taking my position on the chair.

My mother grasped my cock and led me over to our bed. We started out very self-conscious, feeling Stephanie’s eyes on our every move. But as I kissed my mother passionately our excitement took over. Suddenly we were like actors on a stage, putting on a show for an appreciative audience.

I kissed down my mother’s neck until I reached her still hard nipples. I sucked and licked them for a long time, trying not to be outdone by what Stephanie had done to my mother. I wanted to prove I was as good as any woman when it came to making love. When both breasts were wet with my saliva, I pushed my mother onto her back. “God I want to put my cock into you,” I whispered loud enough for Stephanie to hear. That was the one thing she couldn’t do with my mother.

“Yes, fall me. fall your mother,” she said, also loud enough for Stephanie to hear.

I heard a moan from across the room and turned. Stephanie was lying back in the chair, her legs thrown over the arms and her fingers rubbing her pussy frantically. She was staring at us with wide eyes.

I made a show of crawling between my mother’s thighs and lifting and spreading her legs. “Put your son’s cock in your pussy,” I ordered. With a little moan, my mother reached for my throbbing cock. I could feel it throb in her hand and desperately hoped that I wouldn’t shoot my load before I even had a chance to fall her. I tried to think of anything but what was going on in this room … baseball, school, cars, anything. It worked and the crisis passed.

With a low growl I slipped my cock into my mother. Her warm pussy caressed my cock with a now familiar pulsing. The swollen walls sucked me in until my balls touched her ass. “Oh Jesus, Mom, I’m in your pussy all the way,” I said in a husky voice, loud enough for Stephanie to hear. I knew Stephanie could plainly see my cock going into my mother’s pussy. She was but several feet from where our sixual parts were joined. I pressed my body to mother, feeling her softness from my chest to my toes. The room was spinning. Suddenly it was only me and my mother in the room. I no longer knew or cared that someone was watching us.

“fall meee!!!” my mother screamed as she bucked her hips upward and then back down, letting my cock slip out to the head.

I looked into her eyes to see deep pools of love. I brought my lips to hers and as my tongue plunged into her mouth, my cock did the same to her welcoming hole. A groan escaped my lips as her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me down deeper. The head of my cock touched the back of her canal and she groaned in pleasure. “God, I could keep my cock in you forever,” I said, knowing that her squeezing pussy would make that impossible in just a few minutes.

My hips began to move slowly. Up and out, and then back in until the head was settled at the entrance to her birth canal. Out and in again I moved bringing a steady whine of pleasure from both our lips. I vaguely heard moaning from somewhere in the room and remembered Stephanie. When I looked over, she was still in the same position, her juice covered fingers moving in and out of her pussy in a blur. From the look on her face, I figured she was in a state of perpetual climax. Then I forgot all about Stephanie as my mother’s fingernails dug into my ass cheeks, urging me to fall her. I did.
Soon moans were echoing from the walls of the hotel room and the sounds of Stephanie’s fingers in her sloppy pussy, matched the sound of my cock pounding in and out of my mother.

“Oh Jerry, I’m going … to … to … cummmm …” my mother gasped.

I responded, “God Mom, I have to pull out … I’m going to cum too.”

“No … no … no … don’t pull out. Cum in me … I need your cum … cum in me please,” she begged.

I don’t think I could have stopped if I wanted to, but her words drove me crazy with lust. I bellowed as my mother cried out with her climax, and I began to pour my potent seed into her pussy. It blasted out of me in torrents, filling her willing hole until it overflowed. My mother kept climaxing even after I had emptied my balls. But the squeezing of her still milking pussy kept my cock from growing soft and after a few moments I was pounding into her with all my strength again. I worked in and out like a man possessed, bringing on climax after climax for her. At one point I noticed Stephanie standing close to the bed, like I had done, watching us. That served to spur me on. I flipped my mother over until she was on her hands and knees with her head buried in the pillows and falled her from behind. When she finally collapsed onto the bed, I followed, still pounding into her until my second climax took me to heaven again.

I rolled away from my mother, lying on my back gasping for breath. Then I felt movement on the bed and saw Stephanie crawling between my mother’s legs. “Oh God, Steph,” my mother gasped as the insatiable woman buried her face between her juice splattered thighs. Another gasp came from her lips as Stephanie’s mouth covered her swollen and well-used pussy.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: a gorgeous woman on her knees eating my mother’s cum filled pussy. The result was to bring on another erection for me. I watched as Stephanie brought my mother pleasure with her mouth again. Then when she was done, I rolled my mother on her side and slipped my cock in from behind and, as Stephanie kissed my mother, I falled her to several more climaxes. With two huge climaxes under my belt, I couldn’t go again, but I certainly enjoyed trying.

We didn’t get together with Stephanie again, but she joined us on the beach a couple of times. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but we soon got used to it. One day we stayed on the beach until most everyone had left. My mother was lying on one side of me, and Stephanie on the other. I had put a towel over my lower half to keep from getting burned. I leaned over and kissed my mother. I felt her hand slip under the towel. A few moments later my cock was tenting the towel. I glanced over at Stephanie and saw her watching. I felt a chill of excitement go through me and closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt another hand on my thigh. When I opened my eyes I saw that Stephanie had slipped her hand under the towel as well. Incredibly I know had two women’s hands on my cock. I gasped as both women began to move their hands up and down in unison.

When I looked over at my mother she was lying back with her eyes closed. Then I saw that Stephanie was doing the same thing. I dropped my head back and moaned. The combination of two hands on my cock brought me to the critical point very quickly. I whispered, “I’m going to cum.” The result was that both Stephanie and my mother moved their hands faster until I was pumping my seed onto my stomach. Without a word, both women pulled their hands from my cock and then wiped them on the towel. I took a deep breath and sighed contentedly.

Stephanie left for home the next day with my mother promising to come and visit. With tears in her eyes, Stephanie kissed my mother and then, to my surprise, kissed me passionately. And then she was in the cab heading to the airport.

The second week of our vacation was as wonderful as the first. Mom and I were like newlyweds. We enjoyed the sights, but enjoyed our evenings and nights in bed even more. We became careful again and I did not cum in her for the rest of the trip. We both figured we had taken enough of a risk already. It was a small concession.

We were both sad when we had to leave our island paradise. Now we had to go back home and be careful. We both knew there were great risks for us if someone suspected something. However, we also knew that we would have private times that would make up for all the risk. Mom told me she wanted me to sleep with her. Unfortunately I couldn’t move my stuff into her room for obvious reasons. Still spending every night in bed with her was enough for me.