A Life Changing Trip with Mother – Part 7


Chapter 8

Melissa was in the kitchen cooking breakfast when she heard Eric get out of bed. It sounded like he was coming down the steps haltingly. She moved the frying pans to a cold burner and hurried to the steps. She got there just as he disappeared into the bathroom.

“Mommmmm,” Eric gasped when his mother stepped into the bathroom.

“Sorry,” she said, I heard you come down the stairs and wanted to make sure you were all right. I’ll wait outside.”

“Can you get me something to wear?” he asked.

“Sure,” Melissa said and left the bathroom. A moment later she reached her hand into the door with a pair underpants and a T-shirt. He took them and began to put them on. It took him a long time to get the underwear on as he tried to avoid putting pressure on areas that hurt, which was most of his body. Then he tried to pull the shirt over his head and began to struggle again.

“Here, let me help,” Melissa said as she came into the bathroom.

When the shirt was over his head and pulled down Eric looked at the shower/tub and said, “I need to take a bath but I can’t see how with the bandages and all.”

“You’re right, you do need a bath. You have dried blood and hospital disinfectant all over you. Come on in to breakfast and we will figure something out.” She could feel her son’s eyes on her as she walked away. She had on the same pink nightgown she had worn the other day. Underneath she had thong panties and no bra.

As they sat down to eat, Melissa reached over and cut his food into small pieces. Then when she saw him try to pick up a fork in his bandaged hand without success, she placed one in his fingers.

He began to eat like he hadn’t eaten in days. During a brief pause in eating, his eyes went to his mother.

She could see him staring at her almost bare breasts. For a moment she thought of covering her breasts with her arms, but made no move to do so. She stared back at her son until he saw her. His face turned red and his eyes shifted to the window where the snow was coming down heavily outside.

“It really snows here when it snows,” he said nervously.

Melissa smiled. “Yes, I’ve been listening to CNN and they said it is going to be one of the worst blizzards that they had seen in this areas in a quarter of century.”

“Do we have enough food?” Eric asked.

“Yep. I checked everything and we could last for about a week. If the blizzard lasts longer than a week, the house will be buried anyway. It’s unlikely they will open the slopes until next week, so we aren’t missing anything.”

“Where’s Paul Bunyan when you need him,” Eric said and laughed.

“Are you feeling better?”

“A little. In fact pretty good considering what happened. My head is a little sore and my legs and arms hurt like hell, but otherwise I’m good.”

“Well, I guess you can’t do the dishes like you owe me.”

“Sorry,” he said, holding up both bandaged arms.

“You’ll do anything to get out of doing the dishes, but this is going a little too far,” Melissa said. Then she added, “The bandages can come off in a couple of days if we can get to the doctors office.” She got up and took dishes to the sink. When she turned around she saw Eric staring at her behind.

His face turned red with embarrassment. “Uh … uh … there isn’t much I can do for you or myself.”

“I know sweetie. Now, about that bath, I can help you.”

“You mean like wash me?” Eric asked incredulously.

“Well, yes. I’ve seen you naked you know. Remember I changed your diapers for a few years,” Melissa said with a smile. “You certainly can’t go for days without a bath. And, quite frankly you smell like hospital disinfectant … amongst other things.”

“I can try to do it myself if you fill the tub.”

“But you can’t sit in the tub.”

“Maybe I can stand and wash.”

“All right,” Melissa replied without conviction as she watched him go to the bathroom. A moment later she followed him. She stood in the doorway and watched him try to lather his face to shave.

“Ouch!” he exclaimed when the razor cut his cheek.

“Having trouble?” Melissa said as she stood in the doorway with her arms folded.

Eric looked exasperated. “Yes. I can’t even shave myself.” However he didn’t miss the fact that his mother had on the same see-thru nightgown he had seen previously. Her nipples were already hard.

“I’m sorry, honey. Sit down on the toilet and I’ll shave you.”

“Do you know how?”

“I’ve never shaved a man, but I think I can learn. After all, I’ve shaved a few parts of my body,” she said. Suddenly she blushed, wondering if Eric had seen her shaved pussy. A shudder went through her and she quickly fished the razor out of the water in the sink. “I can see the line where you normally shave. Is that where I start?”

“Yes, start at the right cheek and draw the razor downward. Nice even strokes.”

Melissa folded a towel, placing it on the floor and knelt next to Eric. “This is going to be fun,” she said.

Eric moved his face from one side to the other, directing her where to put the razor. When she was done, she got a washcloth and gently washed his cheeks and chin.

“Pretty good job, if I say so myself,” Melissa said when she had wiped the excess cream from his face. Then she rubbed her hand across one cheek and then the other. “Nice and smooth,” she said, pausing with her hand on his cheek.

