A Life Changing Trip with Mother – Part 4


Melissa stared in wonder. His penis was huge. He was much bigger than his father was. The head was swollen and shaped like a small plum. Her legs grew weak as she watched him move his hand up and down the shaft.

“Mmmm,” he moaned.

His cock throbbed and it looked to be ready to explode. A bubble of clear juice appeared at the head and then slowly trickled down the side. A steady stream of juice followed.

Melissa had to place her hand on the door jam or risk collapsing. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Suddenly her clit began to throb with a life of its own and she felt like she might climax. She squeezed her legs together to try and stop it, but that was the wrong thing to do. Her legs trembled as waves of excitement rushed up and down her body. She bit her lip in a last effort to stop the on-coming climax. It was impossible. Her body shook as incredible pleasure rushed through her. Her head spun and her eyes hooded over.

She had never climaxed without manual stimulation before. In fact, it had always taken quite a bit of stimulation to bring her relief. But now, without a touch, she was climaxing. Her body shook and her knees almost buckled as the pleasure continued for some time. As the waves began to subside, she realized that juice was running down her thighs like a river.

Inside the room, Eric was lying back on the bed with his eyes closed, his hand around his cock stroking himself. Little moans of pleasure continued to escape his lips.

Melissa was almost successful in tearing herself away from the door when she glanced in one last time. Her trembling had barely stopped when she saw her son now stroking himself rapidly. All reason left her and she reached between her legs and began to stimulate her still pulsing clit. Her breathing grew labored as she rubbed herself and watched her son play with himself.

She heard a moan and saw him squeeze his fist around his cock, pulling the skintight and making the large head swell even larger. Seconds passed as the purple head grew larger and the entire shaft throbbed.

Suddenly, with a low moan, the swollen head pulsed and a huge bolts of cum shot from the slit like an erupting volcano. The thick sperm arched upward several feet into the air before falling back to his chest with a splat. Another blast followed, and then another. Over and over his cock pulsed, spewing an incredible quantity of juice into the air, only to splatter on his chest and stomach. Finally the throbbing stopped and the remaining juice streamed down his fingers.

When it was over, his stomach and chest were covered in juice, leaving a trail all the way to his chin.

Melissa saw his eyes close as his hand continued to milk his slowly wilting cock. She had begun to climax again at the sight of the first squirt of juice from her son. The waves of pleasure rushing through her made it difficult to keep her eyes open. Her second climax was stronger then the first and threatened to overwhelm her senses. She had never felt anything like it.

The vision of her son masturbating would be burned into her mind forever. Eric’s father’s equipment wasn’t anywhere near as large as her son’s was, nor was the quantity of sperm. In fact, the amount of juice coming from Eric had to be double or triple his father’s. She wondered with shame what his squirting cock would feel like inside her. It had been a long time since she had felt cum inside her.

Eric moaned contentedly as his hand finally dropped from his cock, juice covering his stomach, chest and fingers.

Melissa came to her senses before Eric opened his eyes. She rushed from his doorway and back to her room. With her door securely locked, she dropped the robe and crawled onto the bed naked. With visions of her son’s spewing cock in her mind, she spread her legs, reached for her favorite vibrating dildo and slipped it inside her. She had gotten it as a gag gift years earlier and it had been in her underwear draw since then. She had never had the courage to use it until now.

Moans began to slip from her lips as the mechanical penis began to do the trick. She left the vibrating device inside her, preferring to let it do its work without help from her hand. It was sweet torture to feel it squirm insider her throbbing pussy. She squeezed her still strong pussy muscles to hold it inside. She threw her head back as waves of pleasure began to rush through her. “Oh, God,” she gasped. “Eric … Eric … Eric … oh God, I’m cummmmmmmmiiiinnnnngggg,” she gasped as another climax came on quickly.


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