Forbidden Love – Part 11


Chapter 11

The next day we arose early, had breakfast and headed down to the dock for our planned boat trip. My mom had arranged an all day trip on a large catamaran. There were about fifteen people on board. We sailed to a small island where we were allowed to sun on the beach (clothed) and snorkel the reefs around the island. Of course my mother was by far the prettiest woman there.

My mom and I felt totally free to act as if we were newlyweds. We held hands, kissed, and generally acted like lovers. Certainly we received stares, but they were more likely from jealously then from our age difference. At one point we slipped down a trail to a gorgeous waterfall. There we stood in an alcove under the crashing water and kissed. With my mother’s approval, I slipped my fingers into her tiny bikini and played with her pussy. However, she stopped me when I began to slip to my knees.

“Later,” she whispered as she pulled me to my feet.

When we finally arrived back at the hotel we were exhausted. While I was more than willing to partake in a little sixual pleasure she convinced me to wait until the following morning, promising a reward. That sent my imagination into overdrive.

We slept like logs that night with the windows open and the sound of the ocean waves crashing just yards from us. The next morning I was up early … both my body and my cock. I slipped onto the patio wearing only a pair of shorts and sat down to relive the numerous dreams I had had about my mother last night.

“Ah, there you are,” my mother said as she stepped onto the patio a few minutes later. She was wearing a hotel bathrobe.

“Hi, sleepyhead,” I said, mimicking her from the other day.

“Wow, I was out like a light last night,” she said as she stretched her arms over her head. The action opened her robe allowing me to see her legs, all the way to her thighs.

I reached over and grasped her thigh, running my hand upward until my fingers touched her bare pussy. Instead of admonishing me I felt my mother open her thighs slightly. I think we both moaned when my finger found her opening. My middle finger slipped into her seemingly always wet pussy. When I started sawing my finger in and out she grabbed my hand.

“Let’s go inside,” she said. Then she took my hand and led me back into the bedroom.

I stripped off my shorts in record time. My mother turned to me, looking directly into my eyes as she slipped off her robe.

“Lay on the bed,” she whispered almost breathlessly.

I hurried to comply, wondering what she had in mind. I remembered her promise of a reward for waiting for six until this morning. As I lay on my back my mother crawled onto the bed and knelt between my legs. Then she bent over and lovingly took my cock into her hands. As she gently stroked me she stared into my eyes.

“I thought a lot about our relationship yesterday,” she said. “I know this is crazy … what we have done on this trip, the sixual relation we have developed … all of it.”

“Mom,” I said, but she put her hand up to stop me.

“Let me finish. I love you and I know you love me and it is much more than just love between mother and son.”

I nodded my head, wondering where this was going. We had gone over this before.

“I know you’re thinking we have discussed this and you are obviously correct. But, bear with me. This … this is difficult for me, because I have all these emotions going through me. Things like how wrong this is … how dangerous this is … where all of this is going … a thousand things. But then I think about how much I love you and how much I love the things we have done and, incredibly, all those cautions go out the window. I look at this,” she said, holding my cock up and looking at it with a look of true devotion. “I look at this beautiful cock and how it longs for me, and my willpower crumbles.”

My mother paused and stroked me several times bringing a large bubble of clear juice to the slit. As the bubble grew and began dribble down the side of my cock she said, “Look at how much it wants me. Wants to be inside me.”

My cock throbbed and I closed my eyes and moaned. I hoped I knew what was coming.

“My pussy needs this cock. I’ve decided to let you fall me. Will you do that? Will you fall your mother?”

My eyes sprang open. “Oh God, Mom,” I gasped.

“I take that as approval,” she said. Then she bent over and took the head of my cock into her mouth.

I started to tremble as I watched her suck my cock lovingly.

When she pulled away the shaft was soaked with her saliva. “I think it’s ready for me.” With that she stood up on the bed and moved over me. There she squatted so that her pussy was just inches from my pulsing cock head. “My pussy is throbbing like you cock is. When you slipped it into me the last night I realized that it had been far too long since I had had a cock inside me. But I don’t want just any cock. I want your cock … my son’s cock. It’s so wrong, but I can’t stop it. The fact that you came out of this pussy over eighteen years ago makes it so much more exciting. That is crazy I know.”