Suddenly the room grew very quiet as the two stared at each other.
“Uh … I had better run your bath,” Melissa said as she got up and moved over to the large freestanding tub. She bent over and turned on the water. Without thinking, she moved her ass back and forth in front of her son’s eyes. She stayed bent over for some time, testing the water and making sure it wasn’t too hot. When she turned around, she saw Eric look away quickly. Her eyes traveled down to his crotch and she saw an unmistakable bulge. She knew he had gotten hard looking at her ass. “Okay, let’s get your clothes off.”

“I can do it,” Eric said. When he tried to pull the shirt over his head, however, it was just too painful.

Melissa reached over and pulled his shirt up. Then she smiled as he turned around to hide his growing erection and tried to pull down his underwear. “Let me,” she said, as she remained kneeling. She quickly pulled his shorts down, leaving Eric standing naked with his cock half hard. Suddenly she was staring as his half-hard cock just inches from her face.

“Oh, God,” he moaned under his breath and closed his eyes. He quickly stepped into the bathtub, avoiding looking at his mother’s face.

Melissa picked up the washrag and the soap. Then she slipped to her knees and washed his stomach acting as if she did this everyday. She tried to act casual, but as her hands moved lower, her hands began trembling. She began to wash his legs, trying to ignore the pulsing appendage in front of her face.

Eric opened his eyes looked down at his mother and then his own cock. It was now almost fully hard. He looked away again and his face turned red.

The room was suddenly filled with sixual tension. Melissa could feel her heart beating in her chest as she stared at the long throbbing shaft. It mesmerized her. With shaking hands she continued to wash his thigh, washing it from top to bottom. Then she told him to put his foot on the side of the tub so she could get to his foot. But when he had done that, she paused. Instead of washing his thigh she brought the soap and the washcloth to his cock. It was almost as if she were hypnotized.

Eric gasped.

Melissa began to wash it gently as if she did this everyday. But the last time she washed him like this he was five years old.

Eric sighed and kept his eyes closed tightly.

Melissa grew fascinated with her son’s large cock. She had never looked at the male six organ like this before. His balls were huge in their wrinkled sacks and hung down several inches below his cock. Both orbs moved inside their sacks like they were alive. She guessed in a way they were alive … at least the sperm inside. She felt her pussy throb at the thought.

She heard Eric moan when she began to slowly move her hand back and forth, supposedly to clean him. She moved her hand to the base of his cock before sliding it back to the head. She began to pump the shaft.

“Ohhh!!! Eric gasped.

Suddenly her breathing became labored. She could hear Eric moaning, but it sounded like it was coming from far off. Her head began to spin as her hand moved faster.

“Mommmm. Watch out!!!” Eric cried out in warning with his last ounce of energy.

The words didn’t register as Melissa continued to pump her son’s cock. Her mouth was open as she gasped for breath. Her eyes were wide as she watched and felt the long shaft throb. She could feel the head grow larger in her hand. Suddenly Eric exploded. The soap fell from her hand as his thick cream blasted from the head like a bullet, hitting her directly in her face.

She gasped, but didn’t stop pumping her hand. The next shot followed quickly and hit her tightly closed lips. The squirting juice came out in torrents for several long seconds before finally slowing down. The weaker squirts hit Melissa on the neck and then dripped to the material of her nightgown and covering her still heaving breasts.

When the last drops were squeezed from Eric’s cock, Melissa stood up on unsteady legs. She squeezed her legs together and tried to maintain her balance. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. She knew it was incredibly wrong, yet her pussy was throbbing, burning with desire. She felt Eric’s sperm begin to run down her face and then drip from her chin.

She closed her eyes as if that would change what she had just done. It didn’t work. Instead, a vision of Eric’s spurting cock jumped into her mind. Suddenly and unexpectedly, a climax ripped through her. She squeezed her legs tighter and tried to control the movement of her hips. With hooded eyes she stared at her son who had yet to open his eyes. That was a small blessing.

When her climax eased, Melissa used the washcloth to wipe the cum from her face. Then she dipped it into the water and wrung it out. Without a word, she began to wash Eric again. She took care of his lower half before moving upward to wash his chest and back. She took special care to wash the sections of his arms and chest that were not bandaged. Finally, she got up and retrieved a large bath towel. She began to dry her son rubbing the towel up and down his strong body. Neither of them said a word as he stepped out of the tub and let her finish drying his feet. Then she helped him put on his shirt and sweat pants.

The remainder of the day was quiet. They spoke, but only about normal things. Nothing was said about what happened in the bathroom. Yet, both of them were reliving it over and over in their heads … Eric with excitement and Melissa with excitement tinged with a great deal of remorse.


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