A Mother Mistakes – Part 11


It was an early spring morning when Allison and Chris’s lives changed forever. Spring was in full bloom and the weather had turned unseasonably warm. The windows of the Hudson house were open and the noise of birds singing in the trees outside awoke Chris earlier than normal. He slipped out of bed and stuck his head out of a window overlooking the driveway and saw that his father had already left for his regular Saturday morning golf match. Seizing the opportunity, he quietly padded down the hall and slowly opened the bedroom door to his mother’s room. Up to that point, his mother had never allowed the two of them to have six in her bed. He wasn’t sure why since she had done it with Jason. Her explanation that it was too dangerous didn’t make sense. He thought it might be because of remorse at her mistake of letting Jason do it.

Whatever her reason, he had been thinking about it for weeks and thought that it was now or never.

When he looked into the bedroom, he saw his mother lying with her body facing away from him. He stripped off his underwear and crawled into the bed next to her, lifting the sheet to see that she was naked by for a pair of tiny black panties. He snuggled up to her back in spoon fashion and slipped his arm over side to grasp her breast.

“Wh… what?” Allison exclaimed when she felt someone behind her.

“Good morning Mom,” Chris whispered.

“Chris what are you doing?” Allison said in confusion, trying to turn over. “Your father…”
“He’s gone to play golf,” Chris said as he forced her to remain on her side.

Allison relaxed a bit but said, “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Why not?” Chris began to kiss his mother’s neck teasingly.

“It’s not right,” she answered, but trembled and turned her head to give him better access to her neck.

“Turn onto your stomach,” Chris said and pushed her over until she was on her stomach. He continued to kiss her neck, working his way up to her ear. He whispered, “Have you ever had your ass eaten?”

Allison gasped, but didn’t answer, the words sending shock waves all the way to her groin.

“Answer me,” Chris demanded and slipped his hand down to grasp her panty covered ass.

“Noooo,” she hissed. It was both an answer and a protest.

“Melissa loved it. She thought it was nasty, but she loved it just the same. I used to spend hours sucking and kissing her little asshole.”

“Chris,” Allison gasped at his nasty words.

Chris began to move down his mother’s back, stopping to kiss each the vertebrae on her back.

“Noooo,” Allison moaned again, but she didn’t stop him. Instead she pressed her face into the pillow, grasping it with both hands.

When Chris got to where the sheet was covering his mother’s lower half, he threw it off, revealing her ass and legs. He almost gasped at the sight of her almost blemish-free form. His eyes swept down her back and over the mounds of her ass, only partially covered by her panties. He knew that he would never grow tired of the sight. With a smile Chris straddled his mother’s thighs, his eyes gazing down on her sixy backside. He grasped her cheeks, massaging the silky material covering her flesh. Then he snaked his hands under the leg bands until he could cup both cheeks in his palms. He kneaded and squeezed them until the desire to see them naked was too much for him. He bent over and hooked his fingers into the waist and began to pull them down.

“Chris please,” his mother pleaded. However, she lifted her hips and let him pull them down.

Chris left the panties at the tops of her thighs and bent to kiss her now bare ass cheeks.

“Ohhhhh,” Allison moaned at the touch of her son’s warm lips.

He kissed the surface of one soft cheek before moving on to the other. When he was done, he had kissed ever inch of her buttocks. He could see his mother trembling as he pulled her panties down her legs and off. He brought the slip of material to his nose to smell before placing them over his throbbing penis. Then he placed both hands on his mother’s cheeks. Slowly he opened her, teasing himself as well as her. A gasp escaped his lips when he saw the tiny pink star of her anus. It was smooth and hairless like the rest of her. He saw the little opening clench and then relax, like it had a life of its own.

“Chris, this… this… is…”

“Nasty,” Chris answered for her.


“That’s why I love it… and so do you mother.” Chris bent over until his tongue touched the top of the grove between the cheeks. He began to lick slowly downward, leaving a trail of saliva behind.

Allison’s hips began to squirm on the bed.

When Chris’s tongue was a fraction from the tiny rose, he pulled back and blew warm air on the crinkled surface.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” Allison gasped.

