A Life Changing Trip with Mother – Part 1


A Life Changing Trip with Mother Ch. 01
by rgjohn(c)

Chapter 1

Melissa Jacobs slowly forced her eyes open as the morning sunlight peeked through the blinds. She looked at the clock on her bedside nightstand and saw that it was almost 8 a.m. It had been quite some time since she had slept this late on a Saturday morning. She yawned, stretching her arms above her head, causing the pink silk sheet to slip from her large breasts, tickling her nipples into erection as it fell. A chill of undeniable excitement rushed through her and she trembled. She sighed with a bit of frustration at how easily her breasts responded to the slightest touch. Her nipples had always been very sensitive, but in the past six months she could barely touch them without feeling a tingling between her legs. She chastised herself for the inability to control what she considered inappropriate basic instincts … after all; she was a thirty-six year old divorced mother of an eighteen-year-old boy. Women her age didn’t have those feeling, or so she tried to convince herself.

She threw the covers from her naked body and climbed out of bed. She rarely slept naked, but found it to be fun and sensuous on occasion. She sighed as she made the bed neatly before walking toward the bathroom. As she passed the full-length mirror she paused for a moment to scan her body.

The years had been good to her and she had remained fit, thanks to the expensive exercise equipment her ex-husband had installed in the basement. Her natural 36 “C” breasts were a perfect match for her narrow waist and smoothly flaring hips. She knew she looked good in whatever clothes she chose to wear, yet she tended to dress conservatively, the result of her strict religious upbringing, preferring to wear jacketed business suits on workdays to cover her slightly tight blouses and slacks (the tightness she attributed to a couple of pounds she had gained since the divorce two years earlier). Her mother had taught her that “good girls” didn’t flaunt their sixuality. “Good girls” were always properly dressed. Those lessons stayed with her over the years and therefore, she tended to cover up when in public, wearing fuller cut tops and dresses as well as full bathing suits on the beach instead of the string bikinis that many younger women wore.

As she gazed at her figure, her eyes traveled down her flawless breasts and the still hard pink nipples to her flat stomach and on to her pubic mound. Her larger than normal clitoris and protruding inner lips seemed to flower outward from her smoothly shaven outer lips. The size of her clit and labia had embarrassed her when she was young but not now. No one saw that area of her body anymore.

She pursed her lips as she turned this way and that, looking at the sensual curve of her hips and her strong and shapely thighs. But her eyes invariably went back to her hairless pubic mound. Roy, her ex-husband (sixteen years of marriage) insisted that she keep herself shaven, regardless of her protests. Although it sometimes felt embarrassing, it was easier to give in than to argue. Surprisingly, after years of being clean-shaven, it felt more natural than having hair. And besides, it didn’t matter since, in spite of the best efforts of her friends, she hadn’t even had a date since the divorce two years ago.

Without thinking, Melissa’s hand idly slipped across her breast, sending a now familiar chill through her as she lightly touched her nipple with the palm of her hand. Almost without realizing it, she moved her feet apart, allowing her hand to continue to move downward until it paused at the top of her six mound. Her face flushed hot as she spread the fleshy hood covering her clitoris, exposing the penis shaped nub to the cool air. Her breathing grew rapid as she stared at the now swollen clit.

Melissa knew it was wrong to be doing this, but despite her internal admonishment, her legs slipped further apart, almost obscenely exposing herself to the mirror. With eyes wide, she stared at her pussy, watching the swollen clit pulse with excitement. She knew her clit was larger than normal… she had seen other women in playboy magazines found hidden under her son’s mattress. Sometimes she wondered if she was a freak … her clit was twice the size of any of those women. As she continued to stare, she dared to move her finger across the stretched surface of her clit, bringing a moan of pleasure, or was it remorse, from her lips.

This was crazy, she thought as she suddenly forced her hand from between her legs. With a sigh she strode into the bathroom to sit on the toilet. Yet, the feeling did not diminish as she began to relieve herself. The tiny pearl of skin at the top of her lips almost throbbed. Her legs began to tremble and she wondered if she was losing her mind.

