Forbidden Love – Part 10


Chapter 10

When I awoke the next morning, I found the bed next to me empty. I sat up and looked around for my mother. I saw through the window that she was sitting on the patio reading a book. I hopped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom to relieve my bladder and brush my teeth. Then I reluctantly washed my pussy juice smeared face before leaving the bathroom. My mother turned and smiled when I stepped outside. I took a deep breath of the fresh ocean scented air and stretched my arms wide. Then I leaned over and gently kissed her lips tenderly.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said.

“Sleepyhead? What time is it?”

“It’s almost ten o’clock.”

“Wow, I guess I slept in.”

“Well, we had a busy day yesterday. I thought we would just spend the day on the beach today and veg, if that’s okay with you?”

“Sounds great. How about some breakfast, I’m starved,” I said.

“Sure. Go get showered and put on your bathing trunks and I’ll order room service. Eggs and bacon okay?”

“Sure. Order some hash browns and toast and maybe some pancakes, please.”

My mother looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“What? I’m a growing boy,” I said in response to her expression.

“Get dressed,” she returned with a smile.

After breakfast my mother put on her bathing suit and found some towels. We didn’t have far to go to get to the beach, as it was only a hundred yards from our patio. I followed behind her, enjoying the sixy view of her nearly naked ass, as we walked through a couple of sand dunes to the pure white-sand beach beyond. It was relatively early so there were only a few people scattered around the beach. We found a spot not to close to anyone and put down our towels. Before my mother sat down, she looked around the nearly deserted beach. Then she totally surprised me by taking off her bikini top. My eyes opened wide in surprise.

“It is a nude beach, you know.”

“I don’t see anyone nude, or even topless,” I said as I stared at her now naked breasts. But I quickly added, “But don’t let that stop you.”

“I won’t. But I’ll wait to take off my bottoms until I see others do it.”

“I look forward to it,” I said with a lecherous smile.

The sun was very hot and I knew I would get burned quickly. I was the one that burned … my mom rarely did. I had her put sunscreen on me. We lay on the beach until we grew hot and then went into the water. By the time we came out, we noticed that there were a lot more people on the beach. In fact, we now saw several topless women and one or two who were totally nude. Unfortunately, most of the nude ones should have had their clothes on. Still that fact gave my mother the courage to take off her bikini bottom. At the towel she stripped it off, looking around to see if anyone was looking.

I stared at her beautiful and bare pussy with mixture of awe and excitement on my face.

“Come on chicken, take off your trunks.”

My face turned red. “Uh … that might cause a problem,” I said, glancing down between my legs meaningfully.

When she saw the protrusion in my trunks, my mother put her hand over her mouth and laughed. “So those naked fat ladies turned you on, huh?”

“No, you did,” I returned.

“Well, I take that as a compliment.”

“You should. I couldn’t stop it if I wanted too with you standing there totally naked.”

“Slip them off and just lay on you stomach. I don’t want to be naked alone.”

Begrudgingly I stood up and turned away from the people on the beach and slipped off my trunks. My hard cock popped free. I turned slightly toward my mother and said, “See.”

“Yes I do. Dig a hole in the sand so you can lay flat,” she said with an uproarious laugh.

Hearing her outburst, I saw several people look our way so I quickly lay down on the towel to hide my obvious erection.

I eventually turned over but found it difficult not to become erect with my gorgeous mother just inches from me. As the day wore on and I saw more and more naked people, I become somewhat comfortable being nude. Several times my mother and I walked down to the water and back up the beach. Soon we were both feeling quite comfortable. It was a strange, but it was somehow very liberating being totally naked in a public place. We sat in the sand as people walked by without batting an eye, although, most of the men batted their eyes at my mother.

When the sun started to go down, and the breeze coming in from the ocean began to cool, we decided to go to our room and get ready for dinner. An hour or so later we went out to a nice restaurant serving local dishes. My mom liked it a lot, but I would have been happy with a good burger. By the time we were finished dinner I started thinking about what was going to happen when we went back to the room. Mom and I had done just about everything except actually having intercourse. I knew she said that she was still thinking about how much further we would go, which meant to me that it was still a real possibility. Tonight might be the night … at least I hoped it would be.

I came out of the bathroom after my shower and said, “The bathroom is all yours.” My cock was already about half-mast. As my mother passed I grabbed her and gave her a long and lingering kiss. She moaned when she felt my cock harden between us.