“Oh yes,” Chris whispered to himself as he watched her hole pulse as if in protest. He puckered his lips and kissed it, enjoying the feeling of her forbidden flesh on his lips. He then sucked it gently, pulling his lips and the tiny hole away from her body before letting it go again.

“Ohhhhhh Chris.”

Chris’s began to lick the little hole, circling it with his tongue. Then he pulled away and heard his mother groan. “Hold your ass open for me Mom,” he whispered. When his mother didn’t move he said, “Mother, hold your ass open,” in a stern voice. He opened his palm and smacked her ass hard, leaving a handprint. He hadn’t meant to hit her that hard, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“Ohhhhh!!!” Allison gasped. She buried her face in her pillow and reached back with trembling hands. Slowly she pulled her cheeks open wide.

Chris smiled. His mother’s fingers dug into the soft flesh, stretching the hole unit it flared opened just bit. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. He centered his tongue on the hole and pressed forward.

“Ahhhhhheeeee!!!” his mother screamed as his tongue split the little hole. Her hips lifted from the bed forcing the tongue even deeper.

Chris pushed harder, feeling the tight sphincter resisting. He pressed forward, forcing his tongue in as deeply as he could. As the opening gradually began to relax, he then began an up and down motion with his head. Saliva drooled from the corners of his mouth, lubrication the hole and making it easier for his tongue slip in and out

“Oh God, oh God!” Allison moaned. She followed her son’s tongue by lifting her hips when he pushed down and falling back to the bed as he pulled out.

Chris worked on her ass for a long time, enjoying the cries coming from his her lips and the feeling of the slick walls of her anus caressing his tongue. He licked and then sucked the little hole, pulling the wrinkled flesh into his mouth and savoring the sweet and slightly bitter taste. With his mother still holding her ass open for him, he reached under her to find her breasts. He heard her gasp as he caught her hard nipples between his fingers and squeezed. Then he grasped her breasts with both hands and used them for leverage so that he could push his tongue even deeper.

Allison’s moans became one long cry of pleasure. She had never experienced anything like it… anything so nasty… yet so thrilling.

Chris held one breast in his hand and withdrew the other, sliding it down her stomach until he found her clit. He grasped the swollen pea between his fingers and began to manipulate it gently. A muffled gasp came from his mother and her body began to tremble.

“Oh… oh… oh,” Allison gasped as her body began to convulse in pleasure. Her hips pushed up at the probing tongue and then back down at the squeezing fingers as if she couldn’t decide which one she wanted most. Her climax came on like a tidal wave, rippling through her body from head to toe.

Chris held on to her breast and clit as her body gyrated beneath him. Her jerking movement made it was almost impossible to keep his tongue inside her hole. However, it didn’t seem to matter anymore to her; she was too far into her climax to care.

It took a few minutes for Allison’s body to stop trembling. Chris remained between her cheeks, lovingly kissing the still pulsing hole. Finally he felt her move. He pulled away and crawled up beside her and took her into his arm, holding her gently.

The two were silent for a long while.

“So did you like that?”

“Yes,” Allison whispered as if embarrassed. She didn’t look at him.

“I thought so.”

They fell silent again until Chris said, “I got a call from Melissa yesterday.” He felt his mother’s body tense.

“Oh really, what did she want?”

“I guess she was having second thoughts about breaking up with me. She said that she wanted to get back together. She even hinted that she might suck me and even let me go all the way.”

It took a moment or two for Allison to ask, “What did you say?”

Chris smiled and paused for a few moments before answering, “I told her that I already had a relationship.” Chris felt his mother’s body relax, the tension dissipating as quickly has it had come. She snuggled deeper into his arm. He turned her head up to him and looked into her eyes. He started to kiss her.

“Wait,” she said, “Let me go brush my teeth.”

“I guess I should too,” Chris said as the two of them crawled out of bed and walked naked to the bathroom.

Standing at the mirror the two of them put toothpaste on brushes and began to brush their teeth. Chris looked over at his mother and reached down with his lather-covered brush and rubbed it across her nipple.

“Chris,” Allison squealed, drooling lather from her mouth and down her chin in the process. Then she reached down quickly with her toothbrush and ran it down his flaccid but still fat penis.