Instead of rising after relieving herself, she sat back and spread her legs. Again her fingers found her clit. With a moan she began to rub herself, bringing excited whimpers from her lips. Up and down her fingers traveled, gently massaging her now pulsing clit until she felt tingling in her toes … the tingling climbed up her legs to her pussy, making her body shake with excitement. It had been a long time since she dared to pleasure herself. She knew it was wrong, but it was almost too late to stop. Her head started to spin and she began to gasp for breath.

“Mom, are you awake?” Eric called through the bedroom door.

Melissa gasped and sat straight up at the sound of her son’s voice. She pulled her hand from between her legs like a kid caught with a hand in the cookie jar. The excitement of the moment collapsed like a balloon pricked with a pin.

It took her a second to respond. “Uh… yes, I’m in the bathroom.”

“Sorry. I just wanted to let you know that I was going over to Jimmy’s house. I’ll be back about one or two. Do you want me to pick up anything at the store?”

“Uh … yes, wait a minute,” she returned. She hurried out of the bathroom and to her dresser where she retrieved a pair of panties. As she pulled them up her legs and the material touched her still swollen clit, she gasped. A tremor of renewed excitement rushed through her. Without waiting for the feeling to pass she reached for the first article of clothing available, a sheer pink nightgown. It was her favorite nightgown made of a sheer wispy silk material covering her body from her shoulders to her feet … yet it was so sheer it really hid nothing. She never wore it when anyone would see her. She pulled it over her head and hurried to the door without thinking of the transparency of her gown. After a moment’s pause she took a deep breath and opened the door to see her son’s handsome smiling face.

“Sorry to bother you,” he said with a smile.

Melissa saw his bright blue eyes sparkled as he looked at her. She knew that her hair had not been combed and her face was flushed and she worried that somehow he would know what she had been doing seconds ago in the bathroom. When she saw her son’s eyes drift down a bit her face flushed redder and she crossed her arms over her almost bare chest. “Uh … no problem. I was just getting dressed,” she said, pushing her shoulder length red hair back with one hand. “Did you … did you say you would stop at the store?”

“Yes, but it won’t be until this afternoon.”

“That’s fine. I need some milk and bread. Let me get you some money.” With that Melissa turned, relieved her hide her near nudity from her son’s eyes, and saw her pocketbook sitting on the floor next to the bed. Without thinking she bent over to retrieve her wallet. As she did the gown stretched across her nearly bare ass. When she heard what she thought was a gasp, she stood up quickly and turned around.

It was Eric’s turn to blush and his eyes shifted away.

Melissa knew that he had been spying on her for a long time. It was nothing terribly overt, but noticeable nonetheless. It had begun several years earlier. She figured that he thought that she hadn’t noticed. She had, but she chalked it up to adolescent fantasy and something he would grow out of. While she was a bit flattered by the attention, she was also worried. He was 18 now and in college and should be thinking of girls his own age. Much to her embarrassment, the feelings she received from his sometimes lustful stare were more than a little uncomfortable and not entirely mother-like.

She worried that without a father in the house, it was going to be left to her to discuss the birds and bees with her son, and she knew it would not be a comfortable conversation for either of them.

“Wanna go out for pizza tonight?” Eric asked hopefully.

“Don’t you have a date? I mean, wouldn’t you rather go out with friends instead of your old mom?”

Eric smiled and said, “First of all, you’re not old. Second, I would rather go out with you than any of my friends in school.” Eric’s face flushed again. He sounded like a lovesick schoolboy. But in truth, that was exactly what he was.

Melissa felt a strange feeling rush up and down her body. She told herself she was still recovering from touching herself. She cleared her throat and said, “All right. I want to talk to you about a couple of things anyway.” She handed him the money and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. As she watched him walk away in his jeans, tennis shoes, and tight tee shirt, she sighed. She had to admit that he was a gorgeous boy: not overly tall-he still had some growing to do, but with a handsome face, dark hair, blue eyes and a sparkling smile, he would be a lady killer soon. She wondered why he didn’t have loads of girlfriends already. There was a nagging feeling that she really knew the reason and it scared her.


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