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. There was nothing left to say. I watched as my mother slowly lowered her hips until the head of my cock was touching her already wet pussy. Then she moved lower, taking the head into her. Her mouth opened as she stared into my eyes.

“Oh, Mom,” I gasped as she pushed lower. Inch by inch my cock slipped into my mother’s pussy until it was all inside her again. And it felt as good as the first time.

My mother paused with my cock inside her to my balls. Her eyes closed in pleasure. “Oh, Jerry, your cock feels so good inside me. It feels so big. I can feel the head touching my cervix. I’ve never had anything that deep before.”

I felt her pussy throb and squeeze my cock. I gritted my teeth to keep from shooting my load inside her that very minute. Still I didn’t know how long I was going to last.

My mother began to move upward with agonizing slowness. I watched my pussy wet cock slip out of her until only the head was left inside. Then with a groan she slammed back down.

“Ahhhhh,” I gasped over my mother’s cry of pleasure. “Yes, fall me … fall me,” I cried without concern that the people in the room next door might hear.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah,” my mother hissed as she began to move up and down on my cock. “Yes, yes, yes,” she screamed.

I couldn’t hold out very long. Her tight pussy and the excitement of knowing I was finally falling my mother was too much for me. “Mom, Mom, Mom, I’m going to cum,” I warned. I wondered again if she was going to let me cum inside her.

Reading my mind she said, “It’s okay … cum in me … cum in me, please. I need your cummmmm.”

That was all it took. I bellowed as I pushed my hips upward, forcing my cock as deeply as possible into my mother’s willing pussy. Suddenly it felt like every drop of fluid in my body was draining out of me though my cock. Blast after blast of cum shot from me and deep into my mother. Somewhere in my pleasure I realized that she was climaxing as well. My spasms seemed to go on for a long time, but when I was finally drained I realized that my mother was still climaxing. I looked up at her lust-contorted face and my heart almost leaped out of my chest as the realization hit me; now we were more than mother and son, now we were truly lovers. My cock never grew soft as my mother shuddered through one climax after another.

I knew that I could go on for a long time now. She bounced on my throbbing cock, swaying from sided to side, her head thrown back and her mouth opened wide. I watched her tits bounce up and down, almost as if they were moving in slow motion. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles. The slapping of her thighs and ass cheeks on my thighs echoed from the walls of the hotel room … her grunts of pleasure blended with my own gasps. I let my mother work on me until she was near exhaustion. Finally I signaled that I was ready to climax.

“Yes baby, cum in your mother’s pussy. Fill me with your hot juice again. I want all of it. Please.”

I lifted my hips and bellowed as my second load of cum blasted from my balls. I wondered for a second where it was all coming from. But then my mind went blank as pleasure ripped through me.

When my mother’s and my climax finally ended she flopped onto me, pressing her still heaving breasts to my chest. I wrapped her in my arms and held her tight. Then I felt her sobbing.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, incredibly worried that she now regretted what we had just done.

She pulled back and looked at me with her tear stained eyes. “It was so … so incredible. I don’t think I have ever had so many climaxes or one that lasted that long. It was like a tidal wave washing over me and it just kept buffeting me with pleasure, over and over. It was totally amazing. I love you more than you can ever know, sweetheart.” She leaned down and kissed me.

I moaned as her tongue went into my mouth. I felt my cock begin to harden inside her soaked pussy again. When she felt it she pulled back and looked at me with amazement. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. Then I flipped her onto her back. “You falled me, now it’s my turn to fall you.” She laughed as she wrapped her legs around my waist and lifted her hips in answer … or was it a challenge? I took it as the latter and began to pump my cock into her with a vengeance.

“Yes, yes, yes, fall me hard,” my mother screamed.

I did. The juice from my previous climaxes was splattering all over both of us. I falled her until she climaxed three or four more times … I lost count. Then I climaxed inside her for a third time. We both lay on the bed gasping for breath with me on top of her. I rolled off and pulled her into my arms. “I love you, I love you, I love you,” I said over and over.

