A Life Changing Trip with Mother – Part 11 THE END


Chapter 15

The snow had finally stopped when Melissa woke and quietly got out of bed. The wind was blowing at gale force creating a white-out condition and closing down all the roads in or out of Zermatt. She sighed and fell deep into thought as she stood at the window and gazed out at the wind whipped snow. How things had changed in just a couple of days. One day she was a typical working mother with a teenaged son. Now she had crossed the moral boundary and become a lover to her own son. Whenever she had heard the word incest in the past she always thought of some uneducated country family sixing it up in the mountains … almost a joke. Yet, now that she had done it, she wondered if it was as unusual as people made it out to be. When she assessed how she felt about her son she wondered if incest could be a lot more common; fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters, or mothers and sons. There was no practical way to answer that question.

Melissa shook her head and sighed again before turning around. She saw that Eric was awake and smiling at her. Her heart skipped a beat. How can loving him be wrong? she thought.

“Good morning, Mother,” Eric said.

“Hi, sweetie. Would you like some dinner?”

“Yes, but I want you first,” he returned with a lecherous smile.

Melissa put her hands on her hips in mock disapproval. “If all we do is screw, they are going to find us in the spring dead from exhaustion.”

“What a way to go,” Eric joked.

Melissa shook her head but then smiled. “Let’s get something to eat first.”

“If you insist.”

“What do you want me to wear?” she asked, remembering the lost bet.

“Oh, I forgot,” Eric said. He jumped out of bed and went over to her dresser.

“Lay whatever it is out while I take a quick shower. I’m a mess,” she said, pointing to her sticky thighs and pussy.

“Sorry about that,” Eric replied sheepishly.

“No you’re not,” Melissa laughed. She turned and went down to the bathroom.

Eric was downstairs watching TV when his mother came down. He had on his jeans and T-shirt. When he saw what she was wearing he said, “Wow, Mom, let’s forget dinner.”

Melissa was wearing a red teddy that emphasized her sixy body with full breasts and long legs. “If you keep cutting the crotch out of my clothes, I won’t have a thing to wear that will cover me,” she said with mock severity, indicating that the crotch of the teddy was missing like the panties from yesterday.

“That’s my plan,” Eric returned, staring at her exposed pussy.

Melissa shook her head and turned toward the stove.

Eric came up behind her and said, “Can I help?”

Melissa smiled and answered, “No. Go sit down and I’ll have it ready in a minute.”

After dinner was eaten, Melissa cleaned up the dishes. When she turned around she saw Eric staring at her. He had an erection and was stroking himself. “Don’t you ever get enough?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Never enough of you,” he answered. “Come over here.”

Melissa paused for a second as if she was considering his invite. Then she walked over to him with sultry steps. Without a word she straddled his thighs, reaching her hand between them to grasp his cock. With a moan she fitted his cock into her already wet pussy.

“Oh, God, Mom, you feel so good.”

“So do you,” Melissa responded as she took him deeply into her body. A second later she was sitting on his lap and his cock had hit bottom. “You go in deep this way,” she gasped. When Eric started to move she said, “No, let’s sit like this for a moment.”

Eric turned his face up to his mother and they kissed. His tongue went into her mouth like his cock had gone into her pussy. They were connected at both ends.

Melissa moaned as Eric began to thrust his tongue in and out of her mouth, indicating that he wanted to do the same thing with his cock. When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she began to move … slowly at first. Upward until the head of his cock was just barely inside her, then down hard to take him all the way inside. “Oh, Eric I love you,” Melissa gasped as he began to move up and down at a steady pace.
“I love you too, Mom,” he responded.

Melissa began to climax. Over and over her body convulsed as pleasure washed through her. Her hips continued to move up and down as she grunted in pleasure.

Her climaxing pussy had an impact on Eric. “Mom,” he whispered, “I’m going to cum soon. Do you want … want … to lift up so I don’t climax in you?”

Melissa heard him. She knew what he was saying. With all her strength she tried to lift up far enough to allow his cock to slip out, but it was impossible. She couldn’t waste his cum … couldn’t let him spill it on the floor. No, that would be so wrong. Her answer was to press down harder and kiss her son passionately.

“Mummm,” he gasped into her mouth in warning as he felt his sperm begin its journey up the shaft. There was nothing he could do. His cum rushed up the shaft and into his mother’s receptive pussy.

* * * * *

For the remainder of their vacation, Eric and Melissa lived and loved as man and woman, not mother and son. They had six multiple times everyday and Eric either climaxed in his mother’s pussy or mouth. When the weather finally broke Eric went to the doctor and was pronounced healthy. They decided to tour Switzerland instead of ski. Neither of them seemed to mind that their original vacation had been lost. Every night and every morning, and sometimes in the middle of the day, they made passionate love. Melissa was insatiable as she tried to make up for lost time. She wanted to try every position and did. She never asked Eric to pull out when he climaxed. She couldn’t bear it. She consoled herself with the fact that it should have been a safe time of the month. Besides, she could always see a doctor if the worst happened, fooling herself into thinking she could terminate any unwanted pregnancy.


Eight months later…

“Mom, are you about ready?” Eric called as he walked upstairs to find his mother. “The movers will be here in a few minutes.”

Melissa was standing in her bedroom naked. She had a sad look on her face.

“What’s wrong, Mom?”

“Oh nothing,” she said unconvincingly.

“Come on, you look like you’re going to cry.”

“I’m fat,” she said flatly.

“You’re not fat, you’re pregnant. And very beautiful I might say too,” Eric said as he stared at his mother in disbelief.

Melissa finally smiled. “You always know the right thing to say.”

“You have to hurry and get dressed or the movers are going to see how beautiful you are.”

Melissa smiled. “I just have a few more things to do. You know I’m not moving so fast these days,” she said.

“You only have a month until the big day,” he returned.

“Ohhhh,” exclaimed Melissa as she grabbed her stomach.

“What’s wrong?” Eric asked with concern.

Melissa laughed. “It was your son kicking.”

“Really?” Eric beamed.

“Yes. Do you want to feel? He’s been really active this morning. Must know we are moving to Switzerland where he was conceived.”

“Can I?” Eric answered.

Melissa took her son’s hand and placed it on stomach.

“Oh, wow, I felt it. That’s really Eric junior kicking?”

“Yep. Already squirming and kicking like his father did when he was in the same place.”

“I kicked a lot?”

“All the time. I thought you were trying to get out through my navel,” Melissa said and laughed.

“Does it hurt?”

“No. It’s a good feeling. Means he’s healthy.” Melissa paused and looked at her son. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too, Mom.”

With a look of admonishment Melissa said, “I told you that you have to call me Melissa. You can’t call me ‘MOM’ when we get to Switzerland. Everyone thinks you are my husband and we can’t let on. I don’t know how they would feel about a mother and son living in sin in Switzerland.”

“I know. It’s just so hard to believe. Here we are moving to Switzerland as husband and wife. Me going to college and you working from the cabin.”

“It’s great that Mr. Hemsley is allowing me to work out of the cabin for the next couple of years while you go to college. With a satellite dish on the roof, I can do everything I did here.”

Eric smiled and added, “Yes it is. It’s perfect. Don’t worry though, no one will ever know about us. And we will raise Eric Jr. and Tommy and Lisa and …

“Wait a minute young man, I didn’t agree to having more babies.”

“Yeah, but I know you will. You always wanted a house full. Besides, I can be very persuasive.”

Melissa laughed, turning her head to kiss her son. She felt one of his hands begin to massage her stomach while the other pinched a large and sensitive nipple. A moan escaped her lips just as a horn blew outside indicating that the moving van was there.

The End


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