“Let me get my shower,” she whispered as she reached down and grasped my cock with her soft hand. After a quick jerk or two, bringing a moan from me, she turned and rushed into the bathroom, giggling.

It seemed like hours but was probably less than a half hour before my mother came out of the bathroom. I gasped. She was wearing a blue corset with tiny blue panties that were all but see through. The corset pushed her gorgeous breasts upward, exposing the already hard nipples. My cock, which was hard from thinking about my mom, began to pulse like I was going to climax. I had to will it to stop or I would have surely wasted my spunk on the floor.

“What do you think?” she asked.

I looked down at my pulsing cock and then back up to my mother.

“I can see that you like it,” she laughed. She walked over to me and straddled my legs, bringing her large breasts to my willing mouth. “Mmmm,” she moaned as I began to suck one tit and then the other. I used both hands to grab her breasts and lift them as I sucked her. I pushed the two orbs together and licked both nipples at the same time, alternating licking and then sucking.

“Jesus, I’m so wet,” she said. “Feel my panties.”

I continued to suck a nipple as one hand slipped between her legs. I would have gasped had I not been sucking her. The gusset of her panties was totally soaked. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she had soaked them in the shower. I slipped my index finger under the elastic at the crotch and moved it up and down across her swollen pussy lips.

“Oh yes, sweetheart, put your finger inside me.”

I did and heard her moan. She was so hot and wet that juice began to stream down my finger to the knuckles. I pulled my mouth away from her tits and quickly slipped the panties down her thighs. I looked at the tiny slip of material in my hand. Then I turned them inside out and exposed the sopping crotch. As my mother stared wide-eyed at me I licked the crotch, moaning as I tasted her juices. Wanting the real thing, I dropped the panties and pulled her close. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, collecting juice from between her lips. Those juices were there because of me; I was the one making her excited and causing juice to run out of her pussy like a river.

“Lean back,” she said, pushing on my shoulders.

When I was on my back she climbed onto the bed and squatted over mouth.

“Is it okay?” she asked as her wet pussy hovered over my mouth.

As an answer I reached up for her hips and pulled her down. She yelped as I drew her quickly down to me until her pussy landed on my mouth. I groaned and she screamed. My tongue immediately found her opening and plunged inside.

“Oh, Jerry,” she gasped as her hips began to move on my willing face.

Her juices were literally pouring out of her and I tried to catch it all in my mouth.

“Oh God, oh God,” she gasped as her body began to tremble. Then she pushed down hard, covering my mouth and nose with her pussy. I held my breath as she began to convulse in climax. I thought I was going to expire before her convulsions slowed and she moved back a few inches and sat on my chest to let me breath. “Oh, Jerry, I’m sorry,” she gasped when she saw my wet and oxygen deprived face. “I could have killed you,” she said and then smiled.

“I would have gladly died that way,” I answered with an even bigger smile.

Then I watched as she got onto her feet again and squatted over my mid-section. My cock was sticking straight upward, pointing at her very wet pussy. My heart was pounding in my chest. Was she going to let me put it inside her? I wondered. Then she lowered her hips and brought her pussy down until the lips were rubbing the tip of my cock. Slowly she moved forward, trapping my cock under her pussy and pressing it to my stomach. It wasn’t falling but it was an incredible feeling nonetheless. “Oh, God,” I gasped as I felt the warm and swollen lips begin to move up and down my cock. Her flowing juices lubricated my cock, making it easy for her to slip up and down. I could see her lips stretched around my cock as she moved down and then back up, almost to the tip of my cock. Over and over she did this, her breathing showing her renewed excitement.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” she gasped as she teased her pussy with my cock.

I could feel her body begin to tense. Then she began to tremble all over.

“I’m cummmmiiiiinnnnnggggg,” she gasped suddenly.

I held her body tight as she convulsed in pleasure for the second time in just a few minutes. It took quite some time before the shudders finally stopped. But it was apparent that she still wasn’t totally satisfied. Her hips began to move again. I knew that I couldn’t take much more, but there was something I wanted to try before I climaxed. As my mother moved upward, I lowered my hips just a bit, causing my cock to slip under her pussy. She couldn’t stop her movement back down and suddenly my cock head was in her pussy before she could stop.

“Jerry!” she gasped. But she didn’t lift up. She looked at me, her eyes filled with lust. I had never seen her look quite that excited before. Then she slowly closed her eyes and let her weight move downward until my cock was all the way inside her sweet and warm pussy.