It was Chris’s turn to jump back. “You made me swallow the toothpaste,” he laughed.

“Sorry,” Allison said.

Chris held his brush up and moved toward his mother.

“Chris, no,” she laughed as her son chased her into a corner.

“Then give me a kiss,” he said, his mouth foaming like a mad dog.

“Nooooo,” she giggled and turned away as he tried to kiss her.

Chris was persistent and grabbed his mother’s face and brought his lips to hers.

Suddenly, when Allison felt her son’s lips, all of the fight went out of her. She moaned and opened her mouth to her son’s insistent tongue. Soon they both had toothpaste lather on their lips and running down their chins.

Chris picked his mother up in his arms and carried her back to the bed where he laid her gently down. He crawled next to her and resumed kissing her. He held her face in his hands and kissed her passionately. Then he drew back and looked into her loving eyes. He bent and kissed her neck. Slowly he worked down to her now heaving breasts, where he gently bit one nipple while he played with the other.

Allison reached between Chris’s legs and found his very hard penis. She stroked it lovingly as she allowed him to continue to suck her breasts.

Soon Chris pulled away and moved until he was lying over his mother with his arms holding his weight. He leaned down and kissed her again, never seeming to get enough of her soft lips. As he did this, he lowered his waist until his penis head touched her vagina.

Allison pulled her lips from him and said, “Chris.” She gave him a look of admonishment.

“Just let me feel your lips on the head… please.”

Allison didn’t answer right away. She knew that what they were doing was very dangerous, but she remembered what he had said about Melissa. She knew that he could easily find some young girl to fall him. Still, she couldn’t let their relationship go there. “Just for a second,” she answered.

Chris smiled and positioned the head of his penis between her rapidly swelling lips. He moaned as he felt the soft, blood filled, lips caress the head of his penis. “Oh God Mom,” Chris groaned and leaned down to kiss her lips again.

Allison placed her hands on her son’s hips, holding him back, keeping him for moving downward.

“God Mom, just an inch more.”

Allison’s body began to tremble. “No… we can’t.”

Chris pushed down, forcing another inch into his mother’s hole.

“Chris,” she gasped and pushed upward on his hips with her hands. There wasn’t much strength in her arms however.

“Just a little more,” Chris whispered.

“Oh God Chris,” Allison gasped as she felt more of her son’s penis enter her. Suddenly her hands were no longer on his hips, but lying on his ass.

Chris took that as a sign and he pushed deeper. “Ahhhh Mom,” he gasped as he slipped another inch into her. When he didn’t hear his mother protest, he slipped deeper. And, then one more push. Suddenly, he couldn’t go any further; he had his entire penis inside his mother. He heard a roaring in his head that was so loud that it blocked out the whimpers of his mother. His heaving chest was now pressed to his mother’s equally heaving breasts. “Mom, I can’t believe it. God, you’re so tight,” he gasped.

“Chris we shouldn’t be… oh God… it’s wrong.” Yet Allison’s fingers were now digging into her son’s buttocks, holding his penis deep inside her warm cavern.

Chris could feel the walls of her vagina squeezing around him, almost like a soft glove milking him. It felt like he was encased in velvet; it was warm and wet and like nothing he had ever felt before. Her mouth was good, but this was far better. The fact that it was his mother that he was inside made it even more exciting. A thought occurred to him; he had just lost his virginity to his own mother. It was almost too much for him to comprehend. His head was spinning and his balls squirming inside their sacks. His penis pulsed and he fought the urge to cum.

Allison’s hips began to move in little twitches.

When Chris felt it, he slowly pulled out until only the head inside. Then he pushed back down hard.

“Ahhhhhhh,” they both gasped.

“Oh God Mom, I’m falling you… I’m falling you,” Chris said as he began to move up and down. “Mom… oh God Mom… I love you. I never want to fall anyone else.”

“I love you too Chris… fall me… fall me hard please,” Allison pleaded excitedly, all reservations suddenly gone. Her hips lifted from the bed, taking him as deep as possible with each thrust.