My mother practically purred as I held her in my loving arms. After a while we crawled under the covers and snuggled until we fell asleep. It was barely light outside when I awaken from a six dream. When I opened my eyes I realized it wasn’t a dream. My mother was sucking my cock. I’m not sure what her plan was, but I wanted to fall her again. I pulled her head from my cock and pushed her over until her back was toward me. From behind I slipped my cock into her still very wet pussy.

I falled her hard for at least an hour. She gasped out in pleasure and climaxed again and again. When the friction finally got to me I screamed that I was going to cum. She pushed her hips back into me and took my load of cum deep into her.

Although it was mid-morning, we crawled back into the bed and fell asleep.

I woke up first and realized the sun was well up in the sky. For a moment I thought of starting something again but decided to just watch my mother instead. Her face was serene as she slept with her head on the pillow. Her hair was a mess and her makeup smeared but she still looked beautiful. I reached over and brushed hair from her face. As I did she opened her eyes.

She smiled and whispered dreamily, “What are you doing?”

“Just looking at the woman I love.”

She smiled again sensually and closed her eyes. “I love you too, sweetheart,” she whispered. Then she sighed and stretched her arms causing the sheet to fall from her large breasts. She pushed the sheet off her and looked down. A little frown crossed her face.

“I’m a mess,” she said.

“You look beautiful to me,” I said, thinking she was referring to her hair and makeup.

“No, I mean down there,” she answered with a laugh.

“Oh,” I answered a little embarrassed as I looked at her sperm covered pussy and thighs. It was still dripping from her pussy and her thighs were covered with the dried remains.

“I can’t believe how much cum you have in those balls, it’s still coming out of me,” she said. “I’m glad I can’t get pregnant or I would surely be knocked up after last night.”

“You can’t get pregnant because you are on the pill, right?” I asked, having assumed she was on the pill.

“No, I’m not on the pill now. But I’m pretty sure I can’t get pregnant anyway. I told you I wanted another baby but your father didn’t. We had six for several years without protection and nothing happened. I was never on the pill all those years.

My heart suddenly leaped into my throat as I thought again of that day years ago when I went to the doctor’s office with my father. I suddenly realized that my mother didn’t know he had had a vasectomy.

I must have had a strange look on my face because my mother said, “What’s wrong?”

“Mom, uh … uh … damn I don’t if this is important but … I don’t know how to tell you this.”

“What?” she asked suddenly concerned.

“Oh, shit. You didn’t know. I mean you obviously didn’t know that Dad … that Dad had a vasectomy. It was around when I was … uh let’s see, we were just going to sell the old Buick, so I was ten.”

“What?” she gasped with raised voice. “You’re kidding.”

“No. I went to the doctor’s office with him. I didn’t think much of it at ten. I was going to tell you … tell you the other day, but I didn’t think it was important.” I saw my mother’s face turn as white as a sheet.

“That son-of-a-bitch, he never told me that,” she snarled. “Damn him to hell, that was when we were trying to have another child,” she added, her anger blocking out the reality of the risk we had just taken by my cumming inside her.

“What are we going to do?” I said in panic.

She looked at me for a moment without comprehending. Then her eyes opened wide. “Oh,” she gasped.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

Her face showed her concern but she tried to hide it. “It’s not your fault. You didn’t know,” she said with incredible calmness considering the situation. Then she sighed and said, “Well, we can’t do much at this point. I think it is a pretty remote possibility that I would get … uh … get pregnant from the first time. I mean it has been a lot of years and as women get older it is harder to get pregnant. Unlike men and their sperm, women only have so many eggs and the number dwindles as they age. Plus, I don’t think it’s my fertile period.”

I didn’t entirely understand all that she was saying, and I wasn’t sure she believed it, but I certainly hoped it was true.

“I’ll get on the pill as soon as we get home.” Then she added, “Your father made our life miserable for so many years, let’s not let him ruin our vacation now.”

I smiled. “I can do that.”

I saw what I thought was a worried expression from on my mother’s face, but it disappeared quickly when she said, “Good, let’s go to the beach and relax.”


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