I was delirious with excitement. My eyes closed and I tried to concentrate on anything but the warm sheath of flesh surrounding my cock. Tremors inside her massaged my cock from the tip to my balls. I had never felt anything so good. It was like my cock was encased in a warm and wet glove.

I opened my eyes to see my mother looking directly into my eyes. She bit her lip and I knew that she was trying to decide if she should make me pull out. Then her eyes glazed over and I knew that a decision had being reached. With a sigh of resignation or pleasure she slowly lifted up until only the head of my cock remained inside her. For a moment I thought she had changed her mind and was going to let my cock slip out of her. But, instead, she closed her eyes and started moving back down, an inch at a time, until my entire cock was buried deep inside her pussy again.

“Oh God Mom, my cock is in your pussy. I’m falling you!” I hissed, stating the obvious. Her warm and soft pussy flesh surrounded my cock, making me tremble with pleasure. I don’t know if this had been her intention, but I couldn’t be happier. It was a fantasy come true … one that had been the fodder for my masturbation for a long time. While I wanted it to last, the stimulation was too much for me. “Mom,” I hissed as my cock throbbed deep inside her pussy. “Oh, God, I’m going to cum,” I warned. I wasn’t sure if she was going to let me cum in her or not.

There was a low grown that started deep in my mother’s throat. I couldn’t tell if it was excitement or frustration. But then, just as my balls sent my sperm hurtling up the shaft, she lifted up and let my cock slip out. My now squirting cock was trapped between her pussy and my stomach. While frustrating, the sensation of her warm pussy on my cock kept my cock squirting until I was totally drained. I gasped for breath, my eyes closed in pleasure.

When I regained my senses, I realized that my mother was climaxing again. I looked between us and watched as she rubbed her clit on the shaft of my cock, smeared my sticky cum over my cock and stomach. When her trembling stopped she collapsed on top of me.

It took some time before my mother raised her head. She said, “That wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“Sorry,” I lied.

“Well we have to be careful in the future,” she said, but there didn’t seem to be a lot of conviction in her voice.

“Yes,” I agreed, relieved that she didn’t blame me. “But you know that was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt.”

Mom leaned to me and kissed my lips. When she pulled away, she said, “It was for me too, but I think that was going a little too far.”
“Why,” I asked bravely, “We’ve done almost everything else?” My mother rolled to her back and I followed, throwing my arm over her chest and leaning my head close to her. I saw her biting her lip. “I love you and you love me,” I added, hoping that would weaken her resolve.

She sighed. “I do love you,” she said as she raised her hand to my cheek. “I don’t know … I’m confused right now,” she said. “I’ve already let you … let us do things no mother and son should ever do.”

“But since we have done those things, why can’t we (I almost said fall but caught myself) you know, make love?”

Another sigh slipped from her lips. “Let me think about it.”

My face broke into a broad smile.

“I didn’t say we could,” she admonished. “I said I need time to think about it.”

“I know,” I returned with a gleam in my eyes.

“You’re getting pretty smug young man,” she said with a serious face, but then she smiled. She glanced down and then reached for my suddenly hardening cock. “Amazing,” she said when several strokes of her hand brought my cock to full erection. Then she pushed me onto my back and leaned over. “You need a good cleaning.” With that she began to lick my stomach and balls, avoiding my cock, as she lapped up my cum.

When that area was clean she lifted my cock to her mouth. “Mmmm,” she groaned as she took the pulsing head into her mouth.

I threw my head back and moaned in pleasure. My fingers rested on her head as she began to suck me. She used her hand on the shaft, moving it up and down as her mouth cleaned the cum residue.

I closed my eyes and let her work on me. After the strong climax I just had, I knew I could go for a long time before I came again. I think my mom was counting on that. I had the distinct impression that she really loved sucking cock and I was more than willing to allow her that pleasure.

It took about twenty minutes before I felt the rumblings in my balls again. I knew that I didn’t have to warn her this time, but I said, “I’m going to cum in a minute.” I heard a moan of approval. I lifted my hips and pulled her head down gently. “Ahhhhh,” I gasped as another load of cum blasted out of my cock. This time none of it escaped her mouth. My mom sucked up every drop, pumping my cock until there was nothing left in my young balls. A moment later she crawled up beside me and kissed my lips. I moaned when I tasted my cum on her lips and tongue. Then we slipped under the covers and she snuggled into my armpit. We were asleep in seconds.