“Yes! Yes!” Chris said as he began to move his hips faster. He kissed his mother, pushing his tongue in and out of her mouth at the same tempo as his penis. His hips became a blur as he thrust powerfully into her. He could feel her copious juices leaking out around his shaft, lubrication him and creating a squishing sound that echoed from the walls of the bedroom. The bed began to squeak under the strain of their frantic movements.

“Oh God Mom, I’m getting close?”

“Chris no, you can’t,” she gasped yet her fingers digging into his ass did not relent.

“I’ll pull out,” he gasped. They were the most difficult words that he had ever spoken. He felt his balls pull up to his body as they began to churn his juice in preparation.

“No… no,” his mother answered when she felt him begin to pull back, suddenly delirious with pleasure. She was so close… so close… she couldn’t let him stop. She suddenly wrapped her legs around his waist and screamed, “fall me! fall me hard! God I’m going to cummmmmm!!!”

“Mom, I’ve got to pull out,” Chris cried, near panic. There was no way he wanted to pull out. His mother seemed to be giving him the okay, but he wasn’t sure. She held his hips tightly, forcing him all the way into her with every plunge. Chris gritted his teeth and tried desperately not to cum.

Then it was too late.

When he felt his juice shooting up the shaft he screamed and pushed in as deeply as he could. The thick and potent juice exploded from the head of his penis, sending his semen deep into his mother’s unprotected receptacle. It jetted out in torrents; unleashing millions of live sperm and spattering against the slick walls of her womb.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” Allison screamed as her climax overtook her. She felt her son’s scalding and virile seed filling her, soothing the ravaged walls of her vagina like a healing balm. Excitement like she had never known consumed her. She was lost. Her head spun and she gasped for breath as her climax went on and on.

Chris grunted and continued to pump his hips.

It seemed to Allison like she had blacked out for a moment or two. When she came to her senses she found Chris still moving within her. She was sure that he had climaxed; yet his penis was still as stiff inside her.

Chris was sorry that he had lost control and cum into his mother, but he figured that the deed was done and he couldn’t change it. He also realized that he may never get another chance to do this again and was determined to take advantage of the opportunity. The excitement of being inside his mother kept him hard even after he had climaxed so intensely. His hips kept moving, sliding his shaft in and out of her now flooded hole.

“Chris, Chris,” Allison gasped when she felt her son continue to pump in and out of her. Then, incredibly, she felt her own excitement building again. Her hips began to work against his thrusts.

Chris continued to pump in and out of his mother for over a half-hour until he felt his crisis coming on again. He had no idea how many times she had climaxed. He had heard her gasp and cry out several times. His own climax came on slowly this time, building until his recently drained balls had filled again. “Oh God Mom, I’m cumming!”

“Yes, yes sweetie, cum in me.” Allison bucked her hips upward, taking the second load as deeply as the first.

Finally Chris collapsed on top of his mother, trying to catch his breath. Then he rolled over until he was staring at the ceiling. His mother was lying quietly beside him.

Suddenly Allison jumped up saying, “I have to get to the shower.”

Chris watched her climb out of bed and then hurry into the bathroom and close the door.

Allison stumbled over to the vanity. She placed her hands on the counter and looked at herself in the mirror. “You just falled your own son,” she said out loud. “You’re a 38 year old mother that has just falled her son and let him cum in your unprotected cunt.” She said it as if she were trying to make herself feel bad. Strangely she didn’t feel as bad as she thought she should. She had been anticipating and dreading this very situation since they first started fooling around. Now, while she was concerned about the fact that she had taken an incredible risk, she couldn’t find the guilt that she expected. She looked at her face and saw that it looked the same… except that there was a satisfied glow to her cheeks. When she looked between her legs, she saw that her thighs and six lips were covered in sperm. As she watched, a bubble of cum formed at her hole and, as if in slow motion, grew until it was a large glob before falling to the floor between her feet. It was her son’s sperm, his baby making juice with millions of little Chris’s inside. She suddenly squeezed her legs together holding back the feeling like she going to climax again. The action squeezed her still swollen clit between her lips. Her knees suddenly gave out and she grasped the counter to prevent her